Are Jorge And Anfisa From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

The TLC stars got married after a crazy courtship. But are they still together?

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For fans of the the TLC franchise 90 Day Fiance and the spin offs of the show, the most memorable cast member has to have been Anfisa Arkhipchenko. The 22-year-old Russian instagram model came to the US in 2016 to move in with her fiance Jorge Nava in California. The two of them started off their season of the show with fireworks — and not the good kind. Remember how she locked his phone remotely from Russia? And the drama never let up from there. They tied the knot at the end of their K1 visa waiting period but not without a lot of questions about the future of their relationship.


On the sequel series 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After?, Anfisa and Jorge were still together but it didn't look like any kind of fairytale ending. Between the lies they told each other before the marriage to Jorge's overbearing family, there didn't seem to be a strong foundation to their marriage. After an explosive season ending and a more explosive Tell All episode, the future looked bleak for the couple. 

The new season debuted last night and the question on everyone's mind is: Are Jorge and Anfisa from 90-Day Fiancé still together?

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1. When last we saw this couple...

Last summer, fans of the show watched in shock as the house of cards that makes up the couple's marriage appeared to be coming down. Anfisa had originally thought Jorge was a millionaire working in the medical marijuana business when she came to the US. Once they were married, it was clear his marijuana millions were nothing more than smoke.

Not only was he not rich, he was actually in some debt that he had not disclosed until they were already married. This, among other things, enraged Anfisa and she engaged in antics like keying his car, locking him out, screaming at him on the phone, and physically assaulting him.

2. Anfisa felt betrayed.

Jorge, encouraged by his family, kept wondering why Anfisa seemed to expect him to provide her with a lavish lifestyle when she was supposedly in love with him for his own sake.  Anfisa continually reminded him that the lavish lifestyle was what he promised her.

Jorge never seemed to realize that lying to your future wife is bad and will make her justifiably angry. Instead, he latched on to the idea that she's just a goldigger, a notion his sister happily encourages. Anfisa responded to this situation by kicking him out of their apartment.


3. Enough is enough.

Jorge decided the way to win back his estranged wife is by going to a consignment store and purchasing a piece of lovely pre-owned jewelry. He then arranged to meet Anfisa in a parking lot to discuss the state of their relationship.

He offered her the gift but she won't take it saying “I’m glad you apologized, but it’s over.” Stunned, Jorge stood there and watched her walk away.


4. Tell-all drama.

When the couples arrive for the requisite tell-all episodes that cap off TLC shows, Jorge and Anfisa arrived separately but shared a hotel room. When the two of them took their turn doing an intimate interview with host Shaun Robinson, things got very ugly and very weird. Anfisa admitted right up front that yes, money was important to her. So important that she married an American alleged-millionaire — then was furious to the point of punching him when it turned out he's actually broke as a joke.

Jorge responded to that by saying that Anfisa is a liar who ... does something shameful for a living, hinting that it's some kind of sex work. Anfisa left the set and Jorge clammed up. Later, they went back to their hotel where Anfisa asked him if he really wanted to hurt her. He said he does.

5. After the cameras stopped.

Life didn't slow down for the high-drama couple just because the cameras stopped rolling on them. During their off-air months, there were rumors that Jorge had been having an affair with a YouTube star. Anfisa says she enrolled in college. And internet gossip sites were busily uncovering Anfisa's past work as a webcam model who may or may not have done porn. Anfisa, meanwhile, totally wiped and restarted her Instagram account. Huh?

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A post shared by Anfisa Nava (@anfisanava_) on Apr 23, 2018 at 4:48pm PDT

6. And one more thing...

Jorge got arrested with almost 300 pounds of dope in his car. The couple took to YouTube to talk about the arrest and proclaim their continued love for one another. They don't, however, explain why he was getting arrested for possession if he's in the legal weed business.

7. Which brings us to...

The season premiere aired last last night. Jorge reveals he and Anfisa have been living apart for several months. He's been couch surfing or staying in hotels the whole time. Anfisa has moved into a smaller apartment of her own and is taking boxing classes. Given her history of taking swings at Jorge, that's possibly bad news for her estranged hubby.


8. Job prospects.

Anfisa laments that while she's promoting a few brands on social media and she finally has a drivers license, she really needs to get a better source of income. Jorge, on the other hand, tells his lawyers that his businesses have depreciated and he's basically flat broke.  

9. Wait, lawyers?

Yes, lawyers. Jorge, accompanied by his sister who hates Anfisa , visits a pair of divorce lawyers to figure out his options for getting out of the marriage. His lawyers tell him not to expect an easy experience given Anfisa's volatile nature and suggest he offer her a lump sum to just be done with the whole thing. 


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10. More lies.

Jorge seeks solace over his impending divorce in a bar with his buddy Ramon. Ramon cuts right to the chase and asked Jorge what was all the innuendo during the tell-all episode about Anfisa dong sex work? Oh and by the way, he says, there are pictures of Anfisa doing sex work. Jorge tries to explain it all away by saying he was lying on tv to make her mad. Because that's been a winning strategy for him so far, right?


11. What's next?

Just when you think there's nothing more these two can do to surprise you, we find out an ex of Jorge's is showing up with a child she claims is his. Will this be the end of Jorge and Anfisa? Stay tuned to 90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After to find out.

This season promises to be just as wild and entertaining as always. Will Jorge and Anfisa go the distance? We shall see.

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