8 Best Health Food Documentaries To Stream On Netflix

Binge on these instead of that junk food you've been eyeing up.

8 Best Health Food Documentaries On Netflix

By Rachel Fendel

Whether you're a fitness junkie, professional couch potato, dedicated vegan, or somewhere in between, you'll be able to relate to one of these eight Netflix documentaries. Here's why: each film makes you stop and think about food from intriguing points of view. But not just in a "I'd do unthinkable things to eat this cronut on my Instagram feed right now"-type of mind frame. These documentaries make you see food from a new perspective; to some it's a lifestyle that encompasses all that they do, to others food has become their own personal demon.


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Each film is equally fascinating, informative, and worth pausing the current TV show binge you might be in the midst of.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documents the journey of Austrailian filmmaker Joe Cross as he loses 100 pounds. Typically cutting calories and exercise are the recommended means to achieve weight loss, but Cross decides to regain his life by only consuming juiced raw fruits and vegetables for 60 days. He takes the challenge on the road, meeting other individuals who are dealing with similar health issues associated with being overweight.


This documentary powerfully illustrates, across multiple subjects, the frustrations followed by intense willpower that accompany the choice to finally lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

2. Fed Up

What an eye-opener. So many people either get caught up in the number of calories or low-fat mentality when dieting. But Fed Up demonstrates that real villain in our diet is the sugar content. Our brain’s reaction to sugar is similar to that of cocaine or heroin — a sobering realization to say the least.

3. Soul Food Junkies

Macaroni, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, cornbread . . . are you salivating yet? Because this documentary had me at fried chicken. Soul Food Junkies explores the origin of soul food as well as its ongoing health implications in African American communities. The documentary's creator, Byron Hurt, discusses the high obesity rates within these communities, stating soul food is not the main culprit but possibly a contributing factor along with the lack of healthy foods option in many neighborhoods. Hurt goes on to discuss a new wave of chefs that can put a healthy spin on the food but still maintain that connection to the community.


4. Bite Size

This film is the only tearjerker of the bunch, so be prepared to be moved. Bite Size follows four teens, who have struggled with their weight for as long they can remember, as they develop healthy relationships with food.

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5. Food Inc.

Food Inc. cracks open the food industry and the massive corporations that control essentially every aspect of the food supply chain. To keep costs low, safety and health regulations are often overlooked, allowing unsafe products to be consumed and maltreatment of animals and the employees to occur. If you have the stomach for it, then definitely give this documentary a watch.


6. Super Size Me

Super Size Me follows a healthy man, director Morgan Spurlock, as he decides to only consume McDonald's for a month and film his journey. The end result is actually somewhat horrifying; he experienced shifts in mood, sexual dysfunction, internal damage to his liver, and obvious weight gain. This documentary definitely makes you rethink that next fast food pit stop.

7. Forks Over Knives

The message in Forks Over Knives is clear: a plant-based diet free of processed foods is necessary for optimal health. While it takes on some of the ethical principles of veganism, Forks Over Knives really focuses on the scientific proof that plant-based diets work best for our bodies.


8. Vegucated

Thinking about making the plunge into veganism? Vegucated is a documentary that showcases the benefits, struggles, and challenges of maintaining a strictly plant-based diet. Being a nonvegan myself, I found the film’s approach relatable in that it follows three individuals who are not vegan and the process to educate them. It was not only eye-opening in some circumstances, but also thought-provoking to consider this type of lifestyle and the positive benefits it can hold.

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