5 Mistakes To Avoid After You've Been Cheated On (No Matter How Heartbroken You Are)

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how to move on from cheating

You're making your pain even worse.

Being cheated on is never fun, so why make your life even more miserable by committing mistakes that you’ll regret for years to come?

It is never easy to figure out how to get over being cheated on. The pain and anger can make you let go of your emotions, common sense, and dignity. But you should do your best to avoid letting this take control of your life so you can finally understand how to move on.

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Here are 5 mistakes you should always avoid after finding out your partner has been cheating on you. Only then can you truly begin to heal.

1. You blame yourself for his actions.

It is never your responsibility when your partner decides to cheat on you. It is your partner’s decision, and whatever else you two may have going on is not reason enough to justify cheating.

Sure, you may have your differences, you may not have been the perfect partner, or things between the two of you may have changed. But deciding to cheat is the cheater’s own actions. It is never your fault, no matter what the cheater says or however they try to fling blame on you.

2. You try to win him over.

Seriously, a cheater does not deserve you in his life. If you attempt to win him over, try to dance to whatever music he wants, and plead for another chance, you are doing it all wrong.

A cheater cheats because he has no respect for you. He knows that you’ll find out sooner or later, and yet, still decided to cheat. Why would you want someone like that in your life forever taking advantage of you?

3. You give him another chance.

Most cheaters will try to deny their affairs or try to win you back when you tell them you’re aware of what’s going on. Some will even ask you to give them time so they can sort themselves out. Remember that all of that is just stalling and excuses on the cheater’s part, so why entertain the drama?

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You may want to believe that the affair was just a one-time thing or that your cheating spouse will one day learn to respect you and your marriage. But guess what? Your spouse wouldn’t have cheated if he is capable of that to begin with. Stop giving a cheater another chance and learn how to move on.

4. You wrack your brain trying to figure out what happened.

Trying to find out why your partner cheated on you is like trying to grasp dry sand. You can come up with dozens of theories but for what? It isn’t like you can change what happened.

Remember: the cheater’s actions are not your responsibility. The longer you indulge in this, the longer you’ll be stuck and prevent yourself from moving on.

5. You confront him without enough evidence.

A cheater has no issues committing wrong things and lying, so confronting him without enough evidence will only result in a blame game wherein you’d look like you’re just trying to stir drama. 

Gather enough evidence from reliable sources. Stay quiet until you have a solid case that he cannot deny. Ahen slap the cheater with the truth head-on.

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