The Dark Side Of INFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type

The Negative Traits Of The INFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type You Probably Didn't Know

Your Myers Briggs personality can tell you a lot about yourself — your strengths, weaknesses, relationship advice, career advice and general personality traits. But what about the not so glamorous side of your personality type? 

I am about to give you the low down on the not so nice things about INFJ’s so if you are one, or are close to one, this information could really help you out some day.

We know INFJ’s are creative insightful, decisive and passionate, but what are their weaknesses?

1. They are really, really sensitive.

Which sometimes is a good thing, very in tune to emotions and highly empathetic; but mostly it’s just a pain in the butt  for everyone. They're quick to have hurt feelings, be offended and are particularly susceptible to other peoples moods, so if an INFJ is in the same space with someone in a bad mood, odds are they're gonna catch that mood.

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2. INFJ’s are also extremely private.

If you're trying to get one to open up to you, good luck, they're a vault. Sharing their feelings, past etc. are just so not going to happen.

Odds are they have 15 passwords on their phone, have some kind of secret social media account and if you think you really know them you are so so wrong. Breaking through to them isn't easy but so worth it, their natural nurturers and will go out of their way to help you reach your full potential. 

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3. They are major perfectionists.

This is particularly annoying if you're trying to get anything done in a timely fashion, ever. If they're working on something, even something as simple as making dinner or cleaning and it isn't done to their standard of perfection watch the heck out.

Their perfectionist attitude combined with their high sensitivity makes them particularly volatile if faced with their own failure, it isn't pretty.

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4. They love being up on their soap box.

Because they are so passionate they are prone to being a little obsessed with their cause. They have to have a cause  at any given time at any social event with an INFJ they can probably be found talking about things such as politics, conservation, human rights etc.

They love to encourage others to take action because they are such ‘doers’ themselves. Being complacent just isn't in their nature, so while this is an admirable quality if you're hoping to start some kind of revolution it's slightly less desirable at dinner parties.

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5. INFJ’s tend to burn out easily. 

Whether that be in doing work tasks, social situations or even doing things they enjoy. Anyone task done for too long a time by an INFJ will likely involve them abandoning it and needing a several hour nap.

They are easily overwhelmed and easily distracted, which means you kind of have to use kid gloves with them when wanting to get things done because they'll do the task and do it well, as their perfectionist nature requires, but they're gonna do it on their terms in small increments with episodes of Law and Order in between.

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