Who Is Noah Centineo Dating?

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who is Noah Centineo dating

For anyone who is a fan of Netflix programming, To All the Boys I've Loved Before is the next romcom you should be watching. In addition to praising the film, people have also been paying close attention to one of the main characters, Peter Kavinsky, played by heartthrob Noah Centineo.

You may recognize Centineo from the show The Fosters and the television film How to Build a Better Boy, but his big break into the mainstream has certainly followed his role in the Netflix film. But being a celebrity and actor means having to face speculation about your personal life, and we’re just as curious as you about whether or not he’s seeing anyone.

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Soooo ... who is Noah Centineo dating? While we’d all love to see him with his on-screen love interest, Lana Condor, are the two a couple?


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Sadly ... no.

Lana currently has a boyfriend, actor Anthony de la Torre, and she’s no stranger to gushing about him. In an interview with Us Weekly, she said, “He writes me love letters, actually! He’s done that since we started dating and I keep them all. We try to keep the spark alive!”

But even though Lana and Noah are not dating in real life, they have a true friendship and have a crazy amount of love for one another. Their on-screen chemistry is off the charts, so it is a little disappointing that their romantic love doesn’t transcend the movie.

At least not yet. *wink*

Noah Centineo has been linked to other women in the past. Back in 2016, the actor was dating Angeline Appel, an actress who was featured in Step Up Revolution, and even had a guest role on The Fosters while she and Centineo were dating.


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Though they’ve since broken up and removed any trace of each other on Instagram, she still has a ridiculously cute video of the two:


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Appel is currently dating actor Peyton Meyer, who usually keeps his private life, well ... private. But he took to Instagram to declare his love for his girlfriend:

And while Centineo was rumored to be dating Camila Cabello, he was simply her love interest in the music video for “Havana.”

Centineo even explained in an interview with Vulture that his manager got him the gig. “I get there and they put me in this incredible suit. They give me gold rings and necklaces, my hair is slicked back, and I look all Cubano. And then they take me to set and Camila is there, and she is, like, the kindest, smallest, most loving creature ever. She had so much energy."


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So, if he isn’t see Lana Condor, Angeline Appel, or Camila Cabello, who is Noah Centineo dating? Well, it turns out, he’s dating himself.

In a video from September 2017, he said, “I am single. I'm not really looking for nothing, though. I'm very happy being single. Very happy on my own, doing that whole thing. Sometimes you've just gotta be by yourself.”

As far as we know, he’s not currently seeing anyone. And maybe that’s for the best. Given his newfound fame, he probably just wants to focus on his career for the time being.

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