20 New Movies & Shows To Watch On Netflix In April 2018

New month, new releases! Get your binge-watch on.

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It's April, and you all know what that means — a whole new list of shows and movies coming soon to Netflix

If you have been looking for some new movies and shows to watch and stream right at home, or maybe want to go down memory lane with some older classics, then buckle up! You're in for a ride this month! 

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From action-packed adventures to heart-pounding sports films, this best list of new Netflix releases is full of movies that will motivate you to push yourself to the limit. The inspiring stories are always the best, they leave you with that "anything is possible" attitude. 

In addition, there are all sorts of new Netflix Originals bound to keep you glued to your seat. Netflix has an amazing way of constantly coming out with different, fresh, and star-studded projects that are always binge-worthy. 

So dawn your binge-watching supplies, grab that perfect combination of sweet, savory, and salty snacks (or that bottle of merlot you've been eyeing) — and get yourself some company. Happy April! And happy streaming! 


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1. Along Came Polly

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller star in this rom-com guaranteed to make you smile. A newlywed who thinks he has everything put together is stunned when he finds his wife cheating on him with a scuba instructor in St. Barts.

He returns to New York and his life is turned upside down when he falls in love with an old classmate.



2. Bad Boys 

If you are a fan of buddy cop films this movie is perfect for you. Who wouldn't love Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as their local law enforcement am I right? Miami detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey must investigate over $100 million dollars in stolen mafia heroin.

The case takes twists and turns that even they could not anticipate.



3. Friday Night Lights

The sports film of all sports films. This flick is a classic and you will not be disappointed — whether it's your first time watching or your fifth. It's really good.

In the small football-obsessed town of Odessa, Texas one team must overcome obstacles to become the champions that the town so desperately want to be. Their journey is one worth watching.



4. Jackass 2.5

We all know and love Jackass for the ridiculous yet incredible situations these jokester/ adrenaline junkies put themselves through. It's interesting just to see the situations they choose to put themselves into, whether they like it or not.

It almost makes you wonder where these guys even came from? Or why you aren't friends with them?



5. Scarface

The story of refugee Tony Montana who comes to Miami with nothing and rises to power by becoming one of the biggest kingpins around. The story is based on Al Capone and you can bet if you love the gangster movies and stories that you will be in for a treat with this one. If you aren't sold yet two words: Al Pacino.


6. Seven

Two detectives hunting down a serial killer who is unlike any other in the world. He uses the seven deadly sins as a point of reference and models his crimes after that. The hunt for him is anything but boring, with different surprises at every twist and turn.


The ending makes it completely worth it. So all you've got to ask is.... "what's in the box?!?!"

7. Sin city

If you are a big Noir film fan then this is such a great modern take on the beloved genre. With a star-studded cast of course. Follow the stories of three different people involved in the chaos.

This movie is based on a graphic novel so you know it's going to be extremely entertaining. 


8. The Iron Giant

Who doesn't absolutely love this movie?!? Maybe if you haven't seen it then you can have the excuse that you may not be a die-hard fan.

The classic tale of the robot from space who befriends a young boy from earth. Their bond is one that can't be broken... even if everyone wants it to be. A great story about acceptance and the power of true friendship.


9. The Joel McHale Show

A Netflix original starring none other than, you guessed it, Joel Mchale.He will be going all things social media, pop culture, and newsworthy with original skits and more.

This is a great show to kick back and watch if you want to know what's going on in the world but want to laugh at the same time. 

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10. 6 Balloons

Addiction is no joke, especially when it's a family member involved. A loyal sister tries her best to try and keep her brother afloat and alive by taking him to a detox center and looking after his two-year-old daughter at the same time.


Trying to balance protecting her family and keeping her own life together proves to be quite challenging. 

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11. Life is beautiful

A film starring Roberto Benigni, who co-wrote the film with Vincenzo Cerami. An Italian-Jewish bookstore owner uses the powers of his imagination to help his son escape the horrors of the concentration camps.


Based loosely on the real-life story of Benigni's father, who spent two years in a German labor camp during World War II and the book, In the End, I Beat Hitler by Rubino Romeo Salmonì. 

12. The Week Of

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are absolutely hilarious as in this film that takes place a week before their kid's weddings. Both of the dads have conflicting ideas about the big day and butting heads proves to be problematic.... and extremely funny. 

13. Nancy Drew

The classic detective books come to life. The teenage detective that everyone loves in back, and in live action to solve another case. Her fearlessness and her grace are more than enough to help her debunk the bad guys and bring justice to the world.


Emma Roberts is an absolute treat as Nancy as well. 

14. Jane the Virgin Season 4

The hit show is back for another season, so you can stop anticipating and start watching! This season is full of choices as Jane tries to find a balance between a man she is falling in love with and an old flame.

On top of all that Jane's father, is expecting a baby with an ex-girlfriend and marries Jane's mother.


15. Greg Davies You Magnificent Beast

It's time to watch a comedy show that is fresh and guaranteed to have you laughing until it hurts. Greg Davies is great in his first stand-up tour in four years and he is here to slay. I mean stay... but slay too.

No preview has been dropped yet but we can only imagine how funny it will be. 


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16. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The second installment of this beloved series. If you were a fan of the first movie then get ready because the second one will hit you full speed like a pirate ship.


Your favorite characters from the old movie (Jack Sparrow, Will Turner) are back along with some new ones. Ever hear of Davvy Jones...

17. Seven Pounds 

Will Smith gives an incredible performance about a man who sets out to change the lives of seven others. Extremely depressed and now masquerading as his brother, Ben decides when he dies he will give his organs to seven deserving people and sets out to find those perfect few. 

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18. The Lost Boys

If you are into vampires then this is the flick for you. Set in Arizona two brothers end up fighting for their lives against a gang of vampires.


This thriller is not a film to watch if you startle easily. But it is definitely worth a watch, a classic for sure with a star-studded cast to seal the deal. 

19. I am not an easy man

A guy who in loose terms is considered a chauvinistic jerk has his life turned upside down when he suddenly lives in a world controlled by powerful women.

He begins to get a taste of his own medicine and he is not too thrilled about it in the slightest.


20. Amateur

A fourteen-year-old basketball prodigy is recruited to play at an elite school. But not all is as great as it seems.

Greed and corruption surround the team he is on and he is faced with many obstacles because of it. 

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