15 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

From embracing your quirks to deepening connections, uncover the telltale signs a man is falling in love with you.

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Most of us date because we're trying to find that one true love.

The awkward, clumsy first dates? Those are just an added bonus. The happily ever after? That’s our endgame. As a result, it's natural to want to know love’s ETA.

So, if you’re a woman out there dating a new guy, you're probably hoping there are some undeniable signs that a man is falling in love with you so you can stop feeling impatient and relax.


First things first: if you’re actively searching for signs he loves you, you’re probably coming from a place of anxiety. You know how you feel, and you want to know how he feels, too. You don’t want to invest your time or risk your heart if the two of you aren't on the same page about where things are going between you.

So, you look for signs, and some are indeed obvious. He’s affectionate with you. He maintains eye contact. He spends time with you. Maybe he even flat out says it.

However, there is also another side of falling in love that isn't always expressed, because it tends to be too terrifying to face.


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Know this. An emotion as powerful as love will always find a way to express itself. It will always find a way out. So, if you're wondering, "Does he love me?" there are ways love begins to show itself in the connection you share, so pay close attention.


15 Hidden Signs a Man is Falling in Love With You

1. He's in awe of your uniqueness.

This is part of the honeymoon phase. The chemical reactions caused in our minds allow us to drop judgment and only see the best in our partner. We like everything — their quirks, their flaws, even their snoring sounds like a symphony.

When a man is falling in love with you, he accepts your flaws unconditionally. Even the things you may be insecure about? Yep, he finds those fascinating. He encourages you to accept yourself and actively tries to merge himself with you.

He may do this by taking up your interests or hobbies, he may look at you a certain way, and he starts to see you in ways that you might never have seen yourself.

2. There's an emotional fragility to him.

Among the signs he's falling in love with you is emotional fragility. This isn't a great experience for many men — it invokes vulnerability, a feeling a lot of men find uncomfortable.


When he's with you, he may seem stressed out or gets triggered easily. He might not be focusing on his mental health. and appear to be clingy, jealous, or paranoid you’re going to leave him.

This doesn't mean you’re doing anything wrong; it's about his struggle to manage his emotions. Sometimes, even body language fails to communicate properly because he's so nervous it disrupts his non-verbal cues.

Not all men exhibit this sign, but many do.

3. There's a deep and wide connection forming between you.

Love also involves connection — a deep and wide connection. This often manifests as him sharing more intimate parts of his life.

He might want to join him in pursuing his passions by inviting you on a hike, or to take a pottery class, or whatever his interest and passion is. Men begin to integrate a love interest into their lives when they see the potential of a long-term relationship.


With the above in mind, two additional important elements are awareness and consideration.

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4. He's more present in your life.

When a man strongly wants to be with you — he tightens his focus on you. If he does things for you without being asked, if he gives you a kiss out of the blue — there's a good chance he’s starting to fall in love.

An uptick in his presence in your life equals an uptick in your relationship status. He isn't going to spent time and energy with you if he isn't interested in you. Men usually aren't willing to fall into the role of provider or caretaker for people they don’t see in their future.


5. He genuinely wants to spend time with you.

A man who is falling in love with you will never get sick of your company and he will always be happy the times where the two of you get to hang out.

Once he's with you, he doesn't want to rush anything and prefers just being with you all night or all day. He never has a reason to leave or end your time together quickly.

He will take his time with you and as the two of you spend more time together you will realize if he's the one wanting to reach out to you asking to hang out and let him make the moves as well so it's not just you all the time. If you notice he is making more of the moves then that's a good sign.

A man falling in love with you will enjoy your company and appreciate the moments you spend together. He doesn't rush the date and prefers being with you for extended periods, day or night, without any desire to leave abruptly. As you spend more time together, see if he takes the initiative to reach out and make plans, this is a sure sign of his interest.


6. He starts getting nervous around you.

This can be an obvious sign a guy is falling in love with you. If he seems a little shy or nervous after the two of you have spent a lot of time together, it could be he's nervous to say the words he knows he's feeling.

In a situation where he would usually feel super comfortable, but he's appearing nervous, you can reassure him by letting him know he can tell you anything. He might be ready to say those magic words!

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7. He's introduced his friends to you and wants to meet yours.

This sign is a great step forward since getting to know each others friends can give you the reassurance he wants you to be a part of his life. He is clearly saying this relationship means something to him if he's telling his friends all about you, and when he starts showing interest in meeting your friends, it is gauranteed he is falling in love.


If his friends make an effort to include you in things too, then that's a great sign they support you as well. The approval of his friends will definitely matter to him if he's in love with you.

8. He talks about the future with you.

If your guy is talking to you about his future plans in front of you, and asks you what you think about his plans, that's a good sign he's ready to move forward and let you know he loves you.

He could also be bringing up the topic of the future to see if you feel the same way. If the plans are something he will probably do, then he might be planning to include you in his plans. You don't need a relationship coach to tell you this sign is obvious!

9. He's not afraid to be himself around you.

If your partner is totally himself around you, which includes him geeking out about something he truly loves, this could mean he's in falling love with you.


If he's not afraid of having an in-depth conversation about each other's interests and preferences, and he's not afraid to tell you anything about himself, then he's totally comfortable with you.

He knows he can be himself around you as he is around friends and family because he loves you.

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10. He doesn't play games with you.

When a guy is falling in love with you, he won't put you through the hoops and make you question or worry all the time because he makes it so easy for you.

He won't keep you guessing because he makes an effort and asks you out and includes you in his life because he loves you.


He will always respond to you, and if he doesn't, he actually has a good reason for it.

11. He only has eyes for you.

The best way of knowing if your man is falling for you is if he makes it clear he only has eyes for you. Try and notice if his eyes start to wander when the two of you go out somewhere and there are other women.

You'll know if he's in love with you because he will have eyes for you, and those eyes will give you a certain look.

If you catch his eye caught in a thoughtful or dreamy look, then he loves you and is longing only for you.


12. He pays full attention to you.

Notice when you're talking to him if he pays full attention to you and asks you more questions and really wants to learn about you.

This is a sign he could be falling for you, and if he's in love with you, he will want to give more attention to your life and support your decisions and opinions because he took the time to pay attention.

13. He gives you all the eye contact.

Eye contact is everything and if he gives you his full attention through his eyes, he is falling for you.

Studies have shown that people who are falling in love are always drawn towards their partner's eyes, as there's something very intimate about having complete eye contact with the person you love.


14. The two of you laugh together often.

Humor and laughter are always a good sign in a relationship and if the two of you can always have fun with each other and have a good time, love is bound to be growing.

If he always laughs at your jokes or laughs when you laugh, he is falling in love with you and it's also a sign of a strong connection.

15. He puts a lot of his time into your relationship.

If you know that your guy is a busy but still chooses to spend almost all his free time with you, he's falling for you. It's love when that's all he wants to do.

Studies show that people spend more time with people they value and see as important in their life.


If your man values his time with you and is always present in the moment with you, he is falling in love with you and feels you are worthy of his time.

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Clayton Olson is an International Relationship Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Facilitator who delivers private virtual coaching sessions and leads online group workshops.