How To Make Sure You Marry Your Best Friend In The Whole World

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Some individuals are lucky enough to wed someone that also happens to be their best friend and confidante. This group is considered fortunate because their spouse is now their lifelong best friend.

The privilege of marrying your best friend is one of the most lovely experiences a married couple can have, no matter what their circumstances are.

After all, the prospect of spending all of eternity with your best friend has the power to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. You're not only husband and wife; you're also each other's best pals.

But how do you know that the person you've declared your love for is indeed your best friend?

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Ten signs the person you love is truly your best friend

1. You trust one another completely.

We are all aware of how simple this one is. Trust between the bride and groom should become even stronger after the wedding. There's more to it than just closing your eyes and trusting that they'll catch you as you fall back into their open arms, although it's a terrific test of strength.

You trust this person completely, even down to the slightest of details, like where to eat on your next date night or which chocolate bar he should buy at the store. You may ask them advice on where to eat for your next date night, for instance.

Usually there's more to it than just being husband and wife; you've become each other's best friends.

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2. You contact them immediately when something happens.

Whether it's good, bad, or otherwise interesting news, they will always be the first to hear it from you. For some reason, you know exactly whose number you will call first.

3. You both have same hobbies and pursuits.

There's a good chance you won't have many hobbies, but you'll be able to tolerate each other's interests. If surfing is something he likes, you'll be there to join him in the water or at the very least to watch from the shore.

If she has to get her Hollyoaks fix every night, you could join her on the couch (and become hopelessly invested in the show's many plots). She would join you on the couch just the same and binge The Walking Dead.

No one else knows your partner as well as you do, and vice versa.

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4. You have your own language.

You can know exactly what the other person is thinking and feeling without ever having to exchange a single word with them. No one can explain how you do it, least of all yourself, but whatever you do clearly works.

You two could engage in a full-on conversation while your crazy in-laws were in the room and they wouldnt have a clue. 

Funny, huh? The fact that you can finish each other's sentences and communicate without others knowing sn't new to either of you since you can usually predict what the other will say or do. 

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5. You have an uncanny ability to make the other person laugh at any given moment.

Despite the fact that most others do not find either of you even somewhat amusing, the fact remains that you and your partner both believe the world's greatest joke is on the other.

You can share a laugh together at any time of the day or night. What good is a great friend if you don't often find yourself snorting and giggling uncontrollably together?

Moreover, you share so many inside jokes that you could co-author a book .

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6. You and your partner rarely let disputes linger.

What did you and your spouse just text each other about, if not a huge argument with serious stakes? Honestly, it doesn't matter. 

Just think, in a few short minutes, you and your lover will be back to adoring one other and being the best of friends. Your capacity to hold resentment is limited.

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7. You are happy doing nothing.

Even if you've assured your friends that you have a special Friday night in store for the two of you, it doesn't mean you'll really be spending the evening having an elaborate date. Why? The reason is that neither of you feels it takes much to be satisfied when spending quality time together

So, being idle with your partner is a completely different experience than being idle with others.

8. You two seem completely at ease with one another.

Because the two of you are integral to the connection, you will do and acknowledge anything with one another. The inseparable pair of pals. Him seeing you return after a night out looking like you just stepped out of a nightclub as he eats last night's pizza? Absolutely not a problem.

In fact, you could find that your friends see you two as the perfect couple for them to third-wheel with or go on double dates with. 

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9. You miss them as soon as they are gone.

When you're separated, you'll realise how much you both miss one another. There will always be some degree of separation anxiety when you have to spend even a single day apart due to work.

You miss them so much that you contact them the second you have the opportunity to ask what you should do today or what they recommend for supper.

There's a reason why he's one of your most-sent "I'm at work and bored" snaps, and it has to do with why he's at the top of your Snapchat best friends list. 

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10. You are each other's backbone.

No matter what happens, you both have each other's backs. No matter how big or how little the decisions are. Both of you are relied upon as top resources for advice on everything from personal style to career moves.

To put it plainly, you two are each other's greatest fans.

If you're one of the lucky few who can relate to even a few of these points, go ahead and tie the knot with your best buddy; you'll make both of your lives better.

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