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25 Quotes By Instagram Poet Jo Boniszewski Will Inspire You To Rid Your Life Of Negativity

Isn't it so easy to get caught up in all the negativity of life sometimes? And what's even easier than letting yourself get caught up in all the negativity in today's world is using negativity to fuel your relationships.

That's where the best quotes and poems by Instagram poet, writer and transformational coach, Jo Boniszewski, come in.

We're all guilty of being too negative at time, including me. It's so easy to just complain about the bad things and totally overlook the good things.

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But why do we do these things to ourselves? Is it really so bad to look on the bright side of things? No, it's not! And sometimes, changing our outlook on life to be more positive IS easy, we just need a little inspiration.

Reading Jo Boniszewski's poems feels like you've been given a completely new mindset about life and love; that no matter what happens. There is always a way to turn around and find your happiness again.

She posts beautiful poems on her Instagram about life and love, yes, but it also feels like advice that touches your soul.

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And if you think that people are crazy when they say that kindness and happiness are contagious, then maybe you're the crazy one because reading Jo's poetry makes me believe that it is.

Love is beautiful and life is full of potential, and while love might not last and life gets difficult and scary, always, always see the world with those rose-colored glasses on and live it with a full heart.

Life is short; tomorrow is a new day, so let yourself be happy and stop complaining.

Go out and get what you want instead of choosing to focus on the negativity because you're worth SO much more than a just a little happiness.

1. Appreciate the world around you.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

“The sky was the color of hard crimson, dripping down a canvas, the moon splashed silver across red. Her soothing balm healing my soul in swathes of calmness, I breathe in her tides and let my body be washed ashore, lying in the sands of eternity.” – Jo Boniszewski 

2. Tell yourself that life is good and believe it.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

“With a burst of joy, my heels sprout wings, smile dancing. My heart sings like a bird caged, set free to soar, senses heightened like never before. Life. Is. Good.” – Jo Boniszewski 

3. Get comfortable with your fears and use them to your advantage.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

“The time has come to shed this skin. Its cloying inconvenience doesn’t fit me anymore. My new attire strikes color, shine, shadow, makes noise, and may put your teeth on edge. Tough sh--. Get used to it. I’m inviting you to step into your fear and dance with life.” – Jo Boniszewski 

4. Treat each new day as a fresh start.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

“Lilac anemone, paper petals, turning tentatively to face a pale sun opening to reveal a lightness of being, a flash of gold, a fresh resilience, contented silence, the dawn of a new day.” – Jo Boniszewski 

5. Finding true love is like listening to your favorite song over and over.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

“Your fingers caress my heart strings, shaping a silent sonnet in notes of love. Transcending space and time, bathing the ether in perfect harmony.” – Jo Boniszewski 

6. Look on your past with fondness rather than with hatred.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"The gap that’s opened I’m filling with fairy dust, hues of the heart and a joy for life what was… I invite to exit right quietly, in shades of black and white.” – Jo Boniszewski 

7. You are perfect.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"You are perfect. An exquisitely fine work of art, labor of love, suspended in silence. Bejeweled, trembling, kissed by a breeze, mesmerized by your beauty. You await in silence, beckoning me to a silken-wrapped slumber.” – Jo Boniszewski 

8. Being one with the earth is like being full of love and inspiration.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"I am the flame, electric blue, lightening, razor-like, renewing my spirit. Heart beating in time to the earth’s rhythm and expanse of black ink sky, overreaching eternal. My fingertips spark with seeds of creation, fireworks coloring canvas, beckoned by this light that lifts me.” – Jo Boniszewski 

9. I can be my best AND be a beast.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"You bring out the be(a)st in me. Polarized tension, a raw slash of claw, swathed softly in love. A peace of my mind in tumultuous chaotic razor-sharp clarity, impulsive wit to wisdom, mixing addictive shots of cocktail emotions in a full-spectrum experience.” – Jo Boniszewski ​

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10. Life might hurt, but it makes you feel alive.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"If it matters, it will hurt like knives or wrap and lift you in the most immeasurable joy. Or both. One thing is certain, you will feel intensely alive.” –Jo Boniszewski 

11. Awaken your soul and go after what you want.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"Wake up, lift your head, open your eyes, and dream. Gaze softly into your heart’s whispers. Notice the pull of your belly and that which makes you come alive. Let your soul speak, beckoning you to embark on that one voyage you can no longer let lie.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​12. Love and be love.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"In this magical hour, as the black ink sky fades to forget-me-not grey and the Cyprus trees emerge from the shadows, I tune in to my heart. In clarity, I choose to step into freedom to bring lightness of being and to be love.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​13. You don’t have to know where you’re going in life, but remember to always keep your eye on the destination.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"Your path will unfold as you walk it, step by step, each one a choice. Be mindful of where you put your feet; sometimes you will step on something sharp. This is a lesson; pay attention. Sometimes you will walk on soft green grass and you will stop and stay awhile. Enjoy those moments. Keep your eyes and heart on your destination and discover your way, one step at a time.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​14. Allow yourself to be soft and heal.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"Softness has such a power to it. When you choose to soften into something, it relaxes, opens, tension releases. Stuck energy flows like blood coursing through veins, bringing much needed oxygen. Life force and warmth enters, connection is rekindled. Find the trust you need to allow softness in; it really is healing.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​15. Let yourself love until the very end.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"’Stay with me,’ he said, ‘until the sun goes out, the seas are parched, and the wind draws its last breath.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​16. Let yourself get lost in your mind.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"She stepped out barefoot on to the grass, her soul naked, sun beating to her heart’s rhythm, bathing her skin. In her mind, she had already escaped.” –Jo Boniszewski 

​17. Love is magnetizing.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"She was taken by surprise at quite how breathtaking the twinkle in her eyes was. She listened and watched attentively, magnetized. As butterflies danced on her lips, her own stomach felt butterflies.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​18. Find peace in the people you love.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"Resting at your shore fills me with a peace, as if I’ve always been here. My cells resonating with the element of you, boundaries diffuse as one.” –Jo Boniszewski 

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​19. Look up at the stars and let the world take your breath away.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"Standing beneath this immense, bejeweled, star-spangled dome, breathing in its life, boundaries fall away, possibilities open up and my wings unfold. And I thought that you were the one who was the angel.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​20. Carry your past with you; it’s an important part of who you are.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"All those moments are alive in us today. We may not visit them anymore, very often, but we carry them in our DNA, our blood, our bones; informing the breadth and beauty of who we now are; our lesson to be lived.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​21. Learn from your heart, your mind, your soul.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"This body of mine is my teacher. This heart of mine, my guide. My dear head struggles to make sense of it all whilst my hands gently remind me to trust and let go.” – Jo Boniszewski 

22. Longing for something that has disappeared can be hard to let go.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"It’s like something shifted when I spoke to you, I can’t even put words to it. This sense of gentle peace, space, lightness, freedom. The realization that the longing I carried for so long, that pain was not about him all along. It was the yearning to return to that place from which, once upon a time, we all came.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​23. Look up at the sky. Let it soothe you and still your heart.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"I am a sky gazer. The sky, it pulls at me. Its amazing eternal expanse of breathtaking beauty calls me back to my senses, stretches my awareness, soothes my eyes, opens my heart, stills me. I feel a soft soul longing to be up there, in the vastness, amongst the clouds that are alive and billow and skud and glow; metamorphosing from perfection into perfection. A constantly changing canvas brushed by magic.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​24. The connections you have with the people you love most are always the strongest and deepest.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"The connection between us runs so strong and deep. It’s like a steel cable stretching across the ocean bed, so many fathoms below, that even the most skilled and courageous of deep sea divers cannot reach it to cut it. It remains strong, silent, invisible, invincible.” – Jo Boniszewski 

​25. Shattered dreams can always be put back together again in a beautiful way. All is not lost.

Instagram: joboniszewski_writer

"You sold me a dream and it shattered. I didn’t know how to put it back together again. So instead, I’m lovingly gluing those fragments anew with seams of gold, creating a vibrant new dream, rendering the broken strong and more than ever, breathtakingly beautiful.” – Jo Boniszewski 

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