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Are David And Annie From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

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Are David and Annie from 90-Day Fiancé still together? Viewers of TLC's 90 Day Fiance are used to couples bringing a dramatic flair to relationships and reality TV. It's not unusual for the couples featured on this show to have baggage like unsupportive families or financial troubles or difficulty overcoming cultural difficulties — that's to be expected when two people try to blend their lives in very complicated circumstances.

But seldom has there been a couple who shows viewers all of those issue in one package. Which brings us to David and Annie, the pair who has it all: drama, conflict, and a shady backstory that still isn't clear to audiences. The 48-year old Kentucky native met 24-year Annie in Thailand. But the the two of them aren't the whole story. Their romance involves a co-dependent best friend, an angry adult daughter, and a very traditional Thai village with long-standing marriage customs. 

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Did the two of them manage to overcome all their challenges and stay together? Read on to find out.

1. Second chance at love

David's story should be heartwarming. He's 48 years old and a few year before filming, he lost his job, got divorced, and had a stroke. He took that as a wake-up call to try to live his best life and decided to spend some time traveling the world. While he was in Thailand, he met Annie and felt like it was love at first sight. He proposed to the 24-year old within week and she accepted despite describing David as "the ugly, old foreigner". Who says romance is dead?

2. Reality check

Before you get too excited about love overcoming looks, we need to introduce some other characters in this drama. Meet Chris and Nikki. Chris is David's best friend of many years. Nikki is Chris's wife. Nikki tells the viewers that David is flat broke, doesn't have a job, an has been mooching money off Chris for years now. She also says that Annie isn't the first young Thai girl David has attempted to win over. Nikki says there were two girls before Annie who didn't return his affections.

3. Traditions

The first obstacle between David and Annie and a lifetime of wedding bliss is the dowry that Thai families expect potential husbands to pay. There are a lot of different elements, including purchasing gold for the bride, buying a water buffalo or two for her parents, and cash payments. Which brings us back to what Nikki said: David doesn't have any money. He asks Chris for a loan to cover all the costs of Thai marriage and Chris obliges. 

4. Love nest

After arranging the dowry and saying goodbye to Annie's family, the two make plans to go to the United States. Since David has been abroad for years, he doesn't have a home for them to return to. Or a job to support them. So Chris and Nikki — but mostly Chris — offer to let them stay at their house in California. Chris suggests Annie could offset the costs of their visit by giving him Thai massages and wins the award for creepiest television moment ever.

5. Hollywood life

When David and Annie arrive in LA, Annie is delighted by the big house, the famous landmarks, and the amazing lifestyle she sees Americans living all around her. David, on the other hand, begins behaving like a complete tool to his friends and his fiance. Nikki finally has enough of her husband's drunk, mooching buddy and tells them to head to David's hometown in Kentucky.

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6. Firehouse

The couple heads to Kentucky, where David still doesn't have a house or a job. He does have three adult children there but none of them are anxious to invite their long-lost dad to come stay with them. Instead, Chris comes through one last time and lets David and Annie stay in a building he owns there. It's not a house or an apartment, mind you. It's a converted fire station. 

7. New step-mom

Now that David and Annie have made it back to David's old stomping grounds, the time has come for him to tell his kids that they're planning to get married. He had never told them before because he didn't think Skype was the right way to do that. Instead, he ambushes them with the information over dinner. David's daughter Ashley is not amused by any of it and isn't afraid to tell her dad what she thinks.

8. Ashley isn't done

David decides that the best next step is for Annie to spend some one-on-one time with Ashley, and Annie agrees to it. Ashley meets her soon-to-be-stepmother and fills in some of the blanks about David's past.

He apparently used to cheat on Ashley's mom with younger women, including prostitutes, he's a big drinker, and he abandoned his own kids and grandkids after the divorce. Ashley straight up tells Annie, "I feel like dad is looking for someone to clean his house, f**k him for free, wash his clothes, and make him Thai food.” 

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9. Will she say "I do"?

When confronted with all of this, David gets defensive and tell Annie she can leave if she wants to but she can't come back to him if she does leave. So she doesn't leave. Instead, she takes a tragically small amount of money that he offers her and attempts to buy a wedding dress, only to have David's credit card declined. Thank heavens, Nikki takes pity on her and helps pay for a dress so she can  marry her "ugly old, foreigner" in something pretty. 

10. Reality life

In the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we find Annie and David still married and still living in the firehouse. But David is still jobless so it's a terrible shock to him when Chris sends him a lease and expects him to start paying rent on the fire station.

David doesn't know where the most of money is going to come from but decides one way to help is to allow his teen-age son to move in with him. He'll charge his son some rent to offset the costs of living like an adult. Annie decides that she'll tolerate this but she won't have sex with David while his son is there. Then she goes on to discuss sex with her husband in cringeworthy terms.

11. The best is yet to come

Well, for the audience, that is. Annie may be in for some rough water. In the trailer for this season, we see Ashley confronting Annie about her past. Ashley seems to think Annie may have been a prostitute and that's how she really met David. Ashley isn't the only only saying that — Nikki's brother posted the same information on Facebook back in 2017.

What's next for David and Annie (and Ashley and Nikki and Chris)? Tune in to 90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After to find out.

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