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New Details On The Noah Centineo Nude Video That Was Leaked Online

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New Details On The Noah Centineo Nude Video That Was Leaked Online

Young actors often dream about rocketing to the heights of fame after getting a once-in-a-lifetime role. That’s exactly what seemed to be happening for Noah Centineo, the star of the teenage romcom To All The Boys I Loved Before.

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The 22-year-old actor was best known for small roles in Disney series before landing the role of Peter in the Netflix film based on the novel by Jenny Han. He’s been winning hearts by playing the recipient of a letter he was never meant to receive and showing what happens when something meant to stay private becomes public. But now Centineo is part of a real life leak of something he never agreed to share: this week nude videos purporting to be Centineo surfaced online. While the videos doesn’t show a clear face, it does show a nude young man in alone in intimate moment. Eagle-eyed fans says the hair and snippets of a voice make them believe if is Centineo.

The response online to the video has been mixed. New details on the Noah Centineo nude video leak:

1. Love it

Some fans have been all agog about getting to see a heartthrob in his birthday suit.

2. Overcome

For other fans, it’s all just too much.

3. Deflection

Other fans were trying to remind the world that there’s more to Centineo one racy video.

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4. Defense

Not everyone was thrilled that private videos are tearing up social media, however. One fan cut right to the chase.

5. Pot, Meet Kettle

One fan reminded her followers that no one likes to be objectified, no matter who they are.

6. Empathy check

Another fan asked followers to put themselves in Centineo’s shoes.

7. Throwback

Another Twitter user reminded everyone that leaking celebrity nudes isn’t new and invited everyone to read what Jennifer Lawrence says about her experience, namely that looking at nudes you havent been invited to look at is a huge violation. (PS We don’t hate JLaw!)

8. Hard Lesson

This episode is yet another lesson n the risks we all take when we make any kind of video or take any kind of photo. No device is totally secure and if you share a pic with someone, nothing is stopping them from sharing it with someone else. Be smart online.

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