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6 Selfless Zodiac Signs Who Put The Needs Of Others Above Their Own

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6 Selfless Zodiac Signs Who Put The Needs Of Others Above Their Own

It’s rare when someone is truly selfless, as it's very difficult to put everyone’s needs ahead of your own. Often times, selfless people have a higher calling or a strong purpose in life. They may be a humanitarian who wants to make the world better for everyone, or they may have a strong need to help people one on one.

When you’re one of the selfless zodiac signs, it’s easy to be taken advantage of, and for some people, it becomes a test of how much you’ll allow others to get away with. An uplifting horoscope can make you become the most accommodating person in the universe, but you might get a reputation for being gullible and easily duped.

No matter how selfless you may be, you still need to stand up for yourself. Telling someone no doesn't take away from your over-all selflessness.

Selfish people have no problem demanding things from a selfless person. And selfless people tend to be so busy bending over backward for everyone else that they forget to take care of themselves. 

As noble as it is to be completely selfless, a balance between selflessness and selfishness is probably the healthiest. Too much of anything usually isn’t good.

1. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Hands down, Pisces are the most selfless sign in the Zodiac. Pisces get satisfaction in doing things for others, but by bending over backward for people, Pisces tend to compromise themselves. They are the type of people who drop everything to help someone else out, even if they don't get any thanks or reward for it.

They're often taken advantage of, especially since it's hard for them to say no. Pisces have been burned by being so unselfish and will probably get burned again, but that won't stop them. They are always going to say yes, and they're always going to make themselves available to help someone else.

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2. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancers are also extremely selfless. They'd rather comfort the whole world than take a moment for themselves. Cancers take on their loved one's burdens; they worry about their problems and make every effort to solve them. They can seem as if they care more than the person with the problem.

The ironic thing is that Cancers don't see their selflessness as a problem, it's just a part of who they are, and they're proud of how much they're willing to do for other people. They believe that there's nothing wrong with trying to please other people. Cancers don't seem to realize that it can be a problem when you care about everyone else over yourself.

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3. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

For a Capricorn, their selflessness goes together well with their dependability and reliability. You can always count on a Capricorn to help you when you need it, even when you don't know you need it. However, if something is out of their capabilities, they will tell you so. They don't want to give anyone false hope.

If they can help you out, they will. Capricorns tend to adjust their lives to accommodate others. They are the ones who make the plans, keeping in mind what would be good for others (not themselves). If you want something done right, have a Capricorn do it because you know you can count on them.

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4. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libras hate when other people are disappointed in them, so they'll do anything, including give up their own needs, to keep themselves in good standing with other people. The thing is that Libras want to be an advocate for others and fight for them when it seems as if no one will.

Libras are selfless when it comes to standing up for the underdog. They feel very uncomfortable when they think they haven't redeemed themselves or earned back the respect they feel they've lost. Libras keep their word, even if keeping it hurts them.

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5. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Yes, Virgos tend to have perfectionist impulses, but that doesn't mean they aren't selfless. The truth is that if a Virgo has a friend or family member in need, they're always there for them. They rarely ask for anything in return, though they do like to have their good deeds at least recognized.

Virgos feel responsible for whatever problems, mistakes, or broken items their loved ones might need help with, just as they feel compelled to fix everything, even when it has nothing to do with them.

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6. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

When an Aquarius is on your squad, they will always be there for you and help you if they're able to. If not, they'll know someone who can or they'll try to develop a new way to help you. Aquarians fight for positive change and will selflessly work to make things better for the world. They are humanitarians and advocates.

We rely on them to have the answers and do the things that must be done. When an Aquarius gives their word, it's as if it's written in stone, and they will do whatever they need to keep it.

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