10 Eye-Opening Reasons Financial Cheating Is Way Worse Than Emotional Cheating

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emotional cheating

If you financially cheat on someone, you're scum.

When people think about cheaters, it’s usually along the lines of a person who has been sleeping with another person. We also might think of it along the lines of our partner talking to that friend that we “don’t have to worry about,” also known as emotional cheating.

However, there are other forms of cheating, some which have way more devastating results than just being unable to keep it in your pants. I’m talking about financial cheating, of course.

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Financial cheating occurs when a partner lies about their personal finance, takes money from their partner without telling them, or otherwise does something that basically puts their partner at risk of not making ends meet. It could be something along the lines of selling their gold necklace for spare cash, claiming that you’re saving up when you’re not, or even not being honest about budgeting.

I’m a firm believer that financial infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity, and that it should be treated as an instant dealbreaker. Here’s why.

1. Just like cheating, it’s a lie that involves resources not being dedicated to the person who’s pooling with you.

First, let’s be honest. If you’re financially cheating on someone, you are lying to them about your priorities. In emotional affairs, your partner is lying about prioritizing you on an emotional level.

With financial infidelity, the partner is lying about prioritizing your wellbeing and ability to put food on the table. In this sense, it’s just the same as emotional cheating.

2. In most cases, it’s not even lying — it’s forcing someone to pick up a tab they didn’t agree to.

Think about it for a second. When someone lies to you about whether or not they are holding up their end of the bills, they are putting you in jeopardy. In many cases, this often means that the person who’s being lied to will find out that they are on the hook for the other person’s bills. That’s low.

3. While emotional cheating is painful, it also doesn’t impact your livelihood and future the way financial cheating does.

When it’s a matter of emotional infidelity, your heart might break. However, you probably won’t have to worry about figuring out how you’re going to eat next month or how you’re going to be able to retire. Financial infidelity, on the other hand, will do that.

4. Financial infidelity dehumanizes you.

If you’ve ever been in the position where someone cheated on you in a financial way, you know what I mean. Financial infidelity means that your partner sees you as either a walking ATM or a leech. If they saw you as a person, they wouldn’t have done that.

5. This kind of cheating also literally says that they don’t care whether you starve or not.

Here’s the thing about financial infidelity: it’s a process that takes food out of your mouth. If someone’s lying to you about them keeping up their end of a relationship’s fiscal matters, they are putting you at risk of poverty or financial duress.

Doing that means that they don’t care about you, even if it means future you will starve.

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6. Unlike emotional infidelity, you can’t even find someone to be angry at aside from your partner.

Some people find coping with infidelity easier, simply because they can find someone else to blame. With fiscal infidelity? Not the case. You can’t point a finger at anyone but the person you’re dating, because it’s literally all their fault.

7. Did I mention it’s stealing?

If you’re dealing with financial infidelity, it’s a form of stealing from you. They are lying about money, potentially footing you with bills, and otherwise harming your ability to make ends meet.

No matter how you look at it, they are stealing something from you. Whether it’s actual money, an item they took away from you in order to pay for their own thing, or your future money, it’s still theft.

8. It also shows how little they think of you.

When you respect and care for someone, you want to help them out. They don’t care at all if they commit an act of financial infidelity, because they’re literally pushing you into dangerous territory.

9. You also can’t help feeling like you were played for a fool, primarily because you were.

The sad truth is that financial infidelity can only happen when one partner fools the other. If you’ve been played, it’s because your partner saw you for a gullible idiot.

10. It’s basically the ultimate form of selfishness.

When you bilk a lover out of money, you’re showing that you only care about yourself. It’s so selfish and disgusting an act, that you probably have to be sociopathic to do it.

As such, it’s way worse than cheating. After all, with cheating, you probably care at least a little about your partner.

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