30 Valentine's Day Presents To Buy For The Man You Love

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him valentine gifts for husband

Guys aren't as hard to shop for as you might think.

Finding the perfect Valentine's day gift ideas for him can be stressful and overwhelming. With the fear of not buying the perfect gift for the right person, most of us end up stressing out.

The end result becomes you buying a half-way decent gift for him on impulse.

While there is no exact definition of the “perfect” holiday or gift for anyone, we all get disappointed with ourselves if we feel that a gift we bought on a special holiday wasn't sentimental or meaningful.

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We give gifts to show someone how much they mean to us and how much we care about them. That's what makes the smile that a good gift puts on their face unmatched.

But sometimes its hard to figure out how to get the right item for the perfect smile on their face, especially when no gift matches the way you feel about your relationship.

Many times, shopping for someone you love, especially if he's a male, feels harder than it needs to be.  So, it's natural that you feel frustrated and resentful towards holidays as a whole.

It shouldn't be that way and Valentine’s Day is no exception — a gift for the special man in your life should be just as amazing as he is, and you deserve an awesome experience in finding buying it.

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To help with finding the perfect Valentine's day gifts for your husband, boyfriend, or any man you love in your life, we’ve created a list of the 30 best gift ideas that are perfect, and even romantic, for Valentine’s Day. He's looking forward to the day, too.

These gifts are perfect because they are very versatile and last long after the season is over. Any man in your life — whether it be a boyfriend, dad, husband, or even a special friend — would love to have one.

And always remember, it is the thought you put into it and the fact that you care that means the most to him.

1. A rugged, charcoal-colored Fossil watch.

Fossil Men’s Chronograph Watch, Amazon

This gift is ideal for the watch lover in your life. And while many men already have a large collection of different watches, they can never have enough classic watches. The sleek black color allows for them to wear it all year round. They can pair it with virtually any clothing item. It will never look odd or out of place. And because the best thing in a relationship is time.

2. An anti-theft laptop backpack.

Water-resistant Anti-theft Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port, Amazon

For the man who is always on the go; keep all of his belongings safe this Valentine's Day. This bag is perfect because it will fit his laptop and has a zipper that hides away, adding extra security.

The sleek and neat design is something that he will love this season, especially if he is in school or headed to work. Let him take your thoughtful gift wherever he goes.

3. A genuine leather security wallet.

Genuine Leather RFID Slim Security Wallet, Amazon

Remember his old dingy wallet that you have been BEGGING him to throw away for months? Well, this gift is the perfect way to remind him that you haven't forgot. This wallet is easy to put away in his jacket or pant pocket. Give him a compact place to hold his money AND photos of you!

4. A world map scratch-off poster.

Scratch Off World Map Poster, Amazon

For the traveler in your life. Scratching off each place they visit, making this a timeless gift. It comes in a stylish packaging that is wonderful for gifting. It is easy to post on the wall and even looks nice in a frame. It is a thoughtful reminder of everywhere they have been.

5. The ultimate grooming kit.

Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Amazon 

Surprise him with a high tech version of a simple gift. This gift comes with 8 different attachments and it is also self-sharping. It runs on lithium batteries so all it needs is to be plugged in to full charge nd it will run for over an hour. Perfect for grooming before the big Valentine's Day date!

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6. A pocket-sized instant photo printer.

Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer, Amazon 

For the photo lover. It is available in four different colors on Amazon and the best version to buy is the one that includes the photo paper. Take pictures of all the fun moments that occur on Valentine's Day that will print straight from his phone.

7. A motivational (fit-spirational?!) heart rate monitor.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor, Amazon

For the Fitness Lover. Whether running or checking how fast his heart is beating for you, this heart rate monitor makes the best gift.

8. A 28-Ounce BlenderBottle shaker bottle.

BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Amazon 

Another perfect gift for the fitness and health lover who is always on the go. It comes in an array of colors and is actually the number one best seller in shaker bottles on Amazon! Most men into fitness go through Blender Bottles often which is why they will greatly appreciate this gift.

9. The Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Amazon

Perfect for the Amazon and tech lover in your life. This hands free voice controlled device is great because it plays many different features such as music, it makes calls, and receives text messages. It not only acts as the perfect gift for him but also the perfect gift for you.

10. Stylish leather boots.

Thursday Boot Company Duke Men's Chelsea Boot, Amazon 

For the fashion forward man. These shoes are comfortable and have a long wear life. Whether it be Sunday Brunch or Friday date night, dress him to impress this Valentine's Day.

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11. A water-resistant travel briefcase.

Laptop Case & Water Resistant Travel Briefcase, Amazon

Whether in school or works, this gift is perfect for the man in your life who is always on the go. It will  hold his laptop along with any important documents he needs to carry for the day. People rave about the quality of this bag more than anything which means that it is a gift that will last him a long time.

12. Cozy UGG slippers.

UGG Men's Tasman Slipper, Amazon

Let him slide these on Wednesday morning for a Valentines Day gift he will not forget. These soft sheepskin slippers remind him that comfort isn't just a girl thing, and you care about him and his feet.

13. Comfy, everyday Lacoste joggers.

Lacoste Men's Banded Bottom Jogger, Amazon

For the casual clothing lover in your life. These pants are comfortable and extremely lightweight. They are available in two different colors as well. Give him the gift that he can wear on not just one occasion. 

14. A genuine leather bracelet.

Men's Stainless Steel and Leather Bracelet, Amazon

Give him a gift that he'll never have to take off. The intricate details on the bracelet make it less than basic and works great to layer with a watch. It comes in three different colors.

15. An Under Armour duffle bag.

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Medium Duffle Bag, Amazon

For the gym lover who is always on the go. For an even better gift fill this gym bag with his favorite snacks and drinks before giving it to him. That works as a surprise element to the gift.

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16. A classy dress shirt.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Slim Fit Print Buttondown Collar Dress Shirt, Amazon

For the days he feels like dressing up. Perfect for any date night. People have raved about how comfortable and stylish this shirt is. Get him with a pair of dress pants and watch how much he will appreciate it.

17. A giant (and we mean GIANT!) kiss.

KISSES Giant Milk Chocolate Candy, Amazon

This comical can either be shared or for memory purpose. It is larger than life and would make a great add on to virtually any gift. Because who doesn't love chocolate? 

​18. A Moleskine journal.

Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop, Amazon 

For the writer in your life, fill up with words of love. These notebooks come both ruled and unruled and also work well has a sketchbook, that can literally fit in his pocket.

19. A giant teddy bear.

38-inch Huge Teddy Bear, Amazon

Give him a hug, even when you're not there, with a gift that reminds him of you always. While many probably won't admit it, they too would love a stuffed animal if you gave them one. It is larger than average size, but also will be a perfect addition on their bed.

20. A gorgeous silk tie.

Men's Classic Stripe Jacquard Woven Silk Tie, Amazon

Because no man can ever have enough ties in their collection.

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21. A framed photo collage.

Photo Collage Frame, Amazon 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Give him a place to frame all the memories of you two.

22. An on-the-go coffee mug.

LEXO Temperature Mug - 16 oz, Luxury Slide Seal Lid, Amazon 

For the coffee lover who is always on the go. It comes in four different designs and is ideal because it brings virtually any hot drink to cool enough temperature to drink. Remember how he was always complaining about burning his mouth every morning? Surprising him with a gift like this shows him just how much you care.

23. A cold brew coffee maker.

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, Amazon 

For the Iced Coffee lover who likes to spend a little extra time in the kitchen. It makes about 4 servings of coffee and is easy to store; buying this gift will make morning coffee time ten times more fun.

​24. The newest FitBit tracker.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Amazon 

The perfect gift for the cross between the fitness lover and the watch enthusiast. It allows for him to track all of his activities throughout the day. This health conscious device will become his new greatest obbsession.

​25. Just-for-men face care by Clarisonic.

Clarisonic Alpha FIT Men's Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System​, Amazon 

Help him give his skin a little extra TLC. Other men have raved about this product, saying that they love what it does to their pores. It is an easy step that they can add to their everyday routine.

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26. Wireless in-ear headphones.

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones, Amazon 

For the on the go music lover. A classic headseat, that is wireless and wont fall out of their ear- unless they are doing back flips of course. it comes in a  carrying case as well.

27. The Amazon Fire Stick.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon

For the Amazon and TV lover; a timeless gift that can be used all the time. If you like the Echo Dot you're sure to love this gift, since its perfect for all the movies and tv shows you will get to binge watch with him.

28. An automatic buckle leather belt.

Dante Men's Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle, Amazon

Give him the gift he may not have even realized he needed until now. Men are notorious for not changing out their accessories as often as they should. They will use an item until it is worn and torn. But not this Valentine's Day. This belt is modern and sleek and comes in over 30 designs and is perfect for any dress suit.

29. A portable charger.

Power Banks RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger, Amazon

Perfect gift for the tech savvy genius who's phone always seems to be dying. It has a battery life of up to one week and is available in four different colors. And the best part? It can charge three devices at the same time so that includes his and yours.

30. A Bose bluetooth speaker.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II, Amazon

Turn Valentine's Day into an all day dancing affair with this Bose Speaker. It is bluetooth friendly, and is available in four different colors. It is also easy for on the go, and that includes to your picnic dates and everything in between.

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