How To Use Runes For Love, Per Astrology, By Zodiac Sign

Using runes with astrology to intuitively glimpse your possible path is fun and adventurous.

How Runes Work With Love & Astrology, By Zodiac Sign

The observed modern practice of combining runes and astrology takes reading your zodiac sign's love life to a new level. 

The more you understand how casting runes work you'll see they can easily be used in a similar fashion to tarot. There are foundational concepts you need for any type of runic astrology reading regarding love or any other theme.

VIDEO: The basics of Rune stones and how to use them.


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Here I'll show you the runes and celestial bodies that connect to each astrological sign and the types of influence the offer to each sign, in that you will be ready to begin using runes to explore the topics you desire insights for. 


Runes cover some very basic human drives and functions and places them in an ancient language of alphabetic symbols carved onto wood, stone or metal.

The runes are then used in either castings or layouts just like tarot cards. Using intuition is still the primary function of a rune reading, this combined with an understanding of all 12 signs of the astrological zodiac.

Runes have a Cosmic wheel of their own just like astrology does, This wheel represents the 24 runes combined with the 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets as Pluto counts in this context just like it does in astrology and the Comet Chiron and a Greek Goddess named Proserpina. 

Below is a representative chart of the Runic Astro wheel. Using this to better understand the connection between Runes and Astrology will be helpful to Your Rune reading for astrological signs. 



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A skilled rune reader can just as easily provide guide points of insight for each zodiac sign based on placements of the planets in relation to the Viking views of the cosmos and how they crafted these symbolic marks to harmonize with the all of the mystical Universe. 


Your intention is a strong factor in Divination readings and runes are certainly no exception. The esoteric arts are very much a marrying of the spirit and mind attempting to glean the surrounding energies that all humans have the capacity to tap into. 


If you're curious about combining runes and astrology, then check out an example of such a reading by selecting the video connected to your astrology horoscope and zodiac sign, and like we always say in the world of runes and tarot readings, "If it fits awesome, if not move on".


Watching readings is a fantastic way to learn the rune meanings in a natural setting, so grab a snack, coffee or tea as you please and check out how it's done. 

1. ARIES (March 21 —  April 19)

The runes connected to the sign of Aries are Fehu and Uruz. These runes connect to Mars and Pluto. Fehu has the quality of abundant energy which is great for Aries.  Some of the other qualities beneficial to Aries are Fehu's focus on the present, and future.


Aries is very much an initiator sign, living in the present moment or considering the future but not overly hung up on the past. ​Fehu is a rune of luck, and abundance Aries can use this energy for the signs competitive qualities giving them an extra boost.

Mars represents the activity and competition of the Aries sign. Aries is an aggressive sign when they have their mindset and they rarely back down unless they come around to an idea on their own. These are Mars type qualities.  

Uruz shows untamed potential, this is a crowning strength for the sign of Aries. Uruz and Aries are coupled for the wild strength they represent.  Exuding a kind of masculine potency.

Pluto shows Aries commanding manner. Pluto gives Aries the ability to get things started, they can often use their force of personality to direct others in any task they have in mind. Aries is great at planning and getting projects started. 


2. TAURUS (April 20 — May 20)

For the sign Taurus, Thurisaz and Ansuz are the rune representations. The connected planet is Venus for the rune Ansuz and Proserpina, the Greek Goddess and wife of Pluto. 

Thurisaz is a forceful, directed energy similar to the sign Taurus, with a very "Bull" type energy. Thurisaz like Taurus symbolizes instinct and eroticism, earth energy is doubled in this pairing. 


Connected to the Greek Goddess Proserpina she gives Taurus an Esthetic view of the world. Taurus loves beauty and harvesting the bounty in their lives. The Goddess Proserpina is connected to fertility and harvest for the ancient Greeks.

Ansuz good health, inspiration, blessings with Venus lends to Taurus a sort of creature comfort and a focus on self, Venus is a planet with an ancient connection to beauty and love, Taurus has an energy of self—adornment, and self—appreciation which is very Venusian. 

3. GEMINI (May 21 —  June 20)



Gemini's connected runes are Raidu and Kauna. These connect to Mercury and Chiron, the wounded warrior that you may be familiar with from astrology and Greek mythology. 

Raidu represents movement, evolution, and the rhythms of the world. These qualities are suited for Gemini as the sign enjoying movement, fear of constriction is prevalent and symbolic for Gemini. 

The planet Mercury has been associated with Gemini as natural placement as both intellect and communication are strong connection points shared. 

Gemini's tendency to dabble in many areas of skill and that dabbling quality applies to their relationships as well. They like diversity and change always looking for further intellectual stimulation. 


Kenaz is a rune of knowledge, and creative pursuits backing the same themes evident in the sign Gemini. Kenaz also encourages Gemini's continued growth in these areas.

It is a journey and part of that path for Gemini is to learn to maximize these qualities for growth. 

Chiron, the Greek god referred to as the wounded warrior, who was also prized for his intellectual ability connected to Gemini's perceptual analysis traits, Chiron is a supporting force. Gemini has an energy of gathering information for information sake.

Chiron is attributed with being the mythical father of Botany and Pharmacology which brings again to mind Gemini's traits of gathering information.  Chiron placed with Gemini furthers the signs propensity to explore intellectual studies of all sorts. 


4. CANCER (June 21 — July 22)

The sign of Cancer is shown with Gebo and Wunjo. The Moon and Sun are the representative celestial bodies for Cancer. Gebo is a rune of generosity even sacrifice, symbolic of personal relationships, exchanges of various types including gifts.

Gebo shows care is being taken and what better sign to connect with Gebo than Cancer. Cancer and Gebo's energy are compatible as Cancer is the sign symbolic of emotions centered around tending family and friendships with thoughtful care and appreciation. 


with the Moon shows Cancer's home focus and emotional gifts. Cancer has a deep emotional capacity, where the home and family are treasured relationships. The nurturing aspects of the moon apply to cancer energies perfectly. How you nurture and how you need to be nurtured.

Wunjo holds the energy of joy, comfort, and prosperity. These are traits the sign of Cancer well deserves support in. Cancer, in addition to aid in finding and giving comfort, receives a bounty of energetic support from Wunjo, for this rune is symbolic of reaping a spiritual reward through deeply caring emotions. 

The Sun represents emotional wellbeing aspects beneficial for the sign of Cancer. The Sun is symbolic of vitality and strength. This energy is needed by Cancer to as it allows them to keep the fortitude to continue while immersed in the flow of emotion.

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5. LEO (July 23 — August 22)

Leo is shown to have a connection with Hagalaz and Nauthiz, these are runes also connected to The Sun and Moon. 

Hagalaz shows its power in the destructive forces the wrath we can often see in nature. It is a rune of tempering through testing, and trial, with completion being attained after a struggle.


Similar to Hagalaz and the runes connection to nature's uncontrollable forces Leo is a sign of striving against obstacles. Leo carries similar energy to the wild force of nature, A certain untamed and not holey predictable energy is shared between these two.  

The Sun showing Leo's visible position of social status. The sun is there for us all day, giving it's light and warmth so we can move about freely for our days work.

Leo and the Sun have an intimate relationship as Leo is visible and noticed even if they are the type to try and hide, activity is symbolized by Leo and the Sun.  There is a persistence, a certain tenacity in both. 

Nauthiz is a rune of resistance, the development of strength through tension. This Runic connection for Leo is consistent with the challenges the sign of Leo faces in life.


Nauthiz offers Leo its energy for innovation, fire is the elemental energy for Nauthiz, this is a rune of endurance, and survival. Leo holds these qualities for astrology, the energy of Nauthiz gives strength in times of testing for Leo. 

The Moon reflects Leo's Emotional ability to be charming, as far as Leo and the Moon connection, Cancer and Leo are a transition point in astrology. The final sign of the first set and the first sign of the second set.

Runic astrology has these two signs sharing these celestial bodies but for slightly different reasons. The Moon for Leo lending an emotional nature to the charm. Giving Leo a way of fostering a connection with emotional warmth and interest in another person. 

6. VIRGO (August 23 — September 22)



For Virgo are the runes, Isa and Jera, these runes connect to Chiron and Mercury. 

The rune Isa brings the energy of pausing and stopping to access. Standstills to instead turn inward, seeking clarity is the energy gift of Isa. Virgo can be seen as a sign of critical perceptions, highly detailed thinking, and systematic growth. Isa is a rune that brings the pause to look within and without to properly gauge where order lies. 

Chiron represents Virgo's ability to analyze with critical detail. Chiron and his great intellect wouldn't be as successful if he didn't have the ability to notice the slightest of details. To analyze those details for information and connection. Virgo has Chiron as a guide point for the qualities of detail and analysis. 

Jera is the rune of the harvest and quiet perseverance. Patience is gained for Virgo with Jera's supportive energy. Virgo takes their time, they make progress through attention to the details similar to tending your garden carefully to its bountiful fruiting season.  


Jera assists Virgo in releasing the stagnation that this sign can fall too, Jera teaches success is earned in life, it isn't given for free, hard work and discipline are lessons for Virgo, Jera is a supportive teacher.   

Mercury represents Virgo's intellectual ability to high—level detail planning. Virgo connects to Mercury in runic astrology for Virgo's quality of sorting information. While Gemini has mercury for the ability to collect information, the sign of Virgo is where the information is placed into organized systems. 

7. LIBRA (September 23 — October 22)



Eihwaz and Perth are connected to Venus and Proserpine to reflect the qualities of Libra. The rune Eihwaz symbolizes honesty, Libra benefits from the strength of those characteristics in Libra's well known judicial character traits.

Eihwaz is a motivating rune, encouraging continued action and a try again attitude. Libra has the traits of persistence toward truth and balance, always readjusting to maintain harmony. Venus shows Libra's love for aesthetics and balance.

Venus is a natural astrological placement for Libra and in runic astrology, the symbolic meaning is the same, Venus the planet of love and beauty, lending Libra support for growth and harmony in relationships and their environment. 

Perth offers a female energy. Perth is symbolic of all things female. Perth has a connection to the Akashic records and represents where the history of all is stored. For Libra as a feminine sign and the woman a symbol representing the encapsulation of all of man's history, bearing each man and woman forth from the history of all. 


Proserpine is Libra's charm and manners. Proserpine, as a Goddess of fertility, gives Libra a feminine quality, one with a great ability to create a beautiful atmosphere of love and graciousness at their best. 

8. SCORPIO (October 23 — November 21)

For the sign of Scorpio are the runes Algiz and Sowulo. The connected celestial bodies are Pluto and Mars. Algiz a shield, defense, a protective warding energy, and a channel for divine connection.


The astrological sign of Scorpio is indicative of these qualities in astrology. Scorpio being a pivot point between birth and death, and the great mysteries surrounding those themes.

Scorpio is considered a sign gifted in divine energetic channeling, with an intuitive understanding for the deeper and sometimes darker places people fear to tread. Not to be confused as a negative connotation but for the depth of it all and the uncomfortable answers. 

The relationship between Pluto and Scorpio is one of power and dominance. Scorpio can have an energy of quiet authority similar to Plutonian energy, think about how far away Pluto is yet It's in the news quite a bit with all the It was a Planet yesterday but it's not today.

It has a quiet power over us, a mysterious celestial body, just on the line between is and isn't. Scorpio is always there working away, sorting out how things work, how we work. Masters of inner mechanics, testing systems here and there.


Sowulo rune of great victory. Available supportive powers and success are indicated by Sowulo, Scorpio benefits in this pairing as the sign's life focus is one of achieving victory. The energy of Sowulo lends further support to Scorpio for these tremendous undertakings. 

Scorpio and Mars are in a symbiotic relationship with Mars lending Scorpio a forcefulness. Scorpio is a sign of willpower and personal power. The authority Mars represents is perfectly suited to Scorpio, who has the strongest connection to willpower of all the signs.

True too, Scorpio can have a boiling, scalding type of temper when pushed to anger, which can actually take some time to develop.  Mars energy is the energy of aggression, for Scorpio even when not angered has an intensity and aggressiveness as a perpetual state.

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9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 — December 21)


Runes for Sagittarius are Tiwaz and Berkana. The planets representative of Sagittarius is Jupiter and Neptune. Tiwaz gives to Sagittarius the lesson of true strength and the rational self, in these energies, Sagittarius is able to explore the world with fortitude and thought. 


Jupiter symbolizes Sagittarius affinity with attaining a high social status, and being well traveled, often foreign travel is more often indicated with Jupiter and education.

With the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius works for expansion, this sign will reach outward for experience in every place they can find it. Really as far away from where they started the better for this sign.

Sagittarius wants to travel and meet new people, think about new things, and learn new information. Berkana is a strong rune of birth, and renewal, placed in a pairing with Sagittarius at first glance may seem out of place, you might wonder why its energy isn't better served with say Scorpio.

If you are knowledgeable in the realm of astrology you will understand that each sign builds from the previous sign/signs. Sagittarius transforms the Scorpio theme of birth and rebirth into a striving for new experiences. The type of growth that births from the seeking of out of new ideas and new friendships. 


Neptune is placed with Sagittarius to show the ability of speculation. Sagittarius exhibiting this Neptunian quality can be harsh and brash, in the face of what they may consider an intellectual lack from another.

Sometimes this can create a certain patronizing feeling, Its there for positive gain too as speculation can be very valuable to understanding the broader philosophical studies Sagittarius can find themselves in. 

10. CAPRICORN (December 22 — January 19)



Ehwaz and Mannaz connect to Capricorn with Saturn and Uranus planetary connection. 

Ehwaz is a great support rune for Capricorn as it carries the potent energy of slow, deliberate growth. Capricorn has an enduring strength for the astrological zodiac.

Ehwaz symbolizes the horse and cart for the Vikings, Capricorn is a technical and slow moving sign, deliberate in action, placing their energies were solid growth will flourish. 

Saturn holds runic connections for Capricorn. Here Saturn is at home. Saturn for Capricorn is the gift of time, and wisdom gained in taking an extended time, ensuring the Capricorn's growth is stable and enduring.

Social Order is a theme for the rune Mannaz and Capricorn likewise. Following the defined rules and forming boundaries is a theme for the astrological sign of Capricorn. Mannaz is symbolic for that same principle more so than any other rune.


Capricorn is inclined more toward establishing order from the created systems of Virgo, Mannaz is highly supportive for this type of development. Uranus is from an astrological standpoint a planet of originality, and that is actually a great attribution for Capricorn.

The sign Capricorn is often considered to be highly skilled in very original problem—solving. This is a great trait of Capricorn allowing for surmounting issues in a creative and very effectual ways

11. AQUARIUS (January 20 — February 18)



Laguz and Ingwaz with the planets Uranus and Saturn are the connections for the sign Capricorn. Laguz positioned for Aquarius urges us to keep an open mind in the progression of the astrological growth the signs guide us toward, each sign building from the previous.

Laguz is a rune of deep mysteries, secrets, the underworld, and great acquisitions, but no guarantee for avoiding loss. Laguz paired with Aquarius brings a focus on the understood characteristics of the sign for the ability Aquarius has to be a duplicitous sign.

Dreams and physic vision is a theme under Laguz and this is not misplaced for Aquarius. Aquarius has originality paired with great vision, the energies Laguz are of great aid to Aquarius in the 11th astrological house in preparing Aquarius to combine the lessons of the previous 10 signs for the transition to Pisces. 

Aquarius is at home with Uranus, Uranus is symbolic of growth through change, a highly individualistic placement. It's been said, "the one thing all Aquarians have in common is that they are all different".


Again for this sign a valid point to repeat is Aquarius has a vast wealth of prior themes to reference to for the stage of growth the sign represents astrologically. The rune Ingwaz symbolizes the energy of a time of respite, when all is finally resolving. 

Therefore, allowing the Aquarian energy the room the sign needs to move with less restriction. Its a life challenge for the sign of Aquarian to attempt to achieve this state and placing the rune Ingwaz with Aquarius fosters those energies to support the sign in this quest for exploration. 

Saturn is known for the stability and slow growth it provides. For Aquarius to share this planet in runic astrology with Capricorn shows the greatness of the challenge posed in creating the solid growth of Saturn, and the time it takes.

12. PISCES (February 19 — March 20)



Othala and Dagaz reflect Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter. 

Othala represents inheritances of all types, Pisces carries an overarching theme of spiritual inheritance. Its represented in the development and growth of Pisces and is supported vastly by the rune Othala. This rune gives protective energy to Pisces, encouraging spiritual journeys'.

Neptune is the natural planetary ruler for Pisces. Neptune has a dreamy nature, illusions and the removal of such are themes for this planet astrologically speaking.

Pisces are often considered, as the final sign of the zodiac, to have a certain naivete and childlike quality, perhaps similar to that of a person who has reached the end of a long life journey and retreat in their minds to distant times.


A final resolution is sought in this placement, supporting the hope that all will be well and contentment has been earned. Dagaz is symbolic of transformation brought about by will not outside forces. It's clarity and awakened consciousness, the yin and yang rune.

Dagaz offers a perfectly compatible energy for the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the final placement in the Zodiac and with Dagaz is supported in the astrological quest for the ideal. 

Jupiter makes a second appearance in runic astrology this time for Pisces, placed here Jupiter is allowed to use the energy of expansion and insights to be assistive to Pisces in the process metamorphosis as Pisces to evolve to a completely new level of consciousness.  

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