Our Editors' Picks Of The 50 Best Shows & Movies To Watch On Netflix

How many hours watching Netflix is too much? The limit does not exist.

editors picks best shows movies to watch on netflix

Do you have a night free and you are just racking your brain to try and figure out what to watch next? Well, don't sweat it anymore because we have some of the best Netflix shows and movies that are all recommended by your very own YourTango editors! 

And we are classy cultured people so we know what we are talking about.



There are shows in this list for literally everyone. Hilarious comedies to make you laugh out loud, or maybe sarcastic movies that make you laugh because they are so relatable. Magical tales with wizards and intense epic journeys — action-packed thrillers that will constantly have you on the edge of your seat

What else you ask? Mystery? Check. Crime? Check. Documentaries? Check. Reality Shows? Check. Historical period pieces? Check and check. 

Whatever flavor you are looking for is right on this list. You might even find some gems you didn't want to give a chance but end up absolutely loving anyway. 


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Picking a show from this list is going to be easy. The only hard decisions you will have to make is what type of candy you want to pair with your wine. And who you want to watch the show with of course. The great thing about watching shows is that you can do it with anyone (more laughs, woo!), or just on your own (more wine, woo!). It's fun either way. 

So pick some shows and movies to add to your queue and you can thank us later.

1. Queer Eye

“This show just came out recently. It’s great for any couple, and its funny, quirky, feel-good episodes are great for a quick watch every afternoon.”  -- Kayla C.




2. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


"Kimmy was rescued from an underground bunker after being kidnapped for 13 years. Now that she's out, she moves to NYC and tries to figure out the world. The series shows that life can be amazing as long as we have a great attitude and think positively." -- Shannon U.

3. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

"An adaptation of the book series. Even if you've never read the books, it's easy to follow. Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and his various aliases is a true gift."-- Caithlin P. 

4. Adulterers

"Tells the unexpected story of a husband who walks in on his wife cheating on him: on their anniversary. A suspenseful film that will keep you enticed the entire film." -- Lani A

5. Riverdale

"Think of it as the new PLL. Based on the Archie comics, Riverdale has a knock-out cast, great videography (it's dark and mysterious), never-ending plot twists, and so much drama!" -- Maryn L. 

"A dark high school drama that involves romance, violence, and teenage antics."-- Eugene A.

6. Dexter

"The O.G. serial killer show. It's one of those shows that I wish I hadn't already watched because I'm jealous of those who get to experience it for the first time! "-- Micki S.

7. Girlboss

"The true story of the former CEO of NastyGal, told through her challenging but hilarious first year running her company." -- Caroline S. 


8. Drinking Buddies 

"This is a great Saturday night movie that is both romantic and sad. Great for just-starting-out couples or "a little more than friends" type people"--Kayla C. 

9. The Crown


"I am obsessed. The perfect combination of historical reenactments and dramatized imaginings/assumptions of what went on in the Royal Family over the last century. It's a period piece but it doesn't feel stuffy or overly high-brow."-- Arianna J. 

10. Chewing Gum

"It's a coming of age story about a black British teen desperate to lose her virginity. She meets eccentric characters all along the way and, suffice to say, hijinks ensue."-- Tom M.

"A cringe-worthy yet humorous 30-minute series that stars a young British woman from a religious background who finally loses her virginity and gets a boyfriend. This show will have you crying tears of laughter from the beginning."-- Lani A. 


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11. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

"This show is anything but crazy. The humor is off the charts, the singing is fun and not overbearing and the show really gets you to wish that Rebecca gets her ex-boyfriend while not seeming crazy!" --Eugene A. 


12. What Happened to Monday

"Its an action pack thriller that's a little different from what I'm used to seeing.7 sisters pretend to be one person because in a futuristic society. Only one child is allowed to be born while the rest are put to sleep for a better future. One day their oldest sister goes missing, and it's up to them to find out what happened to her".-- Jamille J. 

13. Mindhunter

"A look at the team of people who started to figure out a pattern of killings that happened with no real motive. They coined the term serial killer and began to study what made them tick and why they do what they do. Binged it all in one night, no shame."-- Molly G. 

"If you're remotely into true crime and Mad Men, this is the show for you. While the show is a fictionalized version of the FBI's early forays into serial killer profiling (and takes place in the 70s), it grabs the pulse of a bicentennial American experience and says just as much about psychopaths as it does why we find them fascinating."-- Tom M.


14. American Vandal 

"An interesting fake-docuseries that gives a new perspective on documentary practices. It's a fun watch that you'll binge right though"-- Kayla C.

15. Dismissed


"It's a thriller film about an honors high school student who is obsessed with having perfect grades, and after getting a poor grade by his teacher he decides to destroy his life in every way possible."-- Brittany W.

16. The End of the F***ing World 

"Just recently came out - it's a VERY dark comedy-turned-tragedy, but a great watch for people who like shows that are a little twisted."-- Kayla C. 


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17. Merlin

"It's a unique adaptation as both Merlin and Arthur are much younger than how they are typically portrayed. It's full of magic and adventure and a great watch for anyone who's a fan of the original legend." -- Caithlin P. 


18. Breaking Bad

"The acting is phenomenal, the storyline is phenomenal, and there are plenty of seasons to keep you busy."-- Micki S. 

19. Peaky Blinders

"A dramatic and intriguing show about gangsters in England after the first world war."-- Caroline S. 


20. Black Mirror 

"If you want a show that simultaneously twists your mind, encourages you to stay away from technology, AND makes you cry, this show is perfect. Don't expect to get any sleep after watching it though."-- Samantha M. 

"A series where each episode feels like a mini-movie and each episode has a set of new characters and a new plot and story. It's very futuristic and explores what a super high technology world would look like, and the problems it brings."-- Brittany W. 

"Twilight Zone-esque anthology is that we have a skewed view of ourselves and world due to the technological lens with which we view things. Most of the episodes are high concept "what ifs" that take place the day after tomorrow and extrapolate what perfectly human inhumane thing may happen on our current path with media and digital tech."-- Tom M. 

21. GLOW

"This show about female wrestlers is funny and heart-warming who knew that these ladies could pile drive themselves into our hearts."-- Eugene A.


22. Pretty Ugly People

"I'd never heard of it even though there are several well-known actresses but I took a risk based on the reviews and I am seriously glad I did. It drags for the first half hour or so but then it starts taking twists and becomes completely gripping. One of the few movies described as taking unexpected turns that actually does."-- Arianna J.

23. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore


"A little quirky but it's attention-grabbing and overall a great watch."-- Micki S. 

24. Zumbo's Just Desserts

"So, I have an unhealthy obsession with everything that is sweet. The desserts they make is always eye-popping and jaw-dropping. It looks like something you'd see out of Willy Wonka. It's a cooking competition show".-- Jamille J. 


25. Stranger Things

"If you haven't seen this show yet, what are you doing with your life? Binge it straight through and get to experience what a true nightmare of the unexplained is... with a little 80s flare, of course."-- Samantha M. 

26. Turn: Washington's Spies

"A look into the ring of spies that worked under Washington during the revolutionary war. Fast paced, action packed. One of my favorites!This show is a gem, not very well known but absolutely amazing. Based on a novel called "Washington's Spies."-- Molly G. 


27. Chelsea Does 

"This is a show that focuses on hot-topic trending issues, but in a HILARIOUS, very real way. Highly recommend."-- Kayla C. 

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28. Dragons: Race to the Edge

"Anyone who's a fan of the "How to train your dragon" movies would love this! It's a continuation of the movies and it follows Hiccup and Toothless' adventures with all their friends, with new characters and villains to defeat." -- Caithlin P. 

29. Atypical

"This quirky show tells the coming of age story of a teen with autism, and all the lessons he learns along the way".-- Lani A. 


30. Narcos

"With a plethora of great film and TV about the "war on drugs", Narcos does the best job of investigating the real world personalities present for the days that drug dealers transitioned from mere bandits to multinational moguls."-- Tom M. 

31. A Girl Like Her


"If you need a good cry and enjoyed 13 Reasons Why, this is for you."-- Micki S. 

32. When We First Met

"Workaholics star, Adam DeVine, goes back in time to win his unrequited sweetheart except, it's not as easy as it may seem."-- Eugene A. 

"It combines love, comedy and time traveling all into one. The ending is a little expected, but I still love it for its comedy. It's about a lovesick guy going back to the past again, and again to try to win the girl of his dreams. Each time he fails harder than the last."-- Jamille J. 


33. Sleeping with Other People 

"This is a rom-com good for date nights. It's lighthearted but sincere."-- Kayla C. 

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34. Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

"A sequel to the cult classic, it's the perfect mix of stupid humor and absurdity, with an 80s feel and all your favorites from the original film".-- Samantha M. 


35. Parks and Recreation


"A hilarious show starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope while she helps run the Parks Department in Pawnee Indiana. The cast of characters on this show is beyond entertaining and the storylines will always make you laugh. For sure one of the funniest shows out there even outside of Netflix." -- Molly G. 


36. The Babysitter 

"This is a twisted date night movie. Half comedy, half horror - it's one of the unexpected best movies I've seen in years."-- Kayla C. 

37. The Returned 

"This mysterious thriller show is based on the French show The Returned. In the series people will die, come back to life; bringing awe and shock to their family, friends, and even the viewers."-- Lani A. 

38. Ozark

"You're probably already watching this "everyman in over his head/will do anything to save his family" narco-drama. But if you're not, it's worth the hour-long episodes if just for Laura Linney and Jason Bateman's turns as a shockingly capable yet highly dysfunctional wife-husband hellbent on surviving the consequences of past sins as they navigate between a betrayed cartel and possibly even more dangerous Mizzourah hillbillies."-- Tom M.   


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39. Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life 

"A great documentary on Chris Brown that's sure to spark great conversation and debate with your spouse or friends over the weekend."-- Kayla C.


40. Weeds


"A Showtime classic that has the comedy, action, suspense, and drama recipe down pat."-- Micki S. 

41. Voltron: Legendary Defender

"The heroes of Voltron don't just bash bad guys, they have real-life personalities that extend beyond wanting to fight."-- Eugene A. 

42. Deadly Women

"For Anyone who loves the Investigation Discovery Channel, this show is a gold mine of sex, revenge, and murder. You'll get to learn all about the gruesome deaths, perpetrated by vengeful women who were wronged."-- Samantha M.

43. New Girl

"A quirky gal moves in with three guys when they put an ad up on Craigslist. The four of them bond and go through growing pains of life as late twenty-thirty somethings. This show is HILARIOUS."-- Molly G. 


44. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

"I nearly died laughing at this. Two brothers just want to relax in their new vacation home. But they are accused of being murders by college kids. Things somehow turn hilariously bloody, because the college kids think they kid-napped their friend. There's also a bit of a love story."-- Jamille J. 

45. Chasing Coral

"The only documentary that has ever made me cry."-- Micki S. 


46. Altered Carbon


"It's a gritty sci-fi action/mystery set in a far-flung future in which genetic tampering, cloning and digitally uploading a "soul" into a new body have become de rigueur.  While the first few episodes are a little tedious in terms of world-building, it's worth sticking around."-- Tom M. 

47. Friends from College 

"This is a series for like late 20s early 30s aged couples... it's SUPER relatable and suits long-term couples"-- Kayla C. 


48. XX

"I thought the idea was interesting, and it reminded me of VHS. Its a four-part anthology of short horror films were all of the protagonists are female."-- Jamille J


49. Train to Busan

"A movie from South Korea and one of the most action-filled and dramatic zombie movies I've ever watched. It follows a group of passengers who have to survive and rely on each other when their train is hijacked by zombies. It's gore-y but you can't take your eyes off the screen for a minute."-- Caithlin P. 

50. Bates Motel


"This show had me addicted from the very first episode. It's a great story with creepy undertones. The actors are fantastic and I've been glued to my couch because I just can't stop watching. 100% recommend." — Kayla C.

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