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25 Best Quotes By Poet Marc P. Robinson That Will Leave You Heartbroken & Inspired

Sometimes, it's easy to be more supportive of and loving to our friends and family than we are to ourselves. But love goes both ways, and no one knows that better than writer and Instagram poet, Marc P. Robinson. His poetry and quotes seem to reflect his deep understanding of how important it is to cherish love in all of its forms.

We all do it; we all have a hard time forgiving ourselves, loving ourselves, and picking ourselves up after getting knocked down and saying, “this will not define me.” 

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There are people out there who are dedicated to bringing this self-love and self-acceptance back into the world to inspire others. People like Marc P. Robinson, which he does through his amazing writing, poetry — and through his self-published poetry books, Sentimentalism (volumes 1-3).

He’s begun to master the art of two things.

First, acknowledging that love, support, and acceptance for yourself is HARD — and secondly, once you learn that caring for yourself and putting your own needs first doesn’t mean you can’t still make time for others, you can conquer pretty much anything life throws your way.

Robinson was born and raised in London, England, where he eventually started writing at age 15 – but he didn’t always know he wanted to be a writer; it just kind of fell into his lap.

But even after writing his first poem, it took him awhile to actually pick up writing and stick with it. For Marc, writing poetry was his release for all the things he had trouble sharing with others, whether that was emotions he was feeling or thoughts he was having.

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So, if you’re ever in need of an inspiration fix or just a reminder to live your own life, do your own thing, and always make room for self-love and self-acceptance, Marc P. Robinson’s poetry is the way to go.

1. Learn to forgive yourself again and again.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

“Whether he knew it or not, the life he lived was his penance. Punishing himself, for what he believes are his sins. Consciously or subconsciously, he creates the world he lives in. Never believing that he is deserving happiness, deserving joy. His self-destructive nature, in his eyes, and his eyes only, is justified. Everyone is deserving absolution, but he needs to understand, that he is the only one able to forgive himself.” – Marc P. Robinson

2. Dare to find love again, even when your heart has been broken.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"You are a constant. Forever in my mind; forever in my heart. It seems that most matter how much I try I can’t get rid of you. You are a thorn, stuck in deep; painful to remove, and even when I do, still I’ll bleed and feel the soreness. It will take time, but it will heal. No matter the pain, I will still dare to pick roses.” – Marc P. Robinson


3. Face adversity with a smile on your face. You got this.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"It’s not the adversity, but how you face it.” – Marc P. Robinson


4. Break free from the chains you place on yourself.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"When it comes to the story of my heart, I am the villain, locking it away; denying its right be free. The chains are tight, restricting its growth; long enough to see through the window of opportunity, but the only escape it has, is via the pen. Why do I deny myself the opportunities? I know it comes from a place of protection, but also of fear. I think my heart has grown a resentment because of this betrayal, and has decided, enough is enough.” – Marc P. Robinson


5. Stay true to who you are, no matter what.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"There are those that are void of all mercy, but when it comes the time that they are on their knees, they plead for it. Those that were born with the art of deception, never sincere with their words or actions. But mercy is not theirs to take, only for you to give. Never compromise your standards, your beliefs and become like the ones who you are fighting against, but stay resolute to who you are.” – Marc P. Robinson


6. Forgive everyone – including yourself. Always yourself.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"I always forgive others. The anger; sadness; frustration; pain, whatever feelings I felt, no matter the hurt; the tears, I always found understanding and reason to forgive them; to not hold onto it; to not resent them. But there is one, who I never seem to be able to give absolution, and that’s myself.” – Marc P. Robinson


7. Don’t get caught up in how much farther you have to go, but don’t ignore how far you’ve come.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Every time I think I have reached the peak, I look up and see I still have a ways to go. But I look back and see just how far I have come.” – Marc P. Robinson

8. Get uncomfortable: speak what’s in your heart.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"For too long I have silenced my heart, that now, when I give it the opportunity to speak, it no longer remembers its voice. Locked away, it forgot what it’s like to be free; to roam. Imprisoned within loneliness, I fear Stockholm syndrome has developed.” – Marc P. Robinson


9. Be better, be happy, and always be you.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson 

"What drives me to be who I am, to do all that I do, is not what words will be engraved for my epitaph. What drives me to be who I am, to do what I do, is not vanity, is not for adulation in the eyes of others. What drives me is my own desire to be better; to be happy. When I am dead and buried, the words above will not bring me back to life, I choose to live out my epitaph, and not just for it to be a collection of words someone has chosen to define me.” – Marc P. Robinson

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10. Find your boat and sail to calmer waters.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"I want to be free; to escape. I use my pen as oars; the paper as my boat. I fill these pages to keep me afloat. I ride the waves of turmoil, so I can paddle away to calmer seas.” -Marc P. Robinson

11. No matter how others see you, you are still YOU.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"I was the same old me. Just like the Moon yesterday. But because of all the other factors that came to play, the darkness, the brightness, the blood red color. They all were a reflection, a projection due to the perfect set of circumstances. The Moon was still the Moon. But it was still labeled the Super Blue Blood Moon, Just so we can have some understanding, but, again I’ll state, the Moon was still just the Moon, just like I was still just me. Whatever you project on me, and I reflect back, doesn’t then make me become a new person, it’s just a reflection of your projection. I am still just me.” – Marc P. Robinson

12. Thrive in the life you have, take the good with the bad.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"With all the doubt, with every worry, with all the negativity that I mistook for honesty, it kept me blinded. Lying for so long, I fooled myself in believing it to be my reality. And living in that world, it was my reality. Like when the lights come on, or when the curtains are drawn back, the shock of the clarity, meant I had to adjust to the new world I was witnessing. An honest; good with the bad, world, that I can thrive and grow in.” – Marc P. Robinson

13. Have a little faith in yourself. Now, have a little bit more.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Why is that others have so much faith in me, while I have so little? Why can’t I have the same belief in me that they have? Why can’t I see in myself, what they do? What is it that makes me, hold myself back? How many more hurdles do I need to overcome? There are so many questions that I have to find the answers to. And I will only find them by focusing and being completely honest with myself.” – Marc P. Robinson

14. Speak loving words to yourself and don’t be afraid to share them with others; you are deserving of love.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Why do the words I want to say, struggle to come out of my mouth. Why does fear have such a grip over me. I shouldn’t have to battle to say all the complimentary things I so desperately want to share. It shouldn’t be this hard, that I have to force myself; it’s wrong that such loving words, should have to be spoken under such duress. I’m aware of how wrong it is, but withholding is all I have known, even though I desire so badly to share my thoughts and feelings with you, as freely as you do with me.” – Marc P. Robinson

15. You may break, but teach yourself to never give up.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Broken, like a mosaic, I am pieced together. I am still a piece of art, though I may not be fully appreciated by all, the ones that see the beauty, are the ones who have the understanding; gained through experience, that to break, doesn’t mean to give up.” – Marc P. Robinson

16. Don’t forget to admire the view on the journey up your mountain of self-discovery.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Ahh, that mountain of self-discovery. Every time you have reached the summit, the clouds clear and you see there is still a ways to go. Don’t look up with thoughts of despair; thinking how much further do I have to go?! Take a moment and look back to see how far you have come. Don’t lose sight of your accomplishments, and focus on the continued commitment to self-discovery and development.” – Marc P. Robinson

17. Free yourself from your fears.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Be free. Resign your fears.” – Marc P. Robinson

18. Love yourself as much as you love others. And then double it.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"I have never had trouble to love others, but loving myself was difficult. For years I didn’t like myself, so how could I love myself. It has taken time, and still there is a way to go, but I can say, not only do I like myself, but also care about myself enough to start loving myself too.” – Marc P. Robinson

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19. Acknowledge your past and let it guide your future.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"They say that history repeats itself, so if you don’t learn from the past you will make the same mistakes. So I have become an archaeologist of my own history. Digging up what has long since been buried, exhuming those forgotten fragments. Trying to distinguish what is real from folklore, trying to gain understanding, rather than relying on myths.” – Marc P. Robinson

20. NEVER compromise your own individuality to gain acceptance from others.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Always seeking acceptance from others, searching for belonging. Striving for individuality, yet wanting to fit in. Never understanding that acceptance for one’s own individuality make all of that redundant.” – Marc P. Robinson

21. Take the broken shards of your dreams and create a mosaic of success.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"Your dreams may have shattered, but that doesn’t mean they are over. They can still be turned into a mosaic of success.” – Marc P. Robinson

22. Those who stay by your side, no matter how bad it gets, are the ones you want in your life.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"It’s the ones that stayed after the Exodus, that I knew were real and could handle the truth; that would stay with me on my journey, for better or worse.” –Marc P. Robinson

23. Don’t let the loss of an old romance stop you from finding a new romance.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"When the romance is gone, if it’s always you left searching for it, maybe it’s time to stop looking, and start searching for someone new, and start a new romantic journey.” – Marc P. Robinson

24. Recognize that YOU are a masterpiece.


Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"My love for you was like a poem I wrote; one that I disregarded as average. Torn out, thrown away to the rubbish heap, waiting; wishing to be picked up and appreciated by someone else, for the masterpiece that it is.” – Marc P. Robinson

25. Throw your question out into the universe, but be the one who takes the first step to finding the answer.

Instagram: marc.p_robinson

"I look up at the universe and ask, ‘What are you trying to teach me here?’ I know I won’t hear a reply, but asking the question, makes me begin looking for the answer.” – Marc P. Robinson

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