If He Does These 11 Things, He's Proving His Forever Love For You

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11 Traits That Prove A Guy Can Love You Forever

By Nicole Yi

It's not every day that you find your perfect person, so when you do, you want to make sure you never lose them. There are certain qualities you should look for in a life partner, but there are also telltale signs that a guy loves you, and that they're a great choice.

Here are 11 ways to confirm you've got the real deal.

1. He wants you to be happy.

He or she puts your personal happiness above theirs — not because that's what you require but solely because they want to. Seeing you smile fills their heart up just as much as seeing you sad breaks them. They want to give you everything you deserve and not just in terms of material possessions. It means that they try their best to be the partner that you want and need.

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2. He's not tempted by other people.

Cheating has never been and won't be an issue of concern. They don't want to break your trust, but it's not always about doing the right thing. Fidelity isn't a struggle for them because they have zero interest in being with anybody else. Your significant other is fully committed to you, and you don't have to question it.

3. He wants to fix problems in your relationship, not ignore them.

He or she doesn't ask if you guys can discuss it later or try to brush things off. It's important to them to keep your relationship in the best shape. So if there is a problem, they want to address and resolve it in a healthy way. They only want the best for your relationship, which means they'd rather understand the issue than let it get worse.

4. He's not afraid to call you out.

As much as your SO loves seeing you happy, they still know when to speak up and challenge your opinions. They don't let things go for the sake of avoiding a fight, but they do know when things aren't worth getting angry over. They are protective of you and want the best for you, so they vocalize concerns when necessary.

5. He does everything they can to cheer you up.

Your partner knows exactly which cat videos will make you crack a smile and will grab your favorite snacks on the way home before you even ask. They hate seeing you upset and are willing to go to great lengths to bring your mood back up.

6. He values your friendship just as much as intimacy.

Sex is obviously an important part of a relationship, but it's not the only thing on their mind. You consider each other best friends and they love that friendship over physical attraction is the foundation of you two. But it's not to say that they're afraid to show you that they want you. They cherish intimacy equally.

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7. He wants to hang out with your friends.

They don't mind hanging out with your friends or family, and even want to spend time with them. It's not necessarily because they love hanging out with them (though that could definitely be the reason, too!), it's that they enjoy learning more about the people who have made you you. They love seeing you in your element and seeing the company you surround yourself with.

8. When he talks about future plans, you're always included.

They start most conversations with "we." They want every new experience and milestone with you by their side and can't envision a future without you in it. He or she gets excited about what's ahead for the both of you.

9. He celebrates your wins like their own.

Your significant other is your biggest cheerleader, and when you accomplish something, they feel just as proud as if they had done it themselves. They provide all the support you need and genuinely want to see you succeed whether it's in your career or interests. Every victory is worth celebrating.

10. He loves talking about you.

Their own friends are almost sick of hearing about you at this point. Your partner finds ways to bring you up in a conversation and glows when speaking of you. They don't do it to show you off like a prize; it's about being proud to be yours and adoring the hell out of you.

11. He makes you feel loved.

Your partner doesn't only tell you that he or she loves you, they show you. They know that loving you means constantly working at the relationship and never settling, drying your tears when you're sad, taking care of you when you're sick, and making you laugh until you cry. You just know that they're not going anywhere.

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