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Who Is Pauly D Dating? 7 New Details About Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei

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who is pauly d dating

What do you get when Jersey Shore meets Geordie Shore? Debauchery and mayhem!

Filming has just finished on series 17 of Geordie Shore, while the Jersey Shore cast are returning to screens for MTV's latest reality show reunion, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

While some things have changed — Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Jenni 'JWoww' Farley are now both married women and moms of two, other things haven't — DJ Pauly Delvecchio, 37, still dons the same hairstyle and still likes to fist pump.

The two reality show casts collided in London, England for an interview on This Morning, before hitting the London Eye and heading out for a night on the town.

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Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Chloe Ferry, Sam Gowland, Sophie Kasaei and Nathan Henry from Geordie, ended up partying at the Spearmint Rhino strip club.

Pauly D and Sophie Kasaei were spotted getting cozy at the end of the night, leaving the strip club hand-in-hand and looking happy.

We can only imagine what was happening inside the club but those smiles look as though the two were definitely enjoying each other's company. And while there's no telling yet whether the encounter ended up with whirlwind romance, it's no secret that Pauly D and Sophie hit it off.

Pauly D was desperately trying to find her, writing on Twitter: "Where's @SophieKasaei_ ??!!!!"

A pretty promising tweet was later sent from Sophie's account, which read: "Yooo @DJPaulyD is soooooo hot mate cheers!!!."

After leaving the club holding hands, Sophie spoke to the Daily Star online and didn't deny the possibility of a brewing romance. She admitted: "Last night, we did have fun and we all went out, I was with Snooki and J-Wow too."

"Pauly D's a good looking lad, and yeah, that's that," she added. (She later claimed he took over her account, writing, “Twitter raped by GTL @DJPaulyD.”)

Pauly D also shared that he and Sophie had a good time together. The DJ exclusively told Us Weekly  on Thursday, April 5, during an interview with the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation: “I'm single and I was out there in London having a good time. That's one of the benefits of being single — you get to meet great people. She's a great girl. She's cool. I mean, we had a good time.”

Whether or not the two will see each other again, Nicole Polizzi AKA Snooki approves of Sophie, saying, “she was so cool, we loved her,” during the conversation. Pauly D also added that he and Sophie, 28, do plan on keeping in touch.

Is Pauly D ready for marriage?

He reportedly showed a more serious side during the Jersey Show reunion show. “I'm looking for that person to share my life with so I was very selective out there,” he told Us. “I wasn't bringing home a different girl every single night like you might think. I was trying to find her out there, you know?”

However, that doesn't mean he didn't have fun. “Sometimes you have to bring home the wrong ones to find the right one,” he said.

So...who is Sophie Kasaei? Here's 7 new things we know about Pauly D's latest love interest:

1. Sophie doesn't do T of GTL.

GTL meaning Gym, Tan, Laundry, of course. Nope, Sophie, 28, who's from South Shields, near Newcastle, doesn't need to go tanning; her dark complexion is due to the fact that she's half Iranian. 

2. Sophie may have been booted off the show. 

Rumors circulated that Sophie was booted off the show in 2013 after reports accused her of racism,. Sophie returned to Geordie Shore after three years, but there were rumors that she had been removed again after an altercation with new girl Zahida Allen — an allegation which she strongly denies. 

3. Sophie had a long-term boyfriend.

Kasaei was dating DJ boyfriend Joel Corry for six years. In November 2017, The Sun Online revealed how the pair had split. She admitted it was a difficult time saying, “I feel a little bit lost at the minute. I'm lonely. I've split with my boyfriend and have nowhere to go, really. I'm thinking: 'Where do I go now?' I might go back to Newcastle this year, which will be weird, but nice to be surrounded by friends and the girls again.”


A post shared by Sophie Kasaei (@sophiekasaei_) on Apr 5, 2018 at 12:02pm PDT

4. She was held at knifepoint.

Kasaei was reportedly held at knifepoint while alone in her home after Christmas. The December 27, 2017 incident shook her up but sources told The Sun she wants to said to move on from the incident and has been “carrying on as normal” since the devastating incident. Police also told the publication a 27-year-old man was charged with aggravated burglary following the incident.

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5. Sophie lost patches of her hair from wearing too many extensions.

Sophie revealed how years of wearing hair extensions resulted in bald patches at the sides of her scalp. 

"Because of all the extensions I've been getting, I've suffered from Contraction Alopecia," she told OK! U.K.  "Which means that I've lost hair on the sides and it may never come back. And that's not because of the extensions that I'm getting in. It's because of all the years I've been tormenting my hair.”

6. Sophie has struggled with her weight.

Sophie has lost weight since the beginning of the show, documenting her amazing transformation on her Instagram. She talked about her struggle with weight in an interview with Digital Spy.

"Everyone, whether you are famous or if they're in a call center doing 9 to 5, we all think about our weight. It's all about personal appearance in society today. If you are gorgeous and pretty, people love you for being that. All celebrities that I've met are worried about their weight. And every time you pick up a magazine and see a celebrity...everyone is airbrushed."

7. Sophie has a passion for fashion.

After ditching the show in the seventh season, Kasaei turned her hand to fashion design, and released her own collections with Off The Rails Boutique and House of SHB.

It'll be interesting to see if Pauly D and Sophie Kasaei just had a fun night on the town or if the two reality stars will start a long-distance relationship. Seems like a match-made in...the shores!  

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