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Is Jeffree Star's Boyfriend Gay For Pay? New Details About Nathan Schwandt's Sexuality

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Is Jeffree Star's Boyfriend Gay For Pay? New Details About Nathan Schwandt's Sexuality

In the sex industry, we sometimes hear the term “gay for pay.” The term refers to male or female performers, usually porn stars, who identify as heterosexual, but are paid to perform as homosexuals. But “gay for pay” is not limited to just on-screen acts, it can also refer to people in real-life relationships. 

Many have been speculating that makeup artist and Youtuber Jefree star and his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, two don’t have a real relationship and that Schwandt  is only 'gay' with Star for his money. Though the two have been together for three years and have met each other’s families, is Jeffree Star's boyfriend gay for pay?


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Well, let’s start with how the two met. In a series of videos, Star and Schwandt explained the evolution of their relationship. They started talking through Instagram, with Schwandt DMing Star. After talking for a few months, Star invited Schwandt to fly to LA and meet. Initially, they assumed it would be just a fling, but it developed into a serious relationship.

But perhaps most suspicious is that Schwandt had only been with women before Star! In an interview with Paper Magazine, Star confirmedt his boyfriend was straight before meeting, only ever having been with women. However, Schwandt admitted he’s always been interested in men who dress like women but because he grew up in the Midwest, he was never able to have access to something like that.

Despite this, there are plenty of signs that their relationship is real, and that Nathan is not “gay for pay.” When you have a connection with someone, it sometimes goes beyond gender, and that’s exactly what their relationship is: something free from labels.

So... is Nathan Schwandt gay?

In one of their videos where the couple answers questions from fans, Star says, “What’s really cool about Nathan is that he doesn’t need a label. I know everyone wants to label him. He’s only been with women his entire life until meeting me, and I think that doesn’t make someone bisexual, that doesn’t make someone anything. I think it just makes Nathan, Nathan. Gender is irrelevant, and if you love somebody, you love somebody.”

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It seems the only “evidence” people have to claim that their relationship isn’t legit,is Schwandt’s sexuality. But like Star commented, gender is irrelevant to them. And even when they met, it was like they had known each other for years; their connection was unmatched.

Aside from sexuality, others speculate Schwandt is only with Star for his money but the fact that the two began dating before Star launched his makeup company or YouTube channel squashes those suspicions. And it was actually Schwandt who encouraged Star to start his YouTube channel and makeup company in the first place!

In fact, he worked in the warehouse where the cosmetics were being made, all to make sure Jeffree Star Cosmetics was running smoothly. How’s that for a supportive boyfriend?

Now, since Schwandt grew up in Michigan, taking Star home to meet his family was no doubt nerve-wracking. But if Schwandt wasn’t serious about Star, would he have even invited him to meet his parents in the first place? It turns out Schwandt’s parents were more than accepting of Star, made him feel right at home, and he’s even featured his family in makeup tutorials. He’s incredibly close with his boyfriend’s family, proving that he’s never gone out of his way to hide their relationship.

So, is Jeffree Star's boyfriend gay for pay? No, he’s not. And even if he was, the two are incredibly happy together. Who are we to judge their relationship?

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