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20 Best Young Adult Books To Read In 2018

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Young Adult Novels YA Books To Read

Do you enjoy a good book? Today's YA books are read by young adults everywhere, and no matter your age, these novels prove you're never too old to learn a life lesson when it's well-written.

If you love to read Young Adult books or simply love the escape a good story gives, get your reading glasses and bookmarks ready! This year is going to bring some interesting, entertaining and fresh new books to read! 

Some are brand new young adult stories introduce you to unique worlds and universes. Some showcase new storylines and characters that you can relate to.

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While some of the other books are the next book in beloved series, with characters you missed and stories that you have been waiting for. 

Books always have a way of transporting us from everyday life to a new destination in our mind. With television and movies, we can physically see that "other world" right in front of our eyes.

But with books, we create that on our own. It is very personal and is customed to our own inner thoughts and fantasies. 

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It is almost as if you are directing the story yourself. You know what each character looks and sounds like to you in your head. You imagine the universe they are in as your own.

And in your visions, you are able to unlock a little bit of yourself. 

Books are here to serve as an escape but also to be a vessel of self-expression in our own mind. We read these stories because we connect with them on some level. You may be into the magical journeys of the characters.

You fantasize about braving those adventures with them and you can feel your heart beat as you turn the pages. You may be a fan of the mystery stories. The darker and more complicated it is, the more intrigued you are. 

The mini detective inside of you comes out and you are full on Sherlock until the very last chapter. 

1. Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined To Meet (Anthology)  Various Authors

Book release date:  January 2, 2018, Buy on Amazon

This book has a collection of short stories from a few different authors and is filled with you guessed it... totally cute meeting stories.

If you are a fan of finding out how, when, and where all of the couples you meet in real life have met, then this book is absolutely perfect for you.

Each story has its own personality and flow! You are bound to fall in love.  Adorable and heartwarming all in one! 

2. S.T.A.G.S.  M. A. Bennett

Book release date: January 30th, Buy on Amazon

Think of the classic tale of "The Most Dangerous Game" but with high school students.

When a transfer student who is an outcast gets an unexpected invite to spend the weekend with a group of popular students she is taken aback.

But she is even more surprised when she finds out what really is in store for her. This story is a page-turner right until the very last sentence! 

3. The Hazel Wood  Melissa Albert

Book release date:  January 30th, Buy on Amazon

Ella must set out to find her mother in the notorious Hazel Wood after she goes missing. She knows something just isn't right with her step-father and step-sister and she is determined to find out the truth.

This story contains a whole lot of magic, evil step-families, dark woods and an adventurous young girl with a brave heart.

If you love the classic tale of Cinderella then you will surely love this story as well. With a lot of magic and twists you will be anything but bored with this gem. 

4. Time Bomb  Joelle Charbonneau

Book release date: March 13th, Buy on Amazon

When a horrifying and surprising event involving a bomb at their school takes place, seven students must band together to try to figure out who is behind the evil plot.

Coming all from completely different backgrounds they must learn to work together if they want to be saved. Will they all be able to put their differences aside?

Think the Breakfast Club but way more intense and this time its life or death. 

5. One Small Thing  Erin Watt 

When you can get it: June 26th, Buy on Amazon

Young Libby's life is completely turned upside down when her sister dies in a car accident. Her parents become completely protective and keep her on a short leash in hopes to keep her safe.

When she finally is able to sneak out and let loose one night she meets a boy. She begins to fall for him and then finds out a dark secret he has that is connected to her.

Now Libby must keep the secret of her new love from her parents in hopes to cover up his involvement in her sister's death. 

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6. The Cruel Prince (The Folk Of The Air #1)  Holly Black 

When you can get it: January 2nd, Buy on Amazon

Jude was just a young girl when her parents were murdered. She and her sisters are taken away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie.

A decade goes by and Jude just wants to fit in, even though it is so blatant that she doesn't. With many people of the land Fey oppressing her "kind" including the evil prince, she must find a way to defy all odds and find her place.

This story is an underdog tale with a lot of heart. One that will keep you intrigued. 

7. Inferno (The Talon Saga #5)  Julie Kagawa

Book release date: April 24th, Buy on Amazon

Ember Hill has figured out that her bloodline leads back to the ancient dragon The Elder Wyrm who is on the verge of world domination. Ember, Riley, and Garret journey to the Amazon to take down that dragon to save the world.

Meanwhile, her brother Dante must travel to China with an important message. Will they be able to survive? 

If you have been a fan of the Taon Saga then be prepared to cancel all plans when this book comes out. Being the last one of the series it is sure not to disappoint. 

8. The Burning Maze (The Trials Of Apollo)  Rick Riordan 

Book release date: May 1st, Buy on Amazon

Apollo was once a glorious God who was revered. However, when he becomes out of favor with Zeus he is sent down to Earth as a teenager named Lester Papadopoulos.

Awkward, gangly and oh so very mortal now, he must summon all of his strength and courage to try to get back into Zeus' graces.

But it is anything but easy. A slew of nerve-wracking and dangerous trials are In front of him. He must muster all the courage he has if he wants to succeed. 

9. Puddin' (Dumplin’ #2)  Julie Murphy

Book release date: May 8th, Buy on Amazon

Millie has gone to fat camp almost every year of her life. But this year is different. She is determined to chase her secret dream and to finally kiss her crush.

Callie is a popular dance team captain with a handsome boyfriend. When these two unlikely companions come together they are surprised to learn how similar they really are. 

You may have heard of Dumplin' (soon to be made into a major motion picture!) and if you loved that book then you will not be disappointed with Puddin. And if you haven't read them both yet then you are missing out! 

10. Legendary (Caraval #2) — Stephanie Garber

Book release date: May 29th, Buy on Amazon

After just barely making it out of the last game of Caraval Scarlett and Tella seemed to have overthrown their evil father and fled their tiny island home.

However, the reason they won was because of a deal Tella made with a mysterious stranger. Tella now must give what she owes this stranger.

But this is a lot easier said than done.  The second book following "Limitless" get ready to be thrown back into the colorful and fast-paced adventure. This book packs just as much punch as the first! 

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11. The Belles  Dhonielle Clayton

Book release date: February 6th, Buy on Amazon

In the glamorous and opulent world of Orleans, the Belles are revered as the most beautiful and elegant ladies in all the land. One of the Belles, Camellia wants more than to be just a Belle.

She wants to serve the royal family and she strives to be chosen by the Queen. But Camellia abruptly finds out that her dreams aren't what she expected and her life is put in danger.

This book is truly unique and one of a kind! A definite must-read for the year! 

13. Broken Beautiful Hearts  Kami Garcia

Book release date: February 6th, Buy on Amazon

Peyton Rios is a dedicated soccer player on her way to her dream school with a scholarship in hand. Everything gets turned upside down when she discovers her boyfriend's dark secret... and she falls... or perhaps gets pushed down a flight of stairs. 

Her knee and her dreams seem to be shattered. Peyton moves in with her Uncle and meets a new boy, the sexy and wild Owen Law.

Peyton is guarded especially when she senses he has a secret as well. Peyton must learn if this love is worth fighting for. 

14. People Like Us  Dana Mele

Book release date: February 26th, Buy on Amazon

Kay Donovan has reinvented herself and has forgotten about her dark past. Now she is popular, an athlete and has plenty of friends. When a body of a girl is found in the lake, Kay's life is changed quickly.

The dead girl has left a scavenger hunt for Kay on her computer. Kay must try and unravel the mystery to find the murderer and she must do what she has to in order to survive.

Think Pretty Little Lairs and Thirteen Reasons Why. If those stories had you intrigues then buckle up for this one, you are about to go on a crazy ride!

15. Inkmistress  Audrey Coulthurst

Book release date: March 6th, Buy on Amazon

Aria is a Demigod with the power to dictate the future by writing in her own blood. A powerful and dangerous ability. To lay low she lives in the mountains as a healer to conceal her power.

She is determined to help those closest to her including Ina, the mortal girl she loves. When Bandits threaten Ina's village Asra desperately tries to help, but things go from bad to worse.

Asra must now venture to save Ina, her journey leads her to many dangerous parts of the world against violent and evil opponents. 

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16. Dread Nation- Justina Ireland

Book release date: April 3rd, Buy on Amazon

Jane McKeene was born just a few days before the dead began to walk the battlefields of the Civil War. This changes the course of the war for everyone. Children and adults now must learn different ways to fight the new enemy, the dead.

Jane becomes well trained and educated in weaponry and etiquette to help become a source of protection.After her training,  Jane becomes caught up in the middle of a bad situation when families around the Baltimore area begin to go missing.

Desperate and ready to defend, Jane combats the dead and bravely fights for her life against the enemy. 

17. Royals — Rachel Hawkins


Book release date: May 1st, Buy on Amazon

Daisy Winters is a young teenager from Florida who has no desire to have anything but an ordinary life. But with her sister being engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland the spotlight becomes hard to avoid.

The princes' younger and quite rambunctious brother is in charge of teaching Daisy the ropes of being royal. But they end up getting into more trouble than she anticipated.

If you were a huge fan of The Princess Diaries then you are going to be a huge fan of this book. It's feel good, funny and heartwarming all wrapped up in one. 

18. #MurderTrending — Gretchen McNeil

Book release date: August 8th, Buy on Amazon

In the near future, the common practice is to watch the executions of dangerous felons from an app that streams in the notorious Alcatraz 2.0. When seventeen-year-old Dee Guerrera wakes up in a haze in that very prison she is floored to find out that she may be next.

Especially since she is innocent. Will she be able to figure out in time how to save her own life? With a group of friends know as the Death Row Breakfast Club she attempts to find out.

And if she doesn't well... the consequences will be deadly. This story is heart pounding and you will not want to put the book down. So don't make any other plans! 

19. Save the Date  Morgan Matson


Book release date: June 5th, Buy on Amazon

Charlie is ecstatic to be reunited with her siblings at her older sister's wedding that weekend. She has high hopes for the weekend, especially since her family is on the verge of selling her childhood home and everything is all about to change.

The weekend turns out to be anything but perfect. A missing tuxedo, an angry neighbor, a storm and whole bunch of kooky pissed off relatives seem to make her ideal weekend a circus.

Charlie wants to do whatever it takes to make the weekend exactly what she planned. This story is a feel-good tale with hilarious and relatable themes. You will love every minute of it. 

20. Sam & llsa’s Last Hurrah  Rachel Cohn and David Levithan 

Book release date: April 10th, Buy on Amazon

Siblings Sam and Ilsa are no strangers to throwing parties. In fact, they have been doing it for all of their high school careers for their friends. Now with graduation right around the corner, they are preparing one more blow out.

However this time there are rules. Each sibling can invite three guests and the other sibling cannot know who they are until they show up at the door. With sibling rivalry at large, this party is going to be anything but boring.

But what could possibly happen with eight people at one party..... You are in for a treat with this book! The laughs keep coming and you will be telling all of your friends to read it the minute you are done. 

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