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5 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs To Fangirl At A Comic Con Event (At Least Once!)

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When you think of Comic-Con it probably brings up images in your mind of hairy men who play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends.

However, contrary to popular belief and stereotypes, Comic-Con isn't just for comic book fans anymore.

It has evolved into a sanctuary for the geek in all of us and welcomes people from all fan bases and of all backgrounds. Yes, ladies, even you.

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This past summer, Seattle Washington hosted Ace Comic-Con, a convention that was mostly dedicated to the super-hero Marvel/DC genre.

While there were a fair amount of your run-of-the-mill cosplay and graphic artist types, there were ALL. THE. TEENAGE. GIRLS. Women and girls alike dressed as celebs like Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland, the girls fought for the opportunity to see their favorite Marvel hottie. It's no wonder I was drowning in a sea of hormones. 

Comic-Con is now, officially, a pop culture lover's dream. From the photo ops, autograph signings and Q&A panels, there's a little something for everyone. Well, anyone who has had a celebrity crush or seen a movie at any point ever.

I mean, you can just pay to recreate your high school prom photo with Tom Holland! (Not that I did that or anything *cough*). 

But, seriously. At Comic-Con, you can listen to your favorite characters talk about their movies, get your picture taken with the guy dressed as Thor from the Avengers, or go watch the professional video gamers do their thing. Your options are endless.

Still, your first time at Comic Con can be a little intimidating.

Despite the fact that events like this tend to cater to the ‘outcast’ in all of us, chances are you're still going to have a minor panic attack the night before about being the odd dork out. But you'll soon realize that it really is an event you can just be yourself at.

No, you don't have to go in cosplay, and you don't have to be a "super-fan" to go. Wear what you want, and do what you want. The attendees will welcome you — no matter what. 

But with the good also comes the somewhat irritating, because, as with any event that involves teenage girls, you might have to deal with, ya know, teenagers.

Crying, squealing, general rudeness and a disregard for anyone and anything but their BFF and their phone aren’t out of place at these events now. As events like Comic Con, Dragon Con, Anime Expo, Mega Con and so on become more inclusive, the probability that events like this may occur increases. Which is great, if you're a teenage girl who just wants a shout out from her fav celeb, but, maybe not as great for the die-hard fans who came to hear their favorite character speak.

Completely inclusive environments are rare in this day and age, but this one is still standing strong and opening its dorky doors to welcome one and all.

Nevertheless, everyone should go to Comic-Con and get their geek on at least once, it’s a great opportunity to be yourself, have fun and maybe say hello to your celebrity crush. Here are five reasons why going to Comic-Con really is worth your while:

1. It's a great opportunity to be yourself.

Comic Con and similar events are generally a judgment-free zone, which is so hard to find. In a time when your life is broadcasted on social media for anyone and everyone to share their opinion on, having a space where everyone has their own thing in good fun can be an incredibly cathartic experience.

So, if you have an opportunity to go to one of these events and be yourself, whether that be weird or dorky or loud or just getting out of your comfort zone, do it and take the opportunity to feel free. 

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2. It's an excuse for a road trip.

What won't we do for a nice road trip with friends? Any reason to have a weekend away is a good reason, and this is one of the best reasons. You work hard and deserve a chance to let loose and have a little bit of good old fashioned, nerdy fun.

Sometimes, you need an opportunity to do something that is just for you — no strings attached. Gather up your girls and have fun!

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3. It's an opportunity to try something new.

Getting stuck in the same old routine isn't healthy. If you're stuck in an activity rut (like going to Vegas for EVERY girl's trip or just doing happy hour) take this opportunity to switch it up and do something you've never done before that's a little out of your comfort zone.

Who knows? You might even find a new hobby and make some new friends while you're there. And who says you can't hit happy hour before you go? 

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4. You could use it to do some professional and celebrity networking.

If you're all about building your online presence or are attempting to break through into the wide world of acting, this could be a great opportunity for you to get your foot in the door.

Everyone from scriptwriters to actors to directors will be in attendance at Comic-Con, and tracking one of them down to introduce yourself is a snap. Most of them do Q&A panels or have photo ops, so you can show up, make a good first impression and do some networking!

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5. It's just really, really fun.

With something for everyone to do, you won't be bored. Why not just take one day to do something that doesn't involve any adult responsibilities, get in touch with your inner child and have a good time? 

Get your photo op in, listen to some cool panels, walk around and look at the art, dress up and make new friends! If all else fails, go to the food court. At least there's french fries.

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