6 Alluring Short Love Poems To Nourish Your Partner's Heart And Soul

Poetry is meant to feed the soul.

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What language moves the soul and a river of love in us? How do you express the deeper longings and feelings?

What to say, when the beauty of waking in your lover’s arms fills you with delirious joy or when your heart is shattered into a thousand pieces from a betrayal and you feel like drowning in sorrow without end? And what words can ignite your spark on a dreary, foggy day?

Poetry. Reading it can offer inspiration and solace, or you take a pen and write what you cannot express in the usual ways. It can be wonderfully surprising what emerges from within you, and often a self-written or read-out-loud poem, which captures what you feel, speaks far more to your friend or mate than expensive gifts. A good poem is like a feast on our table — it nourishes the soul and our relationships.


Since ancient times, poetry has been the language that surpasses the limitations of the mind, culture, and conditioning. It’s the language of the soul, one we have cast to the sidelines in our modern world. But, great poetry can catapult us into timeless truth, and it resonates with people of diverse backgrounds, heritage, and country equally. Poetry can reach us at the very core of our being, connecting us in a deeper way to love. I started writing early in life, living with a pen in my pocket and spilling ink on my hands. When I did not feel understood in the world, I wrote. When wracked with grief, my best poems showed up. And when I felt overtaken by love, I just couldn’t stop the flow, even while driving a car.


Sometimes, I open a book and let a poem inspire me for the day, or I find the answer I had been searching for and receive guidance and help. A poem may be simple, but its purity can open and touch what is beyond words, which feels like home, like a silent lake, filling you with peace in troubled times. And you can snuggle up with your partner, friend, or mate and read poems to each other on a stormy night with a crackling fire, or while camping under the starlit sky. Writing or reading one poem every day can certainly awaken in you the love and connection you have been searching for in life. Enjoy a taste of poetry right now.

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Here are 6 best short love poems to nourish your heart and soul:

1. "You are okay, friend...just as you are...and where you are right now."

You are okay, friend,

Just as you are,


And where you are right now.

You may shake your worried head.

But anything else

Will only get you

In such painful trouble

That it will be

Hard to find

Your way home


2. "Let your hand reach out...to touch with simple kindness..."

Let your hand reach out

To touch with simple kindness

Straight from your heart,

And both of you will be fed

By this One Love.

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3. "So let love carry you...into the greatest rest..."

So let Love carry you

Into the greatest rest.

Oh, in Love, dear one,

Come and make your nest.

For, sure, sweet one,

You have tasted by now

What unties all the knots in your soul. 

4. "We are all marked...with wounds of this human life..."

We are all marked

With wounds of this human life.

Soften and open.

It is not so bad

To taste pain and joy.

Trust, Love heals

What cannot be made whole

By medicine of any other kind.

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5. "Only one drop...of pure love...is the cure..."

Only one drop

Of pure Love

Is the cure

That ends


The pain

Of an entire lifetime!

6. "Me and you' has no meaning...in the place where we meet..."

"Me and you" has no meaning

In the place where we meet,

In such holy and natural

Union as this. 

Your hair woven into mine

Eyes, and lips touch the deeper river.

You could call it: Us.

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Nicola Amadora is a speaker, spiritual teacher, Hakomi therapist, leadership and relationship educator and consultant, women's coach, and author.