What Is 'Haunting'? The Latest, Creepiest Dating Trend That Takes Stalking To A New Level

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All these people in the world and you have to stalk me?

Creepy dating trends seem to be on the rise these days. Ghosting is not some fun Halloween tradition, but rather, a person disappearing suddenly after dating someone for a limited period of time.

But this new dating trend called "haunting" is even worse than someone disappearing from your life completely. What is haunting? When an ex-significant other stalks your social media page by purposefully giving you notifications, you've become a victim of haunting.

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If you’ve been haunted by an ex, you constantly get notifications of him or her liking all your pictures on Instagram to either annoy you or gain your attention.

Like the dead who can’t let go of the living, your ex can’t let go of you. But the biggest head-scratcher is why this has been given a catchy name when it's really just a form of stalking.

If you know someone does not want to talk to you or see you, and you still do your best to show up, that’s stalking. If someone wants to be left alone and you still continue to try and find them, that’s stalking. If you’re blocked on social media and you make another page to see them, that is definitely stalking.

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Haunting has been done by plenty of people who want to get back with their old flame. Sometimes it works... and sometimes you get a restraining other. If you can’t let your past go, you listen to sad songs and look at old photos instead of re-following your ex on social media. Looking at their life will make you want to be back in it, which could lead to you doing some distasteful things for their attention.

With this new age of technology, the line between stalking and just being a social media follower is very thin. The only real definition of that line is the other person's preference. Some people find their potential significant other knowing all about them as an attractive trait, while others do not. 

Just remember that something that may seem harmless can really freak out another person. Learning boundaries an important concept people need to know.

If you are a haunter, it’s time to realize there are other fish in the sea. Someone else will have the qualities you look for in a person, even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment.

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