Shocking New Details On The Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal, Including His Instagram DMs To His Mistress

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tristan thompson

You're not very sly, are you, Tristan?

Days before Khloe Kardashian gave birth on April 12th to her daughter, True, rumors began to spread about her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, cheating and messing around with other women. Thompson was caught cheating on multiple occasions, with the videos and pictures to back it up.

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On April 7th, Tristan was spotted with model Lani Blair, where the two spent the night together at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. And before that incident, he was caught making out with two women in a nightclub back in October 2017, both of whom are unidentified.

But now, this sordid affair is unraveling to reveal even more grotesque details about Tristan’s actions. According to US Weekly, Tristan was messaging women on Instagram — not just meeting them out at clubs — and arranging to meet up with them. Can you say scumbag?

And insider source told US Weekly, “Tristan slides into girls’ DMs... He messages girls that way, on Instagram, and then meets up with them. He likes exotic or non-American looking girls with big butts.”

Way to be discreet, bro. Not.

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Apparently, Tristan wants Khloe to give him another chance. “He is incredibly remorseful for everything that has happened... Tristan is asking her to give him another chance and to give them time as a couple and a family to bond, especially with the off-season looming,” a source for US Weekly said.

Honestly, this just seems like another guy who wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

It’s evident his cheating wasn’t just a one-time thing or a “mistake.” And worst of all, he thought he could get away with it! I mean, if you’re dating a Kardashian, how stupid do you have to be to put yourself in the limelight like that?

While getting back together with a cheater is certainly not easy, Khloe needs to do what she feels is best for her and her daughter. Although, if we were her, we’d keep him on a tight leash until she figures out what she really wants.

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