50 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Man You Love

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Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for him can feel stressful and overwhelming.

With the fear of not buying the perfect gift for the right person, most of us end up stressing out. The end result is you buying a half-way decent gift for him on impulse, rather than something thoughtful or useful.

Many times, shopping for someone you love, especially if he's a guy, feels harder than it needs to be. So, it's natural to feel frustrated and resentful towards holidays.

It shouldn't be that way, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. A gift for the special man in your life should be just as amazing as he is, and you deserve a good experience in finding it.

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To help with finding the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend, these options are fun, creative, and even romantic! Any man in your life would love to have one.

Just remember, it’s the thought you put into it and the fact that you care that means the most to him.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

1. Fossil Men's Machine Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

This gift is ideal for the guy who loves watches. While many men already have a large collection, they can never have enough classics. The sleek black color allows him to wear it all year round, and he can pair it with virtually any clothing item.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

2. Remington Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit and Beard Trimmer

Surprise him with a high-tech version of a simple gift. This kit comes with 8 different attachments and is self-sharpening. It runs on lithium batteries, so it just needs to be plugged in to full charge and will run for over an hour.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

3. UGG Men's Tasman Slipper

Let him slide these on the morning of Valentine’s Day to make it a gift he won’t forget. These soft sheepskin slippers remind him that comfort isn't just a girl thing, and you care about him and his feet.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

4. California Reserve Ribeye Steaks Gift Box

Nothing says I love you quite like a box of steak! The all-natural beef is sourced from small California producers and dry-aged a minimum of 28 days. They are prime, boneless and hand-cut, and will make him drool!

Where to buy: Goldbelly, $99

5. Bose SoundLink Color II Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Turn Valentine's Day into an all-day dancing affair with this Bose Speaker. It’s bluetooth friendly and is available in five different colors. It’s also easy for on-the-go, and that includes your picnic dates and everything in between.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

6. Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For the iced coffee lover who likes to spend a little extra time in the kitchen, this gift makes about 4 servings of coffee. It’s easy to store and will make his morning coffee routine ten times more fun.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

7. Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

This delicious tequila is made in small batches and is a wonderful gift for that guy who can’t get enough of his spirits. And if he doesn’t like Jalapeño, Tanteo Tequila also comes in flavors like Chipotle, Habanero, and Blanco.

Where to buy: Total Wine, $35.99

8. Billykirk No. 552 Cooper & Thief Bartender Bag

Mix things up with this stylish bartender bag. It’s a sleek leather tote stocked with a full set of mixology tools. It has everything you need to craft cocktails in your own home, including a secret flap to stash your favorite bottle.

Where to buy: Billykirk, $250

9. Gucci Interlocking G Cufflinks

If your guy has expensive taste, these cufflinks add a nice personal touch to his traditional suit and tie look. Let him know that you enjoy the little things about him.

Where to buy: Farfetch, $340

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

10. JOON Huge Teddy Bear

Give him a hug, even when you're not there, with a gift that reminds him of you. While many probably won't admit it, they too would love a stuffed animal like this. It’s larger than average size and stands at almost two feet tall, but will also be a perfect addition on the bed.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

11. 7 oz. Hershey's Kiss

This comical Hershey’s Kiss can be shared or put on display for as a memory. It’s larger than life and would make a great add-on to virtually any gift you get him. Because this chocolate is as sweet as your love for him.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

12. Americanflat 11x14 Collage Picture Frame

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Give him a place to frame all the memories of you two. Add an even cuter touch by printing your photos in black and white to match the frame.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

13. reStickity Photos

These photos are re-stickable and printed on peel and stick fabric adhesive material. That means you can put them anywhere, peel them off and move them without causing damage to the surface or the photo. Print out a few photos of you two together and make sure they are displayed for him to see every day.

Where to buy: reStickity, $4.99+

14. JustPaperRoses Baseball

Not only does this baseball combine his love of the sport with your love for him, but it’s so adorable he won’t want to hit it too many times. The baseball that reads, “You hit a home run with me!” If you can’t be cheesy and romantic on Valentine’s Day, when can you be?

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

15. ‘I Love’ Personalized Men's Boxer Briefs

There are plenty of Valentine's Day-themed undies, but these are way more special. They are 95 percent cotton, and you can add a sweet message around the waistband. Include his initials and make a cute little "I Heart" message.

Where to buy: Etsy, $28

16. Sound Wave Wooden Keychain

This sound wave keychain is a nifty little trinket that will always remind him of you. Engrave a phrase of your choice to let him know you’re always thinking about him. Plus, organizing his keys will be much easier.

Where to buy: Etsy, $11.99+

17. ‘What I Love About You’ Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

With 112 pages of prompts and lines, you can fill them all in to describe how you truly feel about your partner. Then, he can spend hours reading your thoughts. It’s a great way to express your love.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

18. 'Our Adventure Book' Scrapbook

Put together a scrapbook of your very own, filled with all the best memories and moments you’ve shared together. With 80 blank pages to fill, there’s plenty of space for all the things you’ve done over the years.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

19. Scratch Off World Map Poster

For the traveler in your life, he can scratch off every place he’s visited, making this a timeless gift. It comes in a stylish packaging, is easy to post on the wall, and even looks nice in a frame. It’s a thoughtful reminder of everywhere he’s been.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

20. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

If your guy is very into fitness and physical health, this is the gift for him. Whether running or checking how fast his heart is beating for you, this heart rate monitor will certainly be useful.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

21. Water-Resistant Laptop Travel Bag

Whether in school or working, this gift is great for the man who is always on the go. It will hold his laptop, along with any important documents he needs to carry. Plus, the quality is amazing and will last a long time.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

22. Under Armour Adult Undeniable Duffle

If he’s always on the move, this is a great gift, especially if he wants to hit the gym after work. For an even better gift, fill the gym bag with his favorite snacks and drinks before giving it to him.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

23. Lavemi Leather Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle

Give him the gift he may not have even realized he needed. Men are notorious for not changing out their accessories as often as they should, but this belt is modern and sleek, and comes in over 30 designs.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

24. MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

A man who loves his meat needs this chic bluetooth thermometer for all his kitchen creations. It has a 165-foot extended range, so it can be used from afar. He will never again have to worry about overcooking!

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

25. ‘Star Wars’ Chopsticks

For that ultimate nerd in your life, he’s sure to love this lightsaber-inspired chopsticks set. You should probably get him his favorite sushi roll as a bonus gift so he can put them to use on the spot.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

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26. Brew House Beer Chillers

This is a great gift for the guy who enjoys his beer with food and friends. This beer chiller pack keeps beer cool to the very last sip. All he needs to do is insert the chiller into the bottle, and seal the rim properly.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

DIY Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

27. Valentine Candy Box

In less than 30 minutes, you can make something truly special and sweet for your guy. All you need are a few crafting supplies, a pair of scissors, and candy.

Craft it here: The Crafted Life

28. Natural Branch Coasters

Now he can respect the wood with... more wood. These are great to make from wood in your yard or around the neighborhood, and it will give you a chance to show off your woodworking skills.

Craft it here: Garden Therapy

29. Double Word Score Scrabble Art

Rather than play a rousing game of Scrabble, win the most points with this adorable personalized gift. Once you know what message you want to include, all you’ll need are some game pieces and glue.

Craft it here: Hot Polka Dot

30. Valentine’s Pick-up Line Fortune Cookies

For a sweet treat that will make him blush, these are no ordinary fortune cookies. If you’re a good baker, this will put your skills to the test!

Craft it here: Club Crafted

31. Date Night Jar

Rather than buy a premade set of date night ideas, opt to make them yourself. Even the girlfriend who is horrible at arts and crafts can master this one.

Craft it here: Tastefully Eclectic

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

32. Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game that will destroy your relationships, but in a good way. You just build a unicorn army, betray your loved ones, and spend 30-45 minutes as enemies. This game can be played with just you two, or a small group of friends.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

33. Valentine’s Day Bow Tie

This flirty black bow tie decked out in red and white hearts is fun and quirky enough to be a “fancy” staple for Valentine’s Day. Even if he doesn’t want to wear it out, you’re sure to make good use of it for other things. Wink.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

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34. Los Angeles Trading Co. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Robe

He will want to wear this cozy, warm and soft robe all day, every day, as a reminder of how wonderful he is. Plus, it won’t wear out quickly in the wash, so he can stay insulated in it for years to come.

Where to buy: Los Angeles Trading Co., $95

35. Pizza Socks Box

Why not turn his favorite food into a loving gift? Your guy will crack up at this hilariously creative present. These pizza socks are made from 100 percent cotton, but he will wish they were edible.

Where to buy: Etsy, $31

36. ‘You’re My Iron Man’ Card

This card is affordable and fun, and the perfect gift for the Marvel fan! The card is hand drawn from matchboxes. And if Marvel isn't his thing, there’s also Batman and Superman from DC Comics.

Where to buy: Etsy, $6.99

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

37. Nuts About You Box

Gift your guy this gift set that comes with “Ballwash,” “Nut Rub” and “Sack Spray” — all part of a bundled package appropriately named the "Nuts About You" Kit. The kit has paraben-free activated charcoal-based goodies to keep everything clean where it counts.

Where to buy: Ballsy, $45

38. Craft A Brew Hard Seltzer Brew Kit

If your man can’t get enough of hard seltzer, he will love making his own at home. The kit includes ingredients, instructions, and reusable equipment. It will definitely save you both time and money in the long run.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

39. Retro Machine Playable Mini Arcade

Gift him his own mini arcade with this pocket-sized, handheld gaming system that includes 200 games. Just be sure to have plenty of AA batteries on hand for when he plays it until it dies on the first night.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

40. MalloMe Camping Hammock with Ropes

An awesome item for the beach or camping, or even just at home in the backyard, this durable nylon hammock holds up to 1,000 pounds and weighs just one, making it a great choice for the guy who enjoys outdoor napping.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

41. Mini LEGO Drone Kit

This cool mini LEGO drone kit is a modern-day kickback to his childhood obsession. The best part? It actually flies. While it may be great for kids, it’s also wonderful for his inner child.

Where to buy: Kitables, $54.99

42. Wild Sports Tailgate Size Cornhole Set

This Valentine's Day, cheer on his inner sports fan by giving him a wood cornhole set. Play with friends or compete against each other.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

43. Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon

Remind him that he “blows you away” (in a good way!) with this mini cannon. It will add a fun, decorative touch to his desk. And you're sure to hit your target with this gift.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

44. ‘Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe’

Your comic book-loving dude is guaranteed to love “Super Graphic,” the ultimate compendium to all things graphic novel. It’s complete with pie charts, character comparisons, timelines, and more.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

45. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

If your man just can’t get enough of this stuff, now he can make his own, as hot as he wants it! The kit comes with dried peppers of different varieties, assorted spices, glass bottles, labels, gloves, and instructions.

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods, $40

Small Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

46. Lemome Thick Moleskine Notebook

For the writer in your life, fill up with words of love. This notebook comes both ruled and unruled, and also works well as a sketchbook. Plus, he can literally fit it in his pocket.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

47. Secdtie Classic Stripe Jacquard Woven Silk Tie

This chic tie comes in a variety of colors and is sure to add a little flair to his suit. Because no man can ever have enough ties in their collection, right?

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

48. 28 oz. BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle

A great gift for the man who loves fitness and health, this bottle comes in an array of colors. Most men who are into fitness go through Blender Bottles often, which is why he will greatly appreciate this.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

49. Mack for Men HydroClay

Mack for Men products are made with natural and organic ingredients that nourish hair while offering great hold and styling power. HydroClay will help him achieve a dapper new hairstyle that will make him feel confident and sauve.

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

50. Ticket Stub Diary

Rather than letting him keep all his old ticket stubs in his drawer, now he can put them in this book to look at them and remember the good times. With 52 pages, you might need to get him another one!

Where to buy: Amazon, check prices

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