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Fascinating Facts About Mike Pence's Wife, Karen Pence

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Who Is Mike Pence's Wife? New Details On Karen Pence

Mike Pence is much more than the Vice President — he’s also a god-fearing Evangelical, anti-LGBT, anti-evolution politician who doesn't spend time alone with other women without his wife present.

To say he’s extremely controversial is an understatement, and his views on conversion therapy have brought him front and center in the LGBT community.

But aside from being connected to President Trump as his Vice President, what do we know about his family life?

Who is Mike Pence’s wife, Karen Pence?

Both Karen Pence and her Vice President husband will speak at the 2020 Republican National Convention. So, here's what to know about the Second Lady.

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What does Karen Pence do for a living?

Before she became Mrs. Pence, she received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in elementary education from Butler University. She also minored in art.

After receiving her degrees, she taught at several schools, including John Strange Elementary, Acton Elementary, Fall Creek Elementary, and the Orchard School, all located in Indianapolis.

Karen Pence is also an artist.



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Aside from minoring in art in college, she began taking watercolor painting classes after her first child was born. She turned it into a career, painting historic buildings and portraits of houses.

In her role as Second Lady, she wants to raise awareness of art therapy, which is an art that is used as a way of healing.

She founded the Indiana First Lady's Charitable Foundation, which has raised over $600,000 and has given that amount as grants to other charities in Indiana in 3 years.

Using her talents, she provided the illustrations for her daughter Charlotte’s 2018 book, Marlon Bundo’s: A Day in the Life of the Vice President, from which the proceeds are given to charities and art therapy programs.

She served as the honorary chair of the Art Therapy Initiative at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health and she was a member of the Riley Children's Foundation.

Karen Pence also is a board member for an art therapy-centric program called Tracy's Kids. They help pediatric cancer patients by providing them with art therapy.

John Oliver famously created a parody book called A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, in which the rabbit develops a homosexual relationship with another rabbit, calling attention to Pence’s staunch anti-gay views.

Karen Pence started her own business.

While the First Lady of Indiana in 2015, she started a small business called “‘That’s My Towel!’ Charm.” The company makes charms that attach to towels so people can easily identify... their towels, I suppose?

The company was put on hold in the wake of Pence’s candidacy for Vice President.

Mike Pence is her second husband.

Karen Pence was previously married to her high school sweetheart, John Steven Whitaker. The two were married in 1978 and later divorced. The marriage produced no children.

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How did Mike and Karen Pence meet?

Karen played guitar at a Catholic church both she and Pence attended, and the two hit it off. Apparently, their first date was at an ice skating rink, and after just nine months of dating, they became engaged, marrying a short time later.

They’ve been married since 1985.

They converted to evangelical Christianity.



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Though both were Roman Catholics, they converted to evangelical Christianity in 1995, much to the dismay of Pence’s mom, Nancy.

“You could see Nancy just shake her head about it. She was disappointed. She had hoped he could find his way back to the church,” Father Davis, a priest from her church, said.

The couple often worships at College Park Church, an evangelical megachurch in Indianapolis. And, apparently, Karen Pence is his biggest supporter.

According to Mark Bailey, a former co-worker of his, “She’s been very much a part of his faith journey. He would refer to his wife as the 'prayer warrior' of the family.”

Who are Mike and Karen Pence's kids?

The couple has three kids: son Michael, who currently serves in the Marines, and daughters Charlotte and Audrey. Charlotte is the author of the Marlon Bundo children’s books, based on their actual rabbit.

In addition to their kids, the Pences had five animals: two cats, a dog, a rabbit, and a snake.

Unfortunately, their 16-year-old cat, Pickle, passed away in December 2017, and six months before that, they lost their 13-year-old cat, Oreo. Two weeks before the election, their dog, Maverick, died.

But since losing their beloved animals, the family has welcomed new pets into their home, including a puppy named Harley and a kitten named Hazel.

Mike and Karen Pence will both speak at the Republican National Convention.

Both Mike and Karen Pence will be speaking on the third night of the 2020 Republican National Convention. They will declare their unyielding support for the President in their race to stay in the White House.

Mike Pence will also be accepting the re-nomination as Vice President.

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