20 Inspirational Quotes By Instagram Poet Alfa To Help You Heal

Photo: Instagram: Alfa.poet
Inspirational Quotes Instagram Alfa Poet

Shake off the shackles. Set yourself free.

On Instagram, there is a poet who is capturing the attention of many with her poems. From the porch of her Kentucky home, a mindful poet delves into creation as what’s now known as one of the most inspiring, authentic, and soul awakening poetry series today. 

She goes by the Instagram pen name, Alfa.Poet.

She uses her life stories as poetry on Instagram to make the world a better place. Alfa is a powerful, vibrant woman whose experience with love, loss, heartache, and friendship revealed into transformative beautiful bodies of work that provide inspiration, comfort, and wisdom to readers all over the world. People love her.

Alfa loves to share her poems on Instagram, where she has a fanbase of over 80,000 followers.

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She stays busy. In addition to her poems, she does other forms of writing. She's even published her own book, Abandoned Breaths, where she describes and relives the honest pains that stem from her experiences with heartache and loss.

So often we find ourselves unable to verbally speak of the most significant moments of our lives. Finding words to match feelings is exactly what Alfa does best. Alfa’s words are tasteful, colorful, and truthfully depict the realities that so many people face.

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Look to 20 of Alfa's most inspiring poems to make you feel motivated, creative, and allow you to reflect on some of your own experiences.

What was your purpose for waking up today?
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"If I told you how I got this way... you would marvel that I got up today." 


You can't forget to take out the trash
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"When you're lost and you need to find yourself... You have to de-clutter. Throw out all the garbage taking up space in your life. You're there. You're just hidden under years of emotional hoarding."


Don't let negativity bring you down
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"I have reached a point of no return. I will not put up with negativity from others in any shape or form. I cannot handle people bashing what they disagree with or hate. My empathetic nature and deep seated anxiety absorbs the emotions around me. Be they good or bad... and I can no longer handle anything that darkens my spirit. If it's on the Radio or TV, it gets turned off. If it's on the Internet, I scroll past. If it's out of a humans mouth, I distance myself. I choose to promote what I love. To absorb love. To become love... and thereby project love."


Who would you ride out a storm for?
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"I acted a besotted fool. Even now, years later, I look back with focused eyes, and I see the destruction that I willingly took on. I was warned to leave. To batten down the hatches and walk away. Yet I chose to stay, and to endure...to ride out the storm in you."


Love will heal all your wounds

"We seek the 'temporary' to stitch together our wounds, and 'salves' to cover our hurting hearts. But the only bandage that can stop pain...is Love. Love is the universal medicine."


Sometimes happiness can only be found through suffering
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"She deserves better than anything she has suffered through, and it took a lot of 'suffering through,'...before she accepted better, and that's okay. She made it."


The best thing you can do for yourself is to be YOU
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"I gave up worrying what others think about me...I lived in the shadows, with an overwhelming need to shine FOR them...It got me NOWHERE. It censored my life; My gifts and talents. If you have to give 'pause' while expressing who you are, then most likely, you are limiting yourself because of others opinions. Shake off the shackles. Set yourself free. Be you. The world needs you."


There's a viking out there for everyone
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"I never needed a Man. I needed a Viking. I needed someone who wasn't afraid of my strengths or by my needs. I chose wrong in the past. I thought I had to settle for laid-back... Mild mannered. Easy going. I thought I had to find someone who could put up with my hunger for life. But I was so damn wrong... I needed a Viking. I needed someone who would admire all the things about me that tepid men were intimidated by."


Keep your garden watered, and someone is sure to notice it
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"He saw the gardens of her soul...wild, unruly, and blooming like crazy. And he fell in love with the scent of her survival."

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It really is okay to cry
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"There is nothing more dangerous than a woman who can no longer weep."


Sometimes silence really does speak
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"And you know when she's had enough -- She sighs so deeply, you feel the heartbeat in the room evaporate. And when it's quiet...you run for cover."


They say how you feel about yourself is reflected through how you treat others
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"I hope by now that you realize, I'll never be one of those that have to tear others down in order to build myself up."


Can you really stop loving someone entirely?
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"...and I want you to know that just because you chose to walk away from me, doesn't mean you took your love with you."


If they don't accept you, walk away
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"And I always wonder if my words would have made a difference. But more than that -- I ask myself if I would have wanted someone who I had to 'convince' to accept me."


Only you can prevent forest fires
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"Fate controls who walks into your life. We might not wield the initial spark... But we choose whether or not to ignite. We choose who we let stay and who we allow to go. We ultimately choose who we cling to. But make not mistake: The caretaking of the fire is always in OUR hands -- and careless handling has a way of creating raging forest fires." 

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People are never really actually gone, are they?
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"It's always the ones who are no longer in your life that you find yourself reserving a place in your heart for."


Choose your battles wisely, they say
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"She wore a sparkle in her eye because she had fought the universe... and won."


To truly live, you must be in touch with the world around you
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"I am a collection of every atom that has touched my skin. I have absorbed the pulse of the Universe."


Your words and actions really do matter
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"My heart is stained by everyone who recklessly spilled their contents." 


Once again, silence speaks
Photo: Instagram: alfa.poet

"Never make the mistake of thinking a quiet soul is an empty one."

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