Newly Released Netflix Originals Series To Watch In February 2018

Here's all the new shows to binge watch on Netflix during the month of February, 2018.

netflix original series to watch february new releases

Every month Netflix releases a month of new movie and series additions to their ever-expanding library. Although February is a short month, Netflix has not shorted its viewers on new material. From Netflix original series to big-box movie releases, February is going to be an exciting month for all things new.

Netflix has always been hit-or-miss with their content. You can end up watching a Stranger Things type of show that wins nominations and awards or you can end up with a show like Disjointed. If you don’t know what Disjointed is then you’ve just proved my point. 


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Not only is Netflix’s formula for creating content not entirely perfected but there are so many shows and movies to choose from there’s no way to find everything that’s been put out.

You can search and search but that does not guarantee you’ll find something worth watching. But we still pour our money into helping them create content just in case we get another Black Mirror or Atypical.

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The one very important activity that comes from Netflix is impressing your friends with the new series you found that could only blow them away. Of course, you want your friends to praise you for putting them onto a great new show.


Or you may want a new series to start with your lover so you can gossip about the character’s inability to lead a good life.

If you can find a show for all of your friends to binge watch together as a group you’ll create so many memories with them you’ll probably never forget that one Netflix series you all watched together. 


Here are the new shows for February, 2018:

1. Altered Carbon

If you like science fiction shows or shows that bend the laws of nature then this show is for you.

Altered Carbon is about a group of wealthy people who never die because they transfer their conscience into other bodies.

Freaky, right? Joel Kinnaman, the man with an extremely deep voice who ran against Francis Underwood in the Netflix series, House of Cards, is the main character.


He is a disgraced cop trying to solve a murder of a man who was revived and he has no memory about why he died in the first place.

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2. Coach Snoop

The idea of watching young children being coached by Snoop Dogg is enough reason to give this show a try. But, if you’re still a little skeptical then maybe knowing the whole reason behind this show is to help keep kids off the streets and doing something productive might pull at your heartstrings.


These kids are playing football in Snoop Dogg’s very own youth football league so not only will you see these kids live out their dreams but you’ll watch them grow into better people.

3. Queer Eye

This show shows the importance of keeping an open mind by having 5 gay men come together to meet with men in rural Georgia to help improve their lives.


Not only will they try to make them look better but their goal is to help these men feel better and accept life a little more.

Not only is this show going to be entertaining, the concept of watching grizzly men from the deep south accept 5 outspoken gay men can bring joy to those dealing with the burden of having to hide who they really are.

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4. Everything Sucks!

If you need a new teen comedy/drama look no further. Everything Sucks! is a show set in 1990’s Boring, Oregon.


The show’s main plot deals with students in high school in the A/V club and the Drama club taking on the adventure of a lifetime that is high school.

So, if you like awkward teen dramas to either relate to their problems or feel some nostalgia I would check this show out. 

5. Seven Seconds

A crime drama is always a good go-to for a new show to watch. Seven Seconds is about a black teenager who is killed and for some reason, the police try to cover it up.


Of course, this leads to others in the community leading their own investigation to expose the police.

Will they find justice or will the system silence them? I’m sure this series will be a heart-pacing, adrenaline pumping, gut-wrenching adventure.

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6. Ugly Delicious


What is a better way to break down cultural barriers and negative stereotypes than to use food?

Ugly Delicious is a show about chefs and activists all coming together to help people understand life a little more using the power of food.

If you love food and making people better through diversity then you should be very pleased with this show.

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