25 Funny Mindy Kaling Quotes About Flaunting Your Stuff, Imperfections & OwningYour Hot Mess

She's got a lot to say, so get ready to listen.

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes Tweets

Who is Mindy Kaling? She is an American actress, writer and comedian who is best known for her award-winning work on The Office and her more recent Hulu original show, The Mindy Project.

Kaling has also written a screenplay (called Matt & Ben, which is what got her discovered), two books and has played several supporting roles in various hit movies. The 39-year-old actress got started on the hit sitcom, The Office, in 2005 as a writer, producer and actress (playing the role of Kelly Kapoor).


Mindy Kaling has made way for women, especially women of color, in Hollywood. She has been the first woman of color to create, executive produce and star in her own television series.

Mindy influences all women everywhere by being hardworking, open about her flaws, supremely confident and absolutely hilarious.

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Recently, the reported workaholic has taken a bit of a break from her many projects to commit some time to motherhood. On December 15th, 2017, Kaling gave birth to her first child, Katharine Swati Kaling.

According to People Magazine, Katharine’s middle name, Swati, is in honor of Kaling’s mother who she lost to pancreatic cancer in 2012. Though, according to ET online, Kaling has still not confirmed who Katharine’s father is.

Since her daughter’s birth, Kaling has been taking maternity leave from all of her projects. However, Kaling has recently been spotted out on a “mom’s night out” without makeup. Go new mom!

Mindy will be appearing as Mrs. Who in the movie adaption of A Wrinkle in Time, due to be released March 9th of this year. Something to look forward to!


Variety Magazine reported that Kaling has signed on to be the executive producer of two new comedy projects for NBC in the future: “Venice Beach Venture” and an untitled project from Lang Fisher.

Regardless of whether we want to admit it or not, celebrities have a lot of influence on society. Mindy Kaling’s influence teaches us a lot about what it means to be confident in who we are and what it means to have a fantastic work ethic while maintaining a great sense of humor.

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In honor of Mindy’s awesomeness, I have collected our picks of the top Mindy Kaling quotes, funny memes and relatable tweets for your enjoyment. I hope you find her as funny and inspiring as I do.


1. You got to love a girl who isn’t afraid to eat.

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes

“I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food— I want everything.” — Mindy Kaling

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2. She has a good sense of humor while taking care of her body.

“I, by the way, run and workout. It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby woman.”  Mindy Kaling


3. Having an overactive imagination is great for exercise.

“I have to pretend, when I run, that I’m like avenging the murder of like, my husband.”  Mindy Kaling

4. She knows everyone should be confident. 

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you don’t got it? Flaunt it.”  Mindy Kaling

5. Be confident, even on low-maintenance days.

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes


“I’m adorable. I look like Keira Knightley running errands.”  Mindy Kaling

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6. She’s real about the struggles women face when hooking up.

“I guess nothing puts a damper on a one-night stand as much as your friend pointing out all the opportunities where you might have been killed.”  Mindy Kaling

7. She speaks about the issue of being a woman of color honestly.

“I always get asked, ‘where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting. Because what it means to me is, ‘you, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person. You’re not skinny, you’re not white, you’re a woman. Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?’”  Mindy Kaling


8. I feel ya, girl!

“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.”  Mindy Kaling

9. She owns her body type. 

“I am not overweight. I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.”  Mindy Kaling

10. Mindy is the feminist leader we all need. 

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes

“Far too many women are much more hurt by being called fat or ugly than they are by being called stupid, or not a leader.”  Mindy Kaling


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11. She’s positive. 

“What I’ve noticed is that almost no one who was a big star in high school is also a big star later in life. For us overlooked kids it’s so wonderfully fair.”  Mindy Kaling

12. Work it, girl!

“If I’m going to be a mess, I may as well be a hot mess.”  Mindy Kaling

13. She’s unabashedly confident and spunky.

“I don’t have any [weaknesses], a**hole.”  Mindy Kaling

14. She’s real.

“Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.”  Mindy Kaling

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15. When her confidence and love of food morphs into her writing.

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes


“You’re a warrior, and your warrior name is Beyonce Pad Thia.”  Mindy Kaling

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16. She’s honest about her flaws.

“I hate moderation. I either want to be a monk or a Baz Luhramann movie, but nothing in between.”  Mindy Kaling

17. When she made a joke about love and commitment.

“Love means never having to say ‘hey, are we dating?’”  Mindy Kaling

18. She’s a go-getter.

“Write your own part.”  Mindy Kaling

19. She’s willing to say what we’re all thinking.

“Hell is going to a friend of a friend’s birthday party.”  Mindy Kaling


20. Mindy teaches us to be brave.

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes

“Some people feel uncomfortable around women who don’t hate themselves. So that’s why you have to be a little bit brave.”  Mindy Kaling

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21. That other time her confidence and love of food snuck into her writing.

“I am one of the few people who looks hot eating a cupcake.”  Mindy Kaling

22. She’s the feminist example all females need. 

“I love women who don’t ask, ‘is that OK?’ after everything they say.”  Mindy Kaling

23. She summed up how football haters feel during the Super bowl.

“The menu for my super bowl get-together is so good it will make up for not knowing anything about the teams and talking loudly throughout the entire game.”  Mindy Kaling

24. She embraces her imperfections. 

“I don’t want my tombstone to say, ‘She hid her imperfections well on the red carpet.’”  Mindy Kaling


25. When she pinpoints the struggle of being attracted to jerks.

Mindy Kaling Quotes Funny Memes

“My body is very attracted to your body. But when you speak, my brain gets angry.”  Mindy Kaling

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