10 Reasons Why You Might Get Dumped Right After The Holidays

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Forget the turkey drop, January is when breakups really happen.

You made it through the potential of being “turkey dropped” before the holidays and spent some time together during the holidays. It feels like you actually might go the distance, but these days, he seems a bit more distant than you’d expect him to be. Could it be the holiday cheer or something else?

Believe it or not, breakups start to increase after the holidays and there’s a couple of reasons why this is the case. Worried he may be one of the guys to leave? Here are the ten most common reasons why he will dump you in January.

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1. A lot of guys do not want to spend the holidays alone.

It’s sad, but it’s true. They’d rather continue the relationship through the holidays because it means they have someone during that time, then break it off so that you can find someone else.

Is it selfish? Absolutely. Consider it a bullet dodged if he did this.

2. He didn’t want to seem like a jerk for dumping you in December.

The majority of men do care what others think of them. Breaking up during the holidays, especially when it was a long relationship, is seen as a pretty cruel thing to do. So, he may end up delaying it until January in hopes that people will not see him as a jackass for dumping you.

3. He wanted the presents you buy him.

Gift-givers beware. If you hinted that he was going to get an amazing present, he may have held out until you gave him that present. Golddiggers aren’t always female, you know.

4. New year, new love life.

A lot of people will take New Year’s Day as a time to start over and drop things that aren’t doing well for them. If your relationship hasn’t been going well, it’s very possible that you may end up being one of the things that he ends up dropping.

5. He held on because he wanted to show family that he has someone.

A lot of families end up pressuring guys to settle down before they’re ready — and yes, that may make some men cave to that, give parents and her hope, then dump the girl so that he doesn’t end up married.

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He’ll then use some excuse as to why it didn’t work out. It’s easier to explain “what happened to what’s her face” this way. Beware if he seems like a playboy type.

6. The holidays showed that you weren’t as compatible as you thought you were.

Maybe it was Aunt Gerta yelling at him over the table in a drunk stupor, maybe it was that tantrum you threw. I don’t know what happened, but it may have given him reason to hit the pause button or drop you. These things can and do happen.

7. There was a job or move he was making in January, and he was planning it all along.

This does happen, especially with college-aged students. The good news is that most guys will actually tell you about their plan or allude to it before it happens, and you can plan accordingly if they do.

8. Valentine’s Day scares the sh*t out of him.

A lot of guys see Valentine’s Day as a milestone in a relationship that suggests you’re committed to him. As such, a lot of guys will often end up dumping you during January or on the day itself because they are “just not ready” to actually be with someone.

9. He may have met someone from his hometown during the holidays.

Yes, it’s true. This does happen a lot more than people give it credit for. If you’re spending the holidays solo and he comes back acting strange, chances are pretty darned high he’ll dump you in January for his hometown sweetie.

10. For one reason or another, it just wasn’t working out.

These things can and do happen, and through we may not want to admit it, they can happen at any time. Sometimes, it doesn’t take it being January for a guy to realize that it’s time to break up. And it’s okay because if it was meant to be, it’d be meant to be.

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