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The 9 Best Romance Novels Of 2017 That Every Hopeless Romantic Will Love

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By Ashley Johnson

This year brought book lovers endless choices to keep our #TBR (to be read) piles stocked with handsome hunks, dreamy love stories and steamy reads. Whether you are an avid romance fan or you pick up the occasional guilty read when it catches your eye, these are the books we couldn't get out off our mind all year.

From tragic accidents to a fearless FBI agent who must protect the woman he loves, there's plenty of fictional boyfriends for you to fall in love with. Pick up a few (or five) titles from the list below and finish out the year on a high note.



With a diverse range of genres, we have picked a book for every reader in need of a little romance. Get ready to cozy up with some of the best romance novels of 2017, and maybe reconnect with a few former flames you already read this year, too.  

1. Love Reconsidered by Phyllis Piano

Stu and Sunny are young and in love but when Stu dies in a tragic accident, he leaves both Sunny and his family with unanswered questions in the aftermath. Despite the grief and anger everyone feels upon losing the young man, those closest to Stu will have to work through the difficult time together in order to make room for a brighter future where love can blossom once again.

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2. The Thing About Love by Julie James

Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd never expected to see each other again after butting heads at the FBI’s Quantico Academy. Assigned to a dangerous case together years later, they will be forced to stay in a romantic bungalow and learn to get along. As sparks between the two arise, both their investigation and their budding love will be put in serious danger by a corrupt politician.

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3. Before I Knew by Jamie Beck

On Oregon’s Lake Sandy, Colby Cabot-Baxter is learning to move on from the death of her husband. Running a restaurant isn’t easy and when her head chef quits, she reluctantly hires family friend Alec Morgan to fill the position.

Having drifted apart over the years, the two will come back together and find they may be just what each other needs. When secrets arise that threaten to ruin their progress, Alec will do whatever it takes to make sure Colby finds happiness once again.

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4. Egomaniac by Vi Keeland

One unexpected intruder will prove to be Emerie’s greatest weakness in this New York Times bestselling author’s newest novel.

When young Emerie gets scammed on an office deal, she’ll find herself answering phones for the handsome and frustrating Drew Jagger until she can find a new space. They may not have much in common except their attraction for each other, but that’s all they’ll need to spark an unexpected romance.

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5. London, Can You Wait? by Jacquelyn Middleton

Alex and Mark know they love each other, but their new start in London may not turn out to be the retreat they expected. As Mark’s showbiz career skyrockets, Alex will have to learn to share him with the world. But with her growing anxieties about life and her own career, how much will she be able to take before she breaks?

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6. A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole

While the Civil War threatens to break a nation apart, one brave woman will make it her goal to spread the mission of peace. Amidst her life-saving work, her home is taken over by the monstrous Confederate Home Guard who is unaware of the escaped prisoner she is hiding in her laboratory.

Will Marlie and her love Ewan be able to get away from the vicious captain, or will their future together be doomed forever?

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7. Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks

In the paperback release of the New York Times bestseller, Russell Green has everything he could ever want. When everything begins to fall apart in his personal and professional life, Russ is the most surprised and will have to find a way to navigate life as a single father, searching for a new sense of love and renewed hope.

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8. Dating You / Hating You by Christina Lauren

This romantic comedy from bestselling author Christina Lauren brings a new rivalry between a pair of fiery high-powered agents.

When Carter and Evie meet, the sparks between them are evident but a budding romance turns sour when they both apply for the same position as their competing agencies merge. A fiercely entertaining story of love and sabotage, this 2017 release will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

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9. Till Death by Jennifer Armentrout

For fans of suspenseful romantic reads, Till Death makes the list of the best romance novels of 2017.

Sasha Keaton has returned to her hometown to help run her family’s inn, but she can’t shake the feeling that the serial killer she escaped 10 years ago is still out to get her. As one loyal FBI agent promises to protect her in ways he never could before, he will find that his love for her may not be enough to save her from the ruthless and mysterious criminal.

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Ashley Johnson is SparkPoint Studio’s newest Content Creator and resident Stephen King enthusiast. When she’s not writing roundups and lists of the best new reads, she can be found working on her first novel and cuddling her four chihuahuas. 


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