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Are Ricky And Ximena From 90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Still Together?

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Are Ricky and Ximena From 90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Still Together?

Are Ricky and Ximena From 90-Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days still together? Viewers of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days are no strangers to drama and uncertainty. The whole premise of the show is that Americans go abroad to connect with people they've fallen in love with from afar and see if they can make a future together. There's always an open question about whether everyone is who they appear to be online and, even if they are, will the couples be compatible when they move from FaceTime to real time.

Which brings us to Ricky. The videographer from Ohio headed to Colombia to meet a woman named Melissa, who he swore up and down was the great love of his life. His friends and family were skeptical because not only had he never done more than text with her, he was already regularly sending her money. No one in Ricky's inner circle or in the viewing audience was confident everything was on the up and up. 

When Ricky got to Colombia, he discovered that Melissa was real but after that, nothing went according to plan. Before long, Melissa was history and Ximena was in the picture instead. 

Who is Ximena and are she and Ricky still together? Read on to learn more.

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1. Melissa

Ricky's early episodes this season were all about him going to Colombia to meet Melissa, a young woman he had met on a Colombian dating site. He appeared to be head over heels in love with her and was even talking about proposing when he got to Medellin. His friends urged caution, especially after finding out that Ricky was sending money to Melissa. As he was driving to the airport, he confessed she had stopped responding to his texts and he was unsure what would happen when he landed in her hometown.


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2. Catfish?

Melissa finally responded to Ricky's texts and agreed to meet him for dinner. Ricky dressed up and headed to the bar to wait for her. And wait for her. And wait even more for her. After several house passed, audiences were sure that TLC was about to reveal that the whole plot was a catfishing incident. Right about then, Melissa decided to show up. Ricky was delighted, Melissa less so. In an interview segment, she said Ricky was the first American she had ever met and that meeting satisfied her. They never saw each other again.

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3. Plan B

After a day of solo sightseeing, Ricky came to grips with the fact that Melissa was not going to be the future Mrs. Ricky. While another person might have decided to enjoy a solo vacation then head home, Ricky had other plans. He explained that he'd also been chatting online with Ximena, a different woman from the Colombian dating app. He gave her a call and she jumped right in and traveled several hours to come see him.

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4. Ximena

Ximena introduced herself to audiences by explaining that she lives with her mother and she's very excited that Ricky traveled all the way from the United States to meet her. This led to speculation in fan groups about whether Ricky was lying to Ximena when he invited her to come meet him or if Ximena was always on his mind and the whole Melissa plotline was part of a story arc that Ricky and producers cooked up to make it all more dramatic to watch.


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5. Slip of the tongue

If Ricky really did always intend to meet up with Ximena, he did a good job of covering that fact up for audiences by confessing that he called Ximena by Melissa's name during their first night together. He told Ximena that Melissa was the name of a crew member from the show. He even tried to make a full confession about Melissa over dinner but chickened out and instead "confessed" to his ex-wife calling to talk about their daughter back home. Ximena was fine with Ricky being a good parent. We still don't know how she'd react to the Melissa story.


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6. Sugar daddy

One thing Ricky has no trouble discussing with Ximena is what she did with money he sent her. He finds out she has had a nose job and wondered if she used the $1,500 he had sent her in the past to pay for it. She explains that she did get a nose job that she paid for herself, and she used the money he sent to buy gifts for relatives. Neither of them explained what Ricky thought the money was going to be for in the first place or why buying gifts for her niece was ok but a nose job wouldn't have been.

7. Deep connection

By the end of the most recent episode of the show, Ricky has begun to talk about his deep connection to Ximena. I can't speak for other viewers, but I've grown increasingly skeptical about anything Ricky says he's feeling after watching him jump from wanting to marry Melissa to wanting to commit to Ximena in the space of a few days. I also know there's no way he can keep the Melissa issue secret since the whole story is on TV, which Ximena knows because she posted it on her social media.


Firts time!! God with me!

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8. Spoiler

The series hasn't ended for the season yet so there may be more drama to come with Ximena and Ricky. Meanwhile Starcasm has discovered that Ximena is living in Florida where she is attending college. No word if she's still in contact with Ricky but he recently moved to Austin to be closer to his kids so he's still a thousand or so miles away from Ximena. His social media has recently been set to private, but there are no pics of him on Ximena's Instagram account. 

Will Ricky's love train finally wreck? Keep watching Before the 90 Days to find out.

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