Are Chantel And Pedro From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

They fell in love while she was studying abroad in his country. Are they still together?

Are Chantel And Pedro From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together? Instagram

Are Chantel and Pedro from 90-Day Fiancé still together? It sounds like a pretty simple story. Girl spends a semester abroad in the Dominican Republic. Girl hires boy to teach her spanish. Girl and boy are both young and attractive. Sparks fly. Boy proposes to girl. Girl goes home to Georgia and applies to bring boy over on a K1 visa. Boy arrives and they live happily ever after, right? 

Of course not.


This is the backstory of 90 Day Fiance couple Chantel and Pedro. The two met innocently enough and seem to have a perfectly normal relationship. What's not normal are their families and all the ways their parents and siblings are sabotaging their marriage. From the language barrier to the big lies Chantel tells her folks, these two are destined for drama. 

Chantel and Pedro returned to tv with the premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? this week. Are they still together? Read on to find out.

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1. Young love

Chantel and Pedro were both students when they met. She was studying abroad and she hired him to teach her Spanish. They decided they had a future together so she returned home and started the process to get him a K1 visa so he could come to the United States and they could get married. She even moved out of her parents house and into a studio apartment so she and Pedro could start their lives together in with some privacy.


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2. Giant lies

Chantel decides not to tell her family that she and Pedro are already engaged. She even lies and says he's in the US on a student visa, and implies that they're still not certain about the future of their relationship. She seems very close to her family and their opinion matters a lot to her, which makes her deception all the more baffling. 


3. No habla inglés

It turns out Pedro's English is very rudimentary. It certainly isn't strong enough to understand everything Chantel's family says to — and about — him. They're immediately distrustful of his motives and think he's taking advantage of Chantel. 

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4. Party time

They might feel differently about Pedro if they saw him taking care of Chantel during a night of drinking and dancing. She can put away the liquor and really party it up, much to the chagrin of her fiancé. He's understandably upset she's dancing with any guy who asks and she's pretty much blotto with booze. Chantel thinks he's overreacting. Girls just wanna have fun, right?

5. Coming clean

On the advice of Chantel's pastor, they finally decide to tell her family the truth about their relationship. Pedro tries to explain but his English still isn't up to the task. Chantel bluntly spill it all saying, "He's here on a K1 visa and we have to get married by Thursday." Needless to say, no champagne corks were popped over this news.


6. Wedded bliss

Despite all the lies, Chantel and Pedro get married with her family in attendance. The drama about the wedding must have appealed to them all because they immediately begin making plans for yet another drama-filled wedding in the Dominican Republic so Pedro's family can witness it.

7. Family ties

Chantel and her family arrive in the Dominican Republic and Pedro brings them to his family's house so they can all meet. Chantel's parents grow wary at the sight of the house because it's not a hovel. They expected Pedro's family to be living in poverty because Pedro has been sending money back to support them.


Then Pedro's mom serves some fried chicken feet, which Chantel's mom believes are a voodoo curse. Things only get weirder when they arrive at Pedro's grandmother's house for a dinner and the entire Chantel clan gets back in the van that brought them because it's dark and there are dogs. 


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8. Is the wedding on or off?

At this point in our story, nobody is happy. All the parents are mad, Pedro is mad at Chantel's family and Chantel thinks Pedro's sister called her a bitch (she didn't — Chantel misunderstood the Spanish). Everyone is either yelling or crying and wondering if the wedding is even going to happen. Only it's not a real wedding. They're already married. So if the wedding gets called off it doesn't change the status of their relationship. It just makes for good TV.


9. It's on

Of course the wedding happens. Weddings always happen on this show. 

10. Wedded bliss

Now that Chantel and Pedro have gotten married twice, they're ready to settle into their life in Georgia. Chantel is in nursing school and Pedro is working in a warehouse and sending a big chunk of his wages back to his mom and sister. This doesn't sit well with Chantel or her family but Pedro refuses to stop doing it. It only seems fair that if Chantel's family is going to be all up in their business, his family should be all up in his wallet. 

11. Sneaking around

Chantel's family has never gotten over the big lies from when they first met Pedro but they don't seem to want to hold Chantel responsible for her deceits. Instead, they're certain that Pedro married Chantel for a green card and his family encouraged it so he could send them money from the US. So they decide to hire a private investigator to snoop into his past. In the promo, it looks like Chantel is ready to go along with everything. Because that's how healthy marriage are made, right?


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Will these young lovers overcome the hostility of their families? Is there something shady in Pedro's past? Or is everyone literally making this all up for the sake of a reality show contract? Keep watching to find out.


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