Is Deena Cortese Pregnant? New Details That The 'Jersey Shore' Star Is Expecting

She wants a little meatball of her own.

Is Deena Cortese Pregnant? New Details That The 'Jersey Shore' Star Is Expecting Featureflash Photo Agency /

Remember when Jersey Shore ended in 2012 and everyone couldn’t believe such a masterpiece of reality television was over? And remember when the series was rebooted in 2018 with (almost) all the cast members returning?

With the season finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airing last night, it’s making us wonder: Is Deena Cortese pregnant?

She’s not shy about telling everyone that she really wants a baby, and with most of her cast mates being parents themselves, it’s no wonder the baby fever is strong. Pauly D has a daughter, Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend Jen Harley recently gave birth to his daughter in April, and Snooki and JWoww are both moms.


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During the season, Deena woke up one morning with her hands swollen so badly that she couldn’t remove her wedding ring. She also complained she was feeling shaky and sick. Of course, Vinny and Pauly D joked around with her that she would have to have her hand amputated. Because would Jersey Shore even BE Jersey Shore without these two jokesters?


Ronnie suggested she may be pregnant since his then-girlfriend, Jen Harley, was pregnant with their child at the time of filming. Deena, of course, wasn’t pregnant, but in the season finale, as she left the house for the final time that summer, she said to the cameras, “I am so ready to go home and make a little meatball with my Christopher and it's going to be amazing.” So, yes, she definitely wants kids!

But have her attempts so far been successful? Can we expect Deena the meatball to have a little meatball of her own in the next few months?


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In an interview with Life & Style, Deena said that she and her husband, Christopher Buckner, are currently trying to conceive. “We are trying! I was fine with two [kids], but he wants three and I'm fine with that,” she revealed.

If she gets pregnant and is on her way to becoming a mom, there’s no doubt she’ll have plenty of help and advice from fellow co-stars Snooki and JWoww. Both women are married and each have two children, so they seem like the best source of information for Deena.

She told Us Weekly, “I talk to the girls [Snooki and JWoww] all the time about it and they say, ‘Listen, you’re going to be trying but don’t get crazy about it because it won’t happen.’ I have anxiety to begin with so I’m trying to be like super chill about it but, you know, it takes time. They told me not to stress out about it or think too much, just to have fun, and when it happens it happens. That’s what we’re doing.”

As probably the most sane cast member of Jersey Shore, Deena will no doubt make a great mom.


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