7 Illustrations Show How Your Smartphone Destroys Your LIFE

Photo: BoredPanda

Nothing brings the truth to light like comedy, and a funny picture is worth 1,000 words! We previously talked about Puuung and her awesome illustrations of what true love looks like, but that's not what all cartoons are good for.

Cartoons are also great ways to point out our unhealthy obsessions with our phones.

Blaze Press gathered quite a few images that cleverly show how dependent we have become on our phone. We picked seven that really show how they get in the middle of our love life.

1. Your conversation when you're in the same room involves screens.

Photo: Scoop It!

2. If your wedding topper was honest it would actually be depressing.

Photo: Bizarro Comics

3. Your double dates are super quiet.

Photo: Maria Scrivan

4. Your addiction is making you non-existent.

Photo: jhallcomics

5. You're missing out on eye contact.

Photo: bizarrocomics

6. You're not able to pay attention long enough to get to know someone new.

Photo: Liam Walsh

7. Your Twitter is making you miss on seeing real tweets with your lover.

Photo: BoredPanda

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