27 Of The Most Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him (Perfect For His Personality)

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27 Of The Most Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him (Perfect For His Personality)
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Get him a gift that's as special as he is.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day presents, there is always some level of expectation — which can make finding the best unique Valentines Day gift for your man a challenge.

Let’s be honest, men can seem particularly impossible to shop for. I’ll be the first to admit that I’d love my gift to be not having to think about what the heck guys are expecting for a Valentine’s Day present.

Regardless of the seemingly impossible task of shopping for your man, he deserves to be spoiled this V-day with a unique Valentine's Day gift ideas that's perfect for him.

Lucky for you, we've done the legwork for you — so all you have to do is scroll and buy.

Here are the best personalized Valentines Day presents for 2018 that are totally unique — just like he is!

For Fashion-Forward Guys…

1. Michael Jackson Socks

Michael Jackson Crew Sock, $18, Nordstrom.com

Give him a thriller this Valentine's Day (see what I did there?) with these fun, funky socks inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. Everyone needs a pair of "party socks," so why not make his next pair be inspired by the king of pop?

2. Valentine’s Day Bow Tie

Red & White Heart Valentine's Day Adjustable Bow Tie, Amazon.com

This flirty, black bow tie decked out in red and white hearts is just fun and quirky enough to be a “fancy” staple for Valentine’s Day dates with your man for years to come. Tip: you’ll want to give this to him early, so he can wear it out during your V-day date.

3. Cupid's Arrow Boxer Briefs

Cupid's Arrow Boxer Briefs, $19.90, Express.com

Why should ladies be the only ones who get gifted sexy underwear on Valentine’s Day? Give him these sexy boxer briefs to wear on your special day of love, and let Cupid's arrow set the tone for you.

4. Billiards Cufflinks

Paul Smith Billiard Ball Cufflinks, $125, FarFetch.com

For the pool enthusiasts, these add a fun personal touch to his traditional suit and tie look. Let him know that you enjoy the little things about him (like his love for pool) with these unique and quirky cufflinks.


For Techy, Gadget-Loving Guys…

5. 3D Printer Pen

3D Pen with LCD Screen, Amazon.com

Everyone needs a creative outlet! Get your cutting-edge man this 3D pen that let's him build his own 3D models using the 12 included different filament colors. Your gadget-loving guy is sure to have lots of fun creating his own designs.  

6. LEGO Drone Building Kit (That Actually Flies!)

Flybrix Quad Start Kit, $149, Target.com

This cool drone building kit is a modern-day kickback to his childhood LEGO obsession. The best part: It actually flies! Just sync it with a smartphone using Bluetooth. You can even put a little Lego person on top to fly around once you’re done building. And no worries if he accidentally crashes it — he can simply rebuild it in 15 minutes!

7. Bit Coding Robot

Bit Coding Robot, Amazon.com

Customizable tiny robot coding games for Valentine’s Day? Yes, please! This Guardians of the Galaxy set (featuring Groot and Rocket skins for you robot) is radical. 

For Adorable, Nerdy Guys…

8. Phone Case Game

The Game of Phone Shell, Amazon.com

Turn his phone into a more modern version of a Nintendo Gameboy with this fun iPhone 7 case that features 2,000 games. He'll be psyched! Just be warned: You might have trouble keeping him off his phone during your dates from now on...  

9. Star Wars Chop Sticks

Star Wars The Force Awakens Lightsaber Chopsticks Set, Amazon.com

Does the Star Wars nerd in your life also like Asian food? If so, then he’s sure to love this light saber inspired chop sticks set! You should probably get him his favorite sushi roll as a bonus gift, so he can put them to use on the spot.

10. Superman Watch

Superman Men's SUP9123 Watch, Amazon.com

Show him that he’s “your Superman” with this sexy watch. Kryptonite won’t be the only thing making him weak at the knees this Valentine’s Day *wink, wink*.  

11. Handheld Arcade

My Arcade Retro Handheld Gaming System, Amazon.com

Gift him his own mini arcade with this pocket-sized handheld gaming system that includes 200 games he can play on a 2.5" LCD full-color screen with sound. Tip: Be sure to have plenty of AA batteries on hand for when he plays it until it dies on the first night.

For Outdoorsy, Nature-Loving Guys…

12. Portable, Waterproof Speaker

Braven BRV-X Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $119.97, Nordstromrack.com

There’s not many things better than the great outdoors in your man's eyes. Take his next camping, fishing, or beach trip to the next level by gifting him this water-proof, shock-absorbant speaker that let's him take his favorite tunes on-the-go. With up to 12 hours of playing time plus charging outlets for his phone, he'll be head over heels as soon as he unwraps it.

13. Travel Hammock

Double Parachute Camping Hammock, Amazon.com

Another awesome item for the beach or camping (or even just at home in the backyard). This durable, nylon hammock holds up to 1,000 pounds and weighs just one, making it a great choice for the guy who enjoys outdoor napping — and snuggles with you!

14. Digital Waterproof Watch

Menton Ezil Mens Sport Watch , Amazon.com

Waterproof, comfortable, and stylish, too! With built-in calendar settings, stopwatch functionality and a chic leather strap, this all-in-one watch can keep up with your rugged, sporty man's needs. 

15. Beard Beanie

Stubble Rider Knit Beard Beanie, Amazon.com

If your guy takes great pride in his beard, get him this hilarious beard beanie to protect his precious cargo from the elements, whether he's out hiking or skiing. It'll keep his face and beard warm in a super silly way.


For Sports-Loving, Super Fan Guys …

16. Silver-Plated Golf Tie Clip

Fortzieri Golf Silver-Plated Tie Clip, $59, Forzieri.com

Got yourself a golf enthusiast? Get him this fun and fancy clip to dress up his suits that doubles as a conversation starter at dull business meetings, too. 

17. Cornhole Set

Football Field Cornhole Set, Amazon.com

This Valentine's Day, cheer on his inner sports fan by giving him a wood cornhole set that you can play together at your next tailgate. Go team!

18. Romantic Baseball

Romantic Baseball, Amazon.com

Combines his love of baseball with your love for him in a flirty way with this baseball that reads, “You hit a home run with me!” If you can’t be cheesy and romantic on Valentine’s Day, when can you be?

19. A Piece Of Yankee Stadium

Steiner Sports Authentic Piece Of Yankee Stadium Sod, $280.00, HSN.com

You'll be guaranteed to hit a home run this Valentine's Day when you give him a 2'x2' piece of sod from the original Yankee stadium to plant in your yard. It's a little piece of sports history. Sure, the price tag is a bit extravagant, but your die-hard Yankee fan is totally worth it. Bonus: It might even encourage him to keep up with the yard work — at least 2'x2' of it!

For Playful, Fun-Loving Guys…

20. Scooter

Alloy Kick Scooter for Men, Amazon.com

Get him something fun to ride (either with the kids or alongside you) to remind him of your love and passion for his playful nature. Plus, it folds flat so it won't take up a ton of space in your garage.

 21. Mini Cannon

Woobud Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon, Amazon.com

Remind him that he “blows you away” (in a good way!) with this mini cannon that will add a fun, decorative touch to his desk. You're sure to hit your target with this V-day gift!

22. 3-in-1 Wooden Game Set 

3-in-1 Deluxe Wooden Game Set, $52.15, QVC.com

This 3-in-1 game set is great for a quite night in together. Keep your mind sharp and enjoy good conversation over a game of chess, checkers, or backgammon with your lover this Valentine’s Day.

For Foodie Guys.... 

23. Craft Beer Jelly

Craft Beer JellyAmazon.com

Great for the craft beer enthusiast, this set of four flavored jellies — in Apricrot Ale, Porter, Oatmeal Stout, and IPA flavors — take toasted bread or grilled meats to the next level. 

24. Bourbon Smoked Spice Set

Bourbon Smoked Spice Set, Amazon.com

Got a BBQ-ing, bourbon-loving Valentine? Please his taste buds — and appeal to his heart — with gift set. Smoked in bourbon barrels, these spices are sure to be the perfect combination of flavors to add some heat to your next barbeque.

25. Bear-y Cute Bottle Opener

Bear Bottle Opener, $11.99, Domino.com

This fierce, wall mounted bottle opener is perfect for your beer drinker — an absolute must for any “man cave”. Made of cast iron, this durable bottle opener is super manly and super functional.

26. Coffee To-Go Set

Vienna Coffee Tote, $54.99, Domino.com

Is your man a bit of coffee snob? (No judgement; I’m 100% guilty of this myself.) Get him this stainless steel, double-walled portable coffee kit to bring with him wherever he goes. Bonus: It’s great for picnics, sports game or a romantic evening under the stars.

27. Home Brewing Kit

Oktoberfest Beer Brewing Kit, $42.95, HSN.com

Has your man mentioned taking his love of beer to the next level? Get him this home brewing kit to give making his own beer a try. It includes everything he'll need to whip up a gallon of Oktoberfest brew.

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