The Photos And Meanings Of Post Malone's Tattoos, Including Their Weird Connection To Justin Bieber

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The Photos And Meanings Of All Of Post Malone's Tattoos
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He has a ton of them.

Tattoos are art for the body and symbolic for the individual who gets them. They're especially popular for musical artists. Each music artist has a unique sense of style and personality that often comes out in their music, but also in their tattoos. 

Post Malone is one of many male hip-hop artists that decided to ink their body with tattoos. As a form of art, tattoos represent something to the person. Malone told GQ that all of his tattoos are the product of "a spur of the moment decision." He also stated that pop star Justin Bieber "inspired" him to get tattoos. He asked Justin, "Hey man, does that hurt?" and Justin simply replied "no."

So what do Post Malone's tattoos actually mean? You've come to the right place. 

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1. Playboy Bunny

Photo: TattooMeNow

This was Post Malone's first tattoo. While it was in the process of healing, Malone and Justin Bieber were playing basketball and Bieber "messed up the whole thing." But Malone wasn't mad about it because he still thinks the artwork looks great. 

2. Deceased artists on hands


He has four of his favorite artists that have passed away tattooed on his hands. He plans to have all ten fingers tatted soon. They are his inspiration because without them he "wouldn’t be making music right now,” he said in an interview with GQ. He plans on having all 10 of his fingers tatted, one artist for each finger. 

3. Gadsden Snake around a gun

Photo: TattooMeNow

Malone decided to tattoo a Gadsden Snake around an F-16 gun. He said the tattoo has to do with the "second amendment," which is the right to bear arms.

4. Cartier Love Bangle  

Photo: TattooMeNow

The rapper is obviously a fan of the French jewelry company Cartier. He took the initiative to tattoo the Cartier love bangle logo on his finger, calling it "the most painful" tattoo in his life. He felt like it was "tattooing his soul."

5. Always Tired Tattoo 

Post Malone has these words tattooed right under his eyes because this is his “permanent state of being.” Another reason for getting those words under his eyes are to "hide dark circles" he might have.

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6. Stay Away

Malone has these words tattooed over his right eyebrow. Malone told TMZ that he got this tattoo on his face to make his mom mad. Other than that, he said the words “Stay away” aren’t literally directed to tell people to keep their distance from him but they're simply “song lyrics.”

7. Lil Peep tattoo on his shoulder

Photo: TattooMeNow

Rapper Lil Peep died back in November of 2017. He and Post Malone were friends and in honor of Lil Peep’s life, he tattooed a picture of him on his shoulder. Malone said in an interview with TMZ “this man was going to change music forever and his music is going to live on forever."

8. Guy riding a horse tattoo

Photo: TattooMeNow

This is Post Malone's idea of getting an image of himself tattooed on his body. He found a picture of a guy riding a horse online and replaced the man's face with his own. He considers the tattoo to be "subtle" because it is a small image on his back and not a large portrait. He believes "nobody will notice" the tattoo unless he informed them about it. The inspiration behind this tattoo comes from the actor Steve-O, who infamously has a tattoo of his own face on his back.

9. John F. Kennedy

Photo: TattooMeNow

Feeling patriotic, Post Malone let tattoo artist Victor Modafferi ink his hand with an image of John F. Kennedy. Already inked with celebrities that he claims "inspire" him, he believed that JFK "was a guy that everyone should model their Americanism" after. Another reason for getting this tattoo is simply because Malone "loves America."

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