25 Funny Happy Birthday Cards For Your Best Friend (That Will Make Her LOL)

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Your best friend's birthday is right around the corner. And when I say right around the corner, I meant its less than a week away. (Good thing these funny happy birthday cards can get shipped straight to your front door!)

Make your bestie LOL when opening her gift this year by giving her giggle-worthy happy birthday wishes to go with it. Because you two have a super close friendship, you can peg her sense of humor and pick a funny birthday card from this list that is sure to make your BFF smile.

Here are 25 funny happy birthday cards for your best friend that are guaranteed to make her birthday even better:

1. Veronica Dearly Let's Just Pretend This Was On Time Late Birthday Card

Asos.com, $5

Oh no, you actually did forget to plan ahead for her birthday this year! It's no big deal. If you get her this, maybe she'll think it was on purpose and praise your great sense of humor.

2. Tiffbits Unicorn Corgi Birthday Card

Urban Outfitters.com, $5.50

If your bestie is a fan of fun and whimsy, this funny birthday card is perfect for her! Who doesn't love a unicorn dog?

3. Tiffbits Go Corgi Birthday Card

Urban Outfitters.com, $5

Get something super cute to let your bestie know that you appreciate them. Remember don't call them short, it's called being fun-sized!

4. Fawn Paper Co Donkey Birthday Card

Urban Outfitters.com, $5.50

The perfect give for the sweet jerk in your life. Especially if they like donkey's.

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5. Corkscrew Fidget Spinner Birthday Card

Francescas.com, $5

Is random humor more of your cup of tea? This fidget spinner card is sure to make your bestie grin.

6. Bobs Burgers Butts Birthday Card


As any bob's burgers fans know loving them like Tina loves butts it's a hell of a lot of love to give. And it's a blank card which means you can write in your own hilarious words about how much your BFF rocks! 

7. American Greetings Funny Marshmallow Dreams Birthday 


This card is extremely adorable. You say it smells like marshmallows but my cat is a different story. 

8. Incorrect Password Card


Is your friend getting up there in age? This card will serve as a hilarious reminder!

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9.  Your Effing Birthday Greeting Card


Only the closest of friends are allowed to get this card. Or you both love cursing like sailors. 

10. Never Find Your Body Birthday With Envelope


When your bond is super tight, get this funny card. It comes in jumbo sizes.

11. Poop Birthday Card from Dog


I'm sure every dog owner would appreciate this. Funny, yet gross. I wouldn't let him near my cake!

12. Funny Yoga Card


This card lets her know that you're aware of what really goes down in yoga class. And what comes out.

13. Five Miles With Adult Humor


Is she obsessed with exercise? She'll love this adult joke birthday card. 

14. Everyone Kiss My A**


I've never seen words that rang so true. Your BFF will be happy that you understand her SO well.

15. Cat Lady Starter Kit


if your friend has been single for ages, might as well poke fun at her and get her started on the right path to being the best darn cat lady there is!

16. Women Touching Statue 


You know you want to do it, too. It's just so perfectly grabable. 

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17. Small Gang Letterpress Printed Birthday Card

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This is a cute little handmade card. Both you and your best friend make a cool mini-gang.

18. Bad Haircut Card


The last thing you want your to friend to do is to make bad decisions. This is the best warning I've ever seen!

19. 4 Out Of 5 People Sarcastic Joke


There won't be any misunderstands with a message like this.

20. Four Stages 30th Birthday Card


Is your friend going on 30? Well, good news for them! This card introduces them to all the stages of turning 30.

21. Holy Shit It's Your Birthday


Finally, a card that says what you were actually thinking. It's simple and to the point.

22. Letting Them Grow Out


Sometimes you need to go with the flow. And let your body do what nature intended it to do.

23. F#%king Fab


You have to let your bestie know that she's utterly fabulous at least once a year. After all, that's part of your BFF responsibilities!

24. Mob Birthday Card


Flash mobs are always fun! Especially if they're done right.

25. Another Birthday?! You Don't Act Any Older... Crazier, Maybe!


Just another year older. And another year crazier.

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