8 Odd Details About Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady's Marriage

Including rituals, immature behavior and imprisoned bodyguards.

gisele bundchen and tom brady 8 Odd Details About Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady's Marriage

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's marriage ended in 2022. The couple, who married in 2009, put in a lot of work to keep their union afloat throughout their successful careers. But throughout 13 years of marriage and raising their two kids together, there were certainly some bumps in the road and strange moments that raised questions about their marriage.

Here are some odd details about Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s marriage.

1. Gisele Bündchen considered herself a 'witch' who helped Tom Brady win

Brady has discussed the many mantras, potions and more that his wife used before his games in order to secure a win. He said that while he once questioned her rituals, he eventually stopped asking questions — and clearly something worked!


“I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes, I say all these mantras," Brady said while he was active in the NFL. "And I stopped questioning her a long time ago. I just shut up and listen."


Additionally, Bündchen created a little altar for Brady at his game in the hopes that he would win.

"She said you're lucky you married a witch – I'm just a good witch," Brady said.

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2. Tom Brady was involved in Ben Affleck's cheating scandal

Brady was involved in a scandal that included Ben Affleck's nanny. When Affleck’s marriage with Jennifer Garner ended after he had been rumored to have had an affair with their nanny, Brady was also seen with her.

According to Page Six, Brady had taken a private jet with Affleck and his nanny to Las Vegas for a charity event. The nanny was also spotted wearing Brady’s Super Bowl rings in a photo taken on the plane.


3. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's marriage was troubled after deflategate

In 2015, Brady was suspended for four games over allegations that he ordered the deliberate deflation of footballs used in the New England Patriots' victory against the Indianapolis Colts. While the accusation occurred on the field, it reportedly impacted his life outside the game, too. 

This was too much to handle for Bündchen and spurred rumors that she wanted a divorce. However, Brady shot those down when he spoke to a local Boston radio station, according to E Online.

"We're in a great place… There's no bigger supporter I have than her," he said at the time.

4. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have extremely strict diets

In 2014, Brady opened up to Sports Illustrated about his daily diet intake and what precautions he takes to stay healthy. He eats 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods daily. Bündchen and the kids have the same diet too.


In an interview with Boston.com, the couple’s personal chef, Allen Campbell detailed the types of foods the family eats every day.

“80% of what they eat is vegetables. [I buy] the freshest vegetables. If it’s not organic, I don’t use it. And whole grains: brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans,” Campbell said. “The other 20% is lean meats: grass-fed organic steak, duck every now and then, and chicken.”

Additionally, a few foods or ingredients the couple doesn’t eat include sugar, white flour, coffee and some vegetables such as tomatoes, mushrooms & peppers. 

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5. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are strict when it comes to Halloween candy

While their diet is quite elaborate and they don’t eat sugar, the couple is more cautious with their kids having Halloween candy.

“We don’t really have that kind of sugar in our house. I let them try one [piece], but they really only had one bite and then they didn’t want it anymore," Bündchen once said.

After that, Bündchen chose to give away the kids’ Halloween candy because they didn’t develop a taste for it.

6. Tom Brady used to get Gisele Bündchen’s attention by behaving like a child

At times when Brady wanted to get his wife’s attention, he employed the antics of a child.


“I like attention from her, so when I’m not getting it, I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would,” Brady told Man Of The World magazine, according to Page Six. “You throw fits… you pout and you whine until you get what you want. She’s on to me… So now I have to learn new tricks.”

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7. The bodyguards at Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's wedding fired gunshots at the paparazzi

According to The New York Post, two bodyguards allegedly shot the photographers who were at the venue to cover the wedding in Costa Rica.


The photographers weren’t hurt but their cars were hit by the bullets. As a result, the bodyguards were given a five-year prison sentence and they had to pay $10,000 as a fine. 

8. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen had a strange wedding reception

Bündchen has written about the couple’s reception in her memoir, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life. Rather than a reception, it seemed more like a party. Bündchen described it as a relaxed party in her book.

She wrote, “It was more like a free-for-all, a joyful, relaxed party, just the way I’d always imagined it would be. People ate Mexican food and drank margaritas. They sat or stood in the kitchen, or on the lawn, or by the side of the pool.”

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