What You Can Learn About Someone Just By Knowing Their First Name

It's the holiday season — a time when you can meet people at parties and other social events, and perhaps strike up a conversation with someone new. According to numerologist Glynis McCants, here's a hot tip that will instantly reveal more about a person you've just met: Just ask them their first name!

Once you know someone's first name, you can better understand their personality with the use of numerology, which can successfully predict the outcomes of events and relationships.

In numerology, the placement of letters in a name can reveal some very favorable signs about that person's personality — or highlight aspects that aren't so great — to give you deeper understanding of this person, so you can decide if they're someone you'd consider dating.

So if you’d like to learn some telling info about the person you’re getting to know (without having to ask!), the first thing you should do is study their name. It's a super easy trick that people have been using for a really long time. You'll just need to pay attention to the first vowel that appears in their name, McCants explains.

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Here's what you can learn about a person through the vowels in their first name:

1. If their first vowel is an “A”:

"A" vowel names, like Carla or Charlie, can be very ambitious and driven, says McCants. That drive translates to them being very focused at work, which helps them succeed and excel. It also applies to projects in your life that they can help you with.

To be happy in a relationship, all "a" people want is a little bit of praise — which helps them feel good about the goals they’re investing their energy into. In return, think of all the dedication and attention they’ll give you!

2. If their first vowel is an “E”:

People with “e” energy, like Eugene, Elaine or George, simply love to celebrate life. They tend to be very gregarious and spontaneous, which is why they're frequently described as being "the life of the party" by others.

Just don't bother lying to anyone with an "e" vowel name, warns McCants. "E" energy people will sniff out a lie because they’re very perceptive and keeping digging until they learn the truth.

3. If their first vowel is an “I”:

Do you know a Nicole, Bill or Irene? "I" energy people are often very responsible and driven. However, people with this vowel may need to let go of their pasts in order to be happy. For example, some may have experienced a trauma they need to move on from. But once they do, there is nothing holding them back.

They’re also amazing at wanting to help people!

4. If their first vowel is an “O”:

Does your new someone have an "o" for their first vowel? Perhaps a Robert or Thomas or an Olivia or Sophie? People with “o” names are nurturers, who treat their kids or pets well. They also pride themselves on how well they've got their life together. For example, they might even run their own company!

These types of people are vivacious and have a really strong energy. However, some people with "o" energy tend to panic when their life is feeling calm, quiet or slow, which is why they need to avoid becoming overwhelmed and recognize that things are going well enough that they can actually relax!  

5. If their first vowel is a “U”:

People with “u” names, like Curt, Bud or Julia, are great communicators who tend to have an amazing sense of humor. They love to laugh, tell jokes and be boisterous, which is why you're likely to have a good time with fun-loving "u" people. 

People with “u” energy are also natural counselors, says McCants, so if they’re ever handing out advice, you should definitely take it!

6. And sometimes "Y":

Yes, “y” can be an important vowel, too! It counts as the first vowel in a person's name when it comes before any other vowel, like with Gwyneth or Tyrone. These people tend to be observers. Even if they’re talking up a storm, they’re still taking mental notes on just about everything around them.

That's why it’s important to give "y" energy names their "me time". If they don’t text or call you back immediately, just give them their space and let them come back to you when they're ready. They will greatly appreciate your understanding.

And if you want to make them happy, take them outdoors to a beautiful view of nature!

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