5 Loving Zodiac Signs Who See Your Imperfections As Beautiful

Acceptance is the key to a lasting relationship.

Loving Zodiac Signs Who See Your Imperfections As Beautiful pexels

There are probably so many things to love about you. Maybe you're the kind of person who always buys your boyfriend's favorite snack when you go grocery shopping, even though you don't like it yourself.

Or maybe you wait until your girlfriend gets into her house before you drive away because you want her to know that you care about her safety. There are probably a million and one things like this that make you so lovable.


But what about your flaws, too? Do you ever think that you could be loved because of your flaws, not despite them? And is it important to actually love someone's flaws rather than love them even though they have weaknesses and imperfections?

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One way of thinking that needs to die right here and now is the idea that someone can still be loved even though they have flaws. Everyone has flaws, everyone makes mistakes – there's no getting around that.


So, telling someone that they're still lovable even though there's something about them that they can't help or get rid of is just a cheap shot. It's not romantic, either, so don't let anyone fool you into thinking they're doing you a favor because they're loving you despite what they think is wrong with you.

The person who actually loves you unconditionally is the one who loves every part of you – weaknesses, strengths, quirks, and all – without limitations or restrictions. Trust me when I say that you should never try so hard to get someone to love you.

You don't have to make it your life's mission to change someone's flaws, but you should take them as they are and figure out ways to work on them together. Maybe you get moody because work and your relationship with your family stress you out.



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If it feels like you're constantly jumping through hoops or hiding parts of yourself to make the other person happy, then it's not love. It's them getting you to lose yourself just to fit a certain mold. You should be with someone who understands that you're not perfect and relates to who you are.

And if they can't understand, they make an effort to. Some zodiac signs know how to do this with whoever they date. That isn't to say the other zodiac signs are shallow or don't know how to love, but you can always count on these specific zodiac signs to love unconditionally, sometimes even to a fault.

They don't want to change you or even fix you; they just want to show you that their love has no bounds. Learning to accept your partner's flaws in a relationship is vital to your future together. Whether you suck at communication or you get moody often, these are still parts of you that make up the person someone loves.


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And when you get home after a long day of managing both, you don't want to have a long-winded conversation with your boyfriend; you just want some quiet. Or maybe you've never been the confrontational type, and communicating with your girlfriend sometimes feel like confrontation.


You can still work together to figure out something that works for both of you without compromising yourself or hiding your imperfections. Isn't love about acceptance and patience? These zodiac signs certainly think so, and it might be a good idea for us all to learn a few lessons from them.

Here are the 5 horoscope signs who love you because of your beautiful flaws, according to astrology.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus’ stubbornness can be frustrating at times, but it definitely comes in handy in situations concerning matters of the heart. Not only will she love you and all of your flaws, but she won’t give up on you because of them. The love she has for you runs deeper than any flaw you could possibly have. But most of all, she loves them because they add to your character and who you are; the person she fell for.


Taurus is a big believer of unconditional love. There’s not much that can make her shy away from loving you, so trying to use the presence of your flaws as a way to push her away won’t work. All she cares about is being able to call you hers – everything else is inconsequential.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

One of Cancer’s ultimate wishes is to be able to take care of her friends and family. So, even though your flaws might make you feel unworthy of love, Cancer sees them as an excuse to take care of you. Surely, you can’t expect to live life without someone there to show you that you ARE worthy of so much love, flaws and all, right? All she wants is to love and be loved, and she knows that acceptance is a big part of that.

Cancer is probably one of the most accepting zodiac signs, which means that you can count on her to accept your flaws without asking a million questions or having limitations to her love. She’s a hopeless romantic who would never forgive herself if she gave up love over a couple of flaws.


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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio might need more time than you do sharing intimate details about your life, but that doesn’t mean she won’t admire just how comfortable you are around her. And when you’re comfortable enough around her to talk about your flaws, she’ll appreciate your honesty. She might not be the most forthcoming at first, but she loves hard. And knowing that you’re willing to show your vulnerable side means the world to her.

Scorpio loves you because of your flaws because she knows it’s unfair to hold them against you. She has her own flaws, and if she were judged because of them, she’d be heartbroken. Give her time to open up about her own flaws, but know that she already loves you because of yours.


AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is a very progressive and open-minded person, which really gives her a leg-up when dating. Not only will she love you and all of your flaws, but she might have even sought you out because of your flaws (weird, I know). When Aquarius finds a kinship with someone, not even a few flaws will stop her from getting close to you. Plus, flaws are what make you different, and Aquarius loves different.

Aquarius doesn’t just date for love – she dates for friendship, too. When she’s looking to make friends, she tends to seek out those who are different from her so she can learn from them. She loves your flaws because they teach her new things about you and herself.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces is a die-hard romantic who loves unconditionally. When she says she loves you because of your flaws, she means it in the classic black-and-white romance movie kind of way. For her, flaws are just more of you to love! Don’t take this the wrong way, but she might even go so far as to romanticize your flaws, which only means she loves you so deeply that she wants to get to know every little part of you.

What makes Pisces one of the best zodiac signs to accept and love your flaws is her empathy. She knows how to listen to you and relate to you, all without judgment. If anyone can accept your flaws without making you feel weird or different, it’s Pisces.

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