7 Details About Trippie Redd's Girlfriend And Their Secretive Relationship

She's a rapper as well.

Aylek$ and Trippie Redd INSTAGRAM

Trippie Redd, a rapper who is best known for songs like “Love Scars” and “Dark Knight Dummo,” has been dating fellow rapper Aylek$ for a few months now. Redd first posted a picture of himself and Aylek$ on Instagram in April 2018, revealing his new girlfriend to the public.


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Read on to find out about Trippie Redd's girlfriend Aylek$ — and why she is strongly disliked by “Cash me outside” girl Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie).


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1. They first met on Instagram.


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Trippie Redd described his first time “meeting” Aylek$ on Instagram in an interview with Montreality released in May.


“First time I seen her was on the gram [Instagram], and I put, I dm’ed [direct messaged] her picture to my dm [direct message], just to remember her,” Redd said. He then explained the first time they met in person, including how Aylek$ played hard to get at first.

“I was in New York, and I hit her up, and she came,” he said. “But she was like, she was tough, she thought she was cool. As soon as she got in my position, [she said] ‘you mine now,’ and she was mine.”

2. They have similar feelings about romance.

Both Redd and Aylek$ seem to have a unique view of romance, as they explained to Monteality. “I don’t really be romantic like that,” said Redd, who expressed that just spending time with his girlfriend was enough for him. “Me just bein’ with her, all day every day 24/7, is romantic to me”


“I feel like every day is romantic,” Aylek$ added, “but he bought me this $5000 bag, that’s pretty romantic.”

3. Their relationship is somewhat unstable.

“She get on my […] nerves more than anybody else, but she make me happy more than anybody else,” Redd told Montreality. “Nine times out of ten we don’t do nothin’ that bad, that we hate each other after, but we definitely fix our problems, we got our own little connection how we fix problems.”

“I can’t really help y’all with that, but as far as like just talking it through and getting it together, if that’s your one than you gonna get it together,” he continued. “If yall gonna both be petty as f**k, then you’ll never work. And were both petty as f**k, but I’m not always petty, she not always petty.”

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4. They are each other’s fetishes.

“Aylek$ is my whole fetish. Everything about her is my fetish,” Redd began, when asked by Montreality if he has any fetishes.

Aylek$ was caught slightly off guard by his answer, but she ended up reciprocating his feelings. “Damn you gonna say that? Then you my fetish then,” Aylek$ replied.

5. Their thoughts on death and spirituality are very similar.

Redd and Aylek$ also shared their similar views on death and spirituality during their interview with Montreality. “Maybe we die, we go to heaven, what if? Maybe we die and go to hell, maybe were livin' in hell right now, you never know?” Redd began.

“We live in hell, I feel like we live in hell,” Aylek$ added. “Like there are dimensions all around us, so I feel like when you die basically you are still here, like you see everything that’s going on, but we don’t see you.”


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Redd seemed to agree with this, discussing how he still feels connected to his deceased brother. “Yeah like I feel like my brother’s spirit watches over me so crazily,” Redd said. “Because, every time I go somewhere, I always see the number 14, and it’s very ironic and weird.”

“It’s an angelic number, and when that’s your favorite lucky number and you’re just gazin’ off into the sun, and then you look to the left, and then you see 14 outta nowhere, and you're like damn, maybe that is my brother tellin’ me like, ‘You’re doin’ this shit, I’m proud of you,’ he continued. “And I get told that a lot from him, if to say, 14 represented him.”

6. They are feuding with Bhad Bhabie.

Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli, gained notoriety after appearing on Dr. Phil and uttering the catchphrase “Cash me outside.” Since then, she has become a rapper and has voiced her strong negative opinions toward Aylek$.


Bhabie spoke candidly to Adam22 during an interview with No Jumper, describing an incident with Aylek$ like this: she was supposed to meet with Famous Dex but had to cancel at the last minute. She called Dex to let him know she couldn’t go, but Aylek$ picked up the phone instead, and Bhabie did not like this.

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“I said, ‘Ugh,’ and hung up the phone,” said Bhabie, making her feelings toward Aylek$ very clear. “Listen, I don’t care about her. […] If she was an artist, maybe I’d spend some time on it, but I’ll slap the sh*t out of her and she’ll do nothing.” Later in the interview, she spoke out against Trippie Redd as well, calling him "fake."


7. Did Trippie Redd and Aylek$ already break up?

Like her boyfriend, Aylek$ is also a rapper, and she released a single called “No Feels” a few weeks ago, a track that speaks about having a broke heart.

“You f**king broke my heart so now it gotta heal / it f**king hurts so much I swear it isn’t real,” Aylek$ sings on the track, which was released in late July.

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