Are Nicole And Azan From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

Are the single mom from Florida and her fiance from Morocco still an item?

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Are Nicole and Azan from 90-Day Fiancé still together? The return of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? this weekend brought the return of Nicole and Azan, a couple who looks like a visa fraud case waiting to happen.

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Since the two first appearing in the season 4 of 90 Day Fiance, viewers have been perplexed about what has brought these two people together. He's an aspiring personal trainer. She said on the show exercise is not a thing she does. He's Muslim. Her grandfather is a Christian preacher. She sends him money. He frequently neglects to return her calls. Their romance is a bit of a head-scratcher.


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In prior seasons, Nicole has made two different trips to Morocco to meet Azan's family and spend quality time with him before tying the knot. At the end of their first season, they got engaged. She then returned to Morocco with her daughter, ostensibly to see if Azan was really stepdad material. On both trips their primary activity was arguing with one another. 


Now they're back — but are they together? Read on to find out.

1. The background

Nicole and Azan met online and fell in love over Facetime. When Azan could get a good signal, that is. His sketchy access to wifi comes up repeatedly and sometimes it seems legit; other times it seems like an excuse. Nicole went to visit him and discovered that Morocco is way different than Florida.

The rules against public displays of affection surprised her, as did not being allowed to share a room with her boyfriend. Azan was surprised to find that Nicole didn't look quite like he expected. Despite, all of that, the couple ended the season with a proposal and Nicole headed home to start filing paperwork to bring Azan over.

2. Not so fast

Nicole got home and discovered that her job as a part time barista didn't meet the income requirements to sponsor someone for a K1 visa. Her mother refused to help out and Nicole threatened to take her daughter and move to Morocco. Mom didn't cave to the threat but Nicole's dad did, offering to co-sponsor Azan's application to come to the US


3. But before that, one more trip to Morocco

Nicole heads overseas to introduce her fiance to her 2 year old daughter. The father of her child has never been mentioned and he doesn't seem to be in their lives. That may be why Nicole has trained her little girl to call Azan "daddy". They discover that they have childrearing conflicts, differing on things like whether or not to let the child run off in a crowded street market (Nicole says no, Azan seems confused) and how to handle a child who wakes up repeatedly in the night.

When they're not squabbling about how to care for a child, they're fighting about the fact that Nicole cheated on Azan at one point and now he doesn't trust her with men at all. He also tried to start making her over, even taking her to the gym and forcing her to work out, despite her total lack of desire to work out. He says the reason is that he's only attracted to her "like 55%". She heads home still convinced that they should get married.

4. Tell all ... or nothing

At the season closing tell-all episode, Nicole arrived with her mom, Azan being still in Morocco until the visa process moves forward. He's supposed to call in to the show to participate in the traditional airing of the grievances but he never does. Nicole tries to reach him repeatedly but has no success. Tears ensue. Nicole heads home to figure out why her fiance was a no show and probably to make excuses for him on social media. 

5. Meanwhile in Morocco...

During the break from filming, the gossip machine goes into overdrive when some internet sleuths discovered that Nicole is not the only girl Azan is cultivating as a ticket our of Morocco. A woman in Spain told a blogger that she too have been in communication with Azan, even going so far as to suggest she come visit him. He demurred, saying he had family obligations.


Imagine the Spanish woman's surprise when she saw an episode of the show and discovered those obligations involved proposing to Nicole in the desert. Nonetheless, she headed to Morocco to visit him after Nicole left, only to be told by his friends that he was talking to multiple women online and was willing to marry anyone to get to the United States. 

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6. And in Florida

Nicole spent the break from filming selling LuLaRoe leggings and posting stuff on Instagram.


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7. The new season

We kick off the new season with Nicole explaining that the reason Azan flaked on the tell-all episode was because of bad cell signal. She doesn't address the cheating rumors and insists to a friend that everything is just fine despite the rumors, their constant fighting when they're together, and the glaring question about Azan's motives.


Nicole dismisses all of those concerns and explains that Azan has his interview fo his visa the next day.

8. Visa interview day

Nicole spend the night with her mom because she's so anxious about the interview. Her anxiety only increases when Azan goes silent for the whole day and doesn't update her on what's happening at the embassy. He finally calls when Nicole is at the very end of her patience and she responds by literally whining at him.


He explains that he was busy at the embassy the whole time but before she can share any real information, the infamous bad cell signal strikes and we see her phone screen scramble and and she loses the connection. 

9. Spoiler alert

Stop reading right now if you want to save the big reveal for the next episode. If you want to know what fans have dug up on this couple ove rthe past few months read on. OK. Here we go. Starcasm reported back in December that Azan's visa application was denied.


There are some thoughts that it has to do with a security risk he poses but it might also be that embassy staff thinks he's just trying to scam his way to a greencard. Is this the end of the road for their love and for Azan's quest to come to the US?

10. More spoilers

The trailer for the new season shows Nicole shopping for a wedding dress so it's clear that she's moving ahead with the relationship in spite of everything. But where will the wedding be taking place? Starcasm seems to think it will be in Morocco and instead of applying for a K1 fiance visa, she'll change tack to apply for a CR-1 visa for married couples. 

Will we be seeing a Moroccan wedding with an American bride this season? Time will tell. 

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