If He Does These 7 Things, Bad News: He's 'Caspering' You

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If He Does These 7 Things, Bad News: He's 'Caspering' You

Could be worse.

Okay, real talk. By now, we all know what ghosting is: when the guy you're dating just disappears without a trace. You thought everything was going smoothly, but in reality, your relationship was going nowhere — fast. It's almost as if he turned into a real-life invisible man. You can't find him anywhere, and you start to think that your relationship never existed. 

It hurts when someone you thought may have cared about you just walks out of your life without a trace. To make things worse, new modern dating trends have followed. Think: zombieing, breadcrumbing, and now? Caspering.

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Instead of him disappearing entirely like he would if he ghosted you, he tries to end the relationship on friendlier terms. They will let you down gently. He will be more empathic to your feelings which of course is better than just disappearing completely. Caspering can even help boost your confidence and help your dating game if your date lets you know why he doesn't want a relationship. Check out the signs he's caspering you.

1. He answers your texts with short sentences.

He actually takes the time to reply to your messages, which is great, but he only answers in short sentences or even just one word. You could be typing paragraphs to him, but he'll always just barely reply. He's trying to be nice, but when a guy is interested, he'd be trying to keep the conversation going, not end it. 

2. He never has time to actually hang out.

You want to schedule another date but he is always so danged busy! He has other plans when you're free or makes up some lame excuses. He's doesn't want to let you go completely or is afraid to tell you how he really feels.

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3. He points out guys who'd be good for you.

He mentions how his friends (or any guy who isn't him) would be a perfect match for you. If a guy is always trying to get you to notice other men, it isn't a good sign. He's trying to let you know in a friendly way that he isn't interested. 

4. If you're together at an event or party, he is never around.

You share a friend group and often end up at the same events. You know for a fact that he is there, but you can never seem to find him. Even when you spot him, he's reluctant to greet you. But will still do it to be on friendly terms. He may need more time to let you know he isn't interested.

5. You always contact him first.

Yes, you talk, but you have the feeling that if you stop contacting him, that would be the end of your relationship. The amount of his interest is neutral, and it will most likely stay that way. 

6. You have a gut feeling that says; he's not interested in a relationship.

Your intuition can be a powerful tool for knowing when a person is just trying to let you down gently. Subconsciously, you pick up on these things. It can be the way they treat you — like you're just one of the guys. His body language could always be negative. Always trust your intuition. It may not be telling you what you want to hear, but it will always tell you what you need to know.

7. He's actually told you (nicely) that he's not into you.

Instead of disappearing completely, he will finally tell you in a friendly way that he just isn't into you. He will explain to you why he doesn't want to date you, being very considerate of your feelings and emotions. You might even get more direction when it comes to what goes wrong with your dates.

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