How Did Paul Walker Die? Details About The Strange Conspiracy Theory That Claims He Was Murdered

Plenty of theories have gone around.

How Did Paul Walker Die? Details About The Strange Death Conspiracy Theory That Claims He Was Murdered getty

On November 30, 2013, actor Paul Walker died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, California. Walker was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT driven by his friend Roger Rodas. While driving, Rodas hit a light pole, causing the car to burst into flames, leading to both his and Walker’s deaths.

Walker's death has been subjected to numerous conspiracy theories in the years since. Countless details about the accident and the events surrounding it have been questioned by conspiracy theorists, YouTubers, and bloggers alike. This questioning has led to the development of a few theories about what exactly happened to Paul Walker.


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One of these theories, originally posted on a website called Godlike Productions, alleges that Walker was murdered because he discovered a conspiracy within a charity he was working with to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan.


“Paul Walker and his friend were killed shortly after they discovered a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhoon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid,” the post read, according to “They had a damning recording and they were on their way to rendezvous with an ally who would have helped them get in touch with the right people.”

“Turns out they were betrayed and someone rigged their car’s breaks [sic] to malfunction after a certain speed,” the post continued. “Now that the loose end has been tied up, and the recording destroyed, the people responsible have nothing to fear as this will become another ‘conspiracy theory’ no one will take seriously.”

Another theory, posted on the same website, describes an alleged scenario in which Walker found a trail of dirty money within the charity.

“Apparently, Paul Walker had discovered dirty money in the Philippines disaster relief and that would make sense because he owned a company that specialized in rapid disaster relief,” said the post.


Next, a video on YouTube suggests that Paul Walker was killed by a drone strike.

The video alleges that an object, originally appearing in the sky, moves closer to the car in the seconds leading up to the explosion.

In another YouTube video, Paul “RoseReaper” Gardiner and Kimberly Denise discuss a potential theory that Walker’s death was predicted and caused by the Illuminati.


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They question the validity of the story of Walker's death reported by mainstream media before diving into their own explanation.

“I don’t know if you guys have also watched Family Guy, that episode when Brian actually died from a car accident,” Gardiner said. “[And] Brian was Paul Walker’s [character’s] name in The Fast and the Furious.”


“About a week and a half ago is when Brian in Family Guy died,” he continued. “These types of things always tend to be predicted by the media and the industry, aka you know who. There’s been other tragedies predicted in other Hollywood productions. There’s just rumors that a certain group has something to do with these tragedies, and they reveal it beforehand within the media and entertainment,” added Denise. “It’s really sick and I just wonder what’s really going on, and why?”

Denise also alluded to other tragic events, such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, that she and Gardiner believe were predicted or foreshadowed in other TV series, including Family Guy and American Dad.

Of course, these conspiracy theories are just that — theories. Walker's death was officially deemed an accident. Though Walker's daughter, Meadow, sued Porsche in a wrongful death suit claiming that the car her father was in "lacked safety features...that could have prevented the accident or, at a minimum, allowed Paul Walker to survive the crash," the case was reportedly settled under confidential terms in 2017.


Walker's life continues to be celebrated through the Paul Walker foundation as well as in an upcoming documentary titled I Am Paul Walker.

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