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Who Is Post Malone's Girlfriend? Meet TikTok Star MLMA

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Who Is Post Malone's Girlfriend? Meet TikTok Star MLMA

Post Malone is one of the most popular crossover stars today. Though he got his start as a rapper, he certainly found his share of mainstream success with his cross-over hit, "Circles." As a result of his popularity, questions about his dating life have come to the forefront. Fans were wondering: is Post Malone single?

They soon got their answer in the form of TikTok, where Malone was seeing "getting cozy" with a popular TikTok celebrity. The video, of course, led people to speculate that the duo were making beautiful music together away from the cameras. 

Who is Post Malone's girlfriend, MLMA?

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What does MLMA stand for? 

MLMA stands for "Me Love Me A Lot." Though she's popularly known as MLMA on TikTok, it stands for "Me Love Me A Lot." It was a name, she said, that was inspired by the film Lost in Translation. But she also said that it was a self-reminder that confidence is the sexiest thing of all. "The most beautiful thing to me is confidence. Female or male, I really relate to people best when they’re honest and genuine. The most important thing is to love yourself. I love myself so much. It’s allowed me to create the best version of myself. I enjoy being confident and powerful," she said.

What is MLMA's real name?

MLMA's real name remains a mystery. Even though many people know the name "MLMA," there doesn't seem to be any sign of her real name anywhere on the web — and this mystery helps build her unique image as well. 

MLMA is the founder of the streetwear brand, SKOOT. 

When she's not busy being a TikTok star, she's busy working as a designer for her own streetwear brand, SKOOT, which has become very popular amongst the skater community. Prior to launching her own line, she was a designer at the popular streetwear brand MIXXMIX, but she quit in 2014 to start SKOOT. She said that her designs marry hip hop and K-pop, and she appreciates the mixed aesthetics. 

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Are MLMA and Post Malone dating? She kicked off the rumors after she responded to a fan. 

On August 8, 2020, a fan on TikTok asked MLMA who she was dating. She responded to the question by showing a series of Polaroids of Post Malone. This led fans to believe that the duo was an item. This post came after last week's Instagram post of the two of them together, where she referred to Malone as "the cutest face." You can check out that Instagram post below. 


Prior to MLMA, Post Malone was linked to Ashlen Diaz.

Post Malone has had his fair share of girlfriends. Prior to dating MLMA, he was linked to Ashlen Diaz, a nightclub promoter. He first met Diaz back in 2015 after she booked him for a club appearance and they were together for about three years before calling it off in 2018. Shortly after he and Diaz broke up, he was spotted with a "mystery woman" in Saint-Tropez. Even though they were seen together a few other times after that, they ultimately didn't go the distance. 

Post Malone hasn't commented about the MLMA dating rumors.

Though Post Malone hasn't commented on the MLMA dating rumors, he's made clear in the past that he doesn't like people prying into his private life. Check out the tweet he wrote last year, when people were speculating about his dating life, below. 

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Regardless, if the rumors are true, they certainly do make a cute couple! But we'll keep you posted if either announces their dating status. 

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