10 Unique, Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him From Etsy

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10 TOTALLY Unique Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Him On Esty

How to get him something he actually wants.

The perfect Valentines Day gift can be hard to find. Do you give him chocolate? Maybe a cute card will make him smile. Or you can buy a scandalous outfit for some after-midnight fun (I'm sure he'll be PERFECTLY happy with that last gift, you're welcome).

My point is, what do you get your boyfriend on Valentine's Day to show him exactly how much you care? While all these gifts are nice, why not go the extra mile? Why not customize his gift and put a spin on some old classics? 

Hint: try Etsy! It's great for finding cool little knick-knacks, beautiful handmade jewelry, and custom-made shirts. Make your gift more memorable. “There is no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a unique, personalized gift," said Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. "This year, show your loved one how special they are by taking the time to find something completely customizable on Etsy. Your thoughtful gift will celebrate your S.O. and let them know how much you care.”

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Here are 10 unique Valentines day ideas for him this year!

1. You Make Me Hoppy Engraved Growler Design

The beer geek inside of your man is sure to love it! This beer growler is customizable; you can engrave a heartfelt message or his full name. He'll be ecstatic to be able to take his favorite beer from a bar with this cool gift.

Buy it on Etsy.

2. Tobacco + Vanilla Scented Candle

Forget Yankee candles! These candles are unique and 100 % non-GMO. It's an earthy blend of Tobacco leaves, vanilla, and other ingredients. This candle will set a sexy mature atmosphere for you both. It's 100% one of a kind.

Buy it on Etsy.

3. Engraved Wood Watch Personalized Wooden Watch for Men

This wood watch spices up an old gift classic! Your boyfriend probably has dozens of watches. But chances are he doesn't have anything quite like this one. Made from wood, you can engrave the face or the sides of the watch with his initials. It also comes with a wooden box where you can sneak in a loving message dedicated to him. 

Buy it on Etsy.

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4. Beer Flight Paddle (Pine) With Glasses

This is the ideal gift for a social butterfly. When your guy wants to throw down, his mini flight beer paddle will be the life of the party. Each wooden paddle is made to be just a tad bit different than the rest. It's excellent for sampling multiple beers — it's also great for serving tasty jello shots!

Buy it on Etsy.

5. Wild Man Starter Kit Gift Set For Men

When you have a man's man to please, it can be tough picking out a gift to match. But just because he's a guy's guy doesn't mean has to smell like one! The nature-lover in your man will appreciate these plant-based woodsy scents. It also comes with a whipped coconut body butter to help soothe his skin along with a cold process soap. 

Buy it on Etsy.

6. Leather Cuff Links

Is your man ultra stylish? You can bring out his inner James Bond with these real leather cufflinks. You can engrave he initials, and he'll be styling for any occasion. 

Buy it on Etsy.

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7. Pizza Socks Box 4 Pair Pizza Original Unique Socks 

Why not turn his favorite food into a loving gift? Your boyfriend will crack up at this hilariously creative present. These pizza socks are made of 100% cotton. The only thing that would make these socks even more perfect is if it were edible!

Buy it on Etsy.

8. I Love, Personalized Men's Boxer Briefs

There are plenty of Valentine's Day-themed undies, but these are way more special. There 95% cotton and you can put a sweet message around the waistband. You can also include his initials and make a cute little "I Heart" message. It also comes with a small matching bag.

Buy it on Etsy.

9. Valentine's Day Card Funny Boyfriend Card

This card is affordable and fun, and the perfect gift for the superhero fan. These cards are hand drawn from matchboxes. If Ironman isn't his thing, they also have Batman and Superman. 

Buy it on Etsy.

10. Sound Wave Keychain, Wooden Keychain

This sound wave keychain is a nifty little trinket. You can engrave certain phrases to let him know how you feel about him. He can keep a piece of you with him, all the time. Organizing his keys with being much easier.

Buy it on Etsy.

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