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Who Is Jen Harley? Disturbing Arrest Details About Ronnie From Jersey Shore's Girlfriend And Baby Mama

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Who Is Ronnie From Jersey Shore's Girlfriend And Baby Mama? Disturbing Details About Jen Harley's Arrest Record

Ronnie from Jersey Shore and his girlfriend recently welcomed a daughter into their family, but new reports from Radar Online suggest Ronnie’s baby mama Jen Harley has quite a checkered past.

The Jersey Shore reunion put the cast and their new families in the spotlight once again, six years after the original series went off the air. Of course, a lot can happen in six years — especially when you’re an unmistakable reality star in one of the most debaucherous shows in television history. For one, Ronnie and his showmance Sammi “Sweetheart” are no longer together, and he started dating Jen in 2017. Just a few months later, they announced their pregnancy and in April 2018, Ariana Sky was born.

Unfortunately, the Jersey Shore reunion has teased the idea that Ronnie cheated on Jen while she was pregnant. However, new details have surfaced that suggest Ronnie isn’t the only one in the relationship who’s acted shady.

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As it turns out, Jen has an arrest record with more than a few arrests on it.

2007: Arrested for indecent or obscene exposure

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Jen was arrested after reportedly “deliberately removing her top” while in a hot tub. She was soon followed by her friends, who allegedly bared her “breasts, buttocks and/or genitalia.” Jen was ultimately charged with lewd and lascivious conduct.  

2009: Arrested for battery

Police reports claim Jen kicked another woman while that woman was on the ground, but the case was dismissed.

2013: Arrested for domestic violence

Reports published by Radar show Harley got in trouble with the law again in 2013 after allegedly assaulting her ex-husband, who claimed that she punched him in the face and began “swinging erratically at him” after coming home to find him “drinking with her roommate” before eventually threatening him with a baseball bat. According to court documents, when police arrived he had “dried blood on his bottom lip along with blood on his bottom teeth.” The report claims that Jen stated that she was acting out of self-defense, claiming her ex “put her in a headlock.” The case was ultimately dismissed.

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2015: DUI

Police reports say Jen was pulled over for driving without her headlights on, which led to her being charged with a DUI. According to Radar, she was sentenced to two days in jail and eventually pleaded guilty to the charge and sentenced to 69 hours of community service as well as attendance in a DUI school.

2016: Arrested for battery and domestic violence

Radar published reports that claim Jen was arrested in 2016 after scratching her boyfriend at the time. The case was eventually dismissed.

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