8 People Share The Exact Moment They Knew Their Partner Was A Stone-Cold Liar

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why do people lie

"He needed to get married before his mom died to inherit the family fortune!"

Why do people lie? Though there are plenty of reasons and we can't always pinpoint how to tell if someone is lying, it's still no excuse. And while we'd love to think that we can trust the person we share our lives with, the unfortunate truth is that there's a lot of people who are not being honest with their partner.

And those lies come in big and small ways. Maybe they skipped your office holiday party because they were out drinking with their buddies. Or they forgot your birthday but pretended they hadn't.

Those are lies, but they are lies that you can get past. But maybe did something worse, like gambled enough that it impacted both your livelihoods, or had been cheating throughout the relationship. And sometimes, it's even worse.

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We asked people to share their own harrowing tales of the moment they knew their partner wasn't being truthful. They may make you afraid to ever trust again once you hear what happened to these people who lived to tell the tale.

1. He was a con artist and stole my identity.

"Basically, I found out my fiancé was not the real thing when I got a phone call from the FBI. He apparently was a major con artist. He embezzled $15 million dollars, stole my identity, and opened a Swiss bank account under my name and my social security number. I also found out the diamond I was given was stolen from a man in England!

I did a sting with the FBI and pretended to still be in love with him and before we broke up, I got proof for the FBI to help them build their case against him. When I broke it off with him, he told everyone that I had died in a car accident. He still plead not guilty until he found out that the FBI had called me as a witness; then, he changed his plea to guilty because he knew he'd be in trouble. He still asks about me today while he's in jail."

2. He and his mistress went on a trip to Disney World together.

"I was married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years. We had 2 daughters and I thought we were just living a good life. He was an engineering manager in an aerospace company and I was a stay at home mom. One night, I was waiting in the lobby of my daughter’s dance studio waiting for her class to end. My husband showed up and announced that he wanted a divorce. He swore there was no one else involved and still wanted to be my best friend.

A week later, I went out of town with the kids to a family Bar Mitzvah. I was volunteering at my daughter’s school when I got a text from my neighbor telling me that my soon to be ex-husband had been at my house while I was gone for the weekend. The neighbor said she also saw him direct a red car to park in our garage and quickly close the door.

The next night, I received the password to the online credit card statements from my lawyer. I always trusted my husband to pay the bills so I never thought to look. But I looked at our current credit card statement and saw charges for a trip to Disney World, including a $500 charge for a dinner at the Victoria and Albert restaurant at the Grand Floridian. The trip was during a time when my ex told me he was on a business trip. The night he charged that $500 dinner was the night he was supposed to be taking one of my daughters to a Miami Marlins baseball game.

I was up that whole night looking at past credit card statements. The charges went back a year and half — restaurants, vacations, and even one-night stays at hotels! I figured out that this was even going on during our oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. All the times he told me he was at business dinners or business trips, he was with another woman. I’ll never forget the feeling of staring at that computer screen in shock. I even had to go throw up once."

3. His alcoholism went too far.

"Although difficult, I made the decision to separate from my husband after two years of him being an alcoholic due to underlying depression. He lied to himself about it for years thinking he could control his drinking and stop at any point. I moved out, hopefully temporarily, to build our marriage back up as I still believe him to be my soulmate. He has since stopped drinking and attends AA but unfortunately is in denial about his anger and subsequent Dry Drunk attitude."

4. He had a gay porn collection and was secretly in the closet.

"One time, I borrowed my boyfriend's iPad because I had to look up a recipe and didn't feel like walking far to get mine. When I opened up the Safari app, the 'private' view came up since he obviously forgot to close it out. He had been watching gay porn! At first I thought maybe he was just curious about their sex. But upon further investigation (ahem, looking back in his history), I could see that he watched very frequently.

I was young and didn't want to confront him or make him feel comfortable. Instead, I broke up with him not long after. I just said I wasn't really happy and wasn't feeling it. Years later, I ran into him when we were at a mutual friend's wedding. I was with my husband and he was... with his."

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5. He used me as a cover to get an inheritance.

"I dated this guy: Jewish, amazing on paper. He showered me with gifts and fancy parties. First class plane trips to Miami. He had an apartment in Manhattan and one in Miami. His mom lived in Florida. She was a widow and a tough old Jewish lady. The guy was good looking but we never hooked up.

So, we went to Florida for some charity event and he flew with me first class. I stayed in one of the bedrooms in his overly designed condo in Miami and he slept in the other room. He made no moves on me, which was no big deal, but this went on for the whole weekend we were there (4 or 5 days). I asked him about his past girlfriends and he got super-angry, refusing to talk about any past relationships.

Then, he took me to meet his mom. She actually liked me (not at first) and he touched my hand in front of her, which was the first time ever he touched me affectionately. After that meeting, he talked to me about marriage! Um, WHAT? Not a kiss or anything and then... marriage? I asked him what's the rush and that we barely knew each other. He said his mom was old and sick and wanted to see me married.

I asked why and kept pushing. He revealed that his father left a trust and that he needed to get married before she died to inherit the family fortune! I didn’t stick around to see what happened."

6. He had been sleeping around with other girls on campus.

"My very first boyfriend ever was cheating on me in college with a slew of other girls, and although I didn't have proof, I always suspected it. About a year after we'd been dating, I was at a bar with some sorority sisters and I started chatting with this friend of an acquaintance. Turns out, she had slept with my boyfriend the night before! I confronted him, he denied it, and because I was 18 and dumb, I stayed with him, but I never trusted him after that and I broke up with him a few months later."

7. On our vacation together, he ended up in bed... with another woman.

"My longtime boyfriend and I were in vacation in Miami, and he said he wanted to save money on a hotel by staying with a female friend of his who happened to be in town visiting her parents. I was a little suspicious because the two of them had always been flirty, but money was tight so I agreed. We spent the night at her parent's ridiculous mansion, and after way too much wine, I ended up going to bed a bit early.

In the middle of the night, I rolled over and my boyfriend still wasn't in bed. I didn't think much of it, but when I asked him the deal the next morning, he got kind of awkward and said he'd been up late drinking with his friend's dad. I found out from a mutual friend a few months later that he'd spent the night in the girl's bedroom in another wing of the house!

We got into a huge fight about it, he tried to gaslight me, and I broke up with him on the spot. (As a side note: when we broke up, he said, 'Just promise me you won't hook up with so-and-so.' I spent that night in so-and-so's bed. Revenge.)"

8. He shot up heroin in my bathroom.

"I had been dating my ex-boyfriend for a few months and he started to get increasingly busy and withdrawn. He'd come over and immediately pass out, or would constantly duck out to take calls on his phone. Being a young student with little world experience, I thought he was slammed at work and exhausted, that all these calls and trips were for business.

One night he came over and immediately had to use the bathroom. He took awhile, but I thought his stomach was upset. When he came out, I went in right after because, well... I had to go. On the counter was a tiny orange cap from a hypodermic needle. When I came out of the bathroom he was passed out on the couch, so I snooped in his overnight bag. Turns out wasn't swamped with work — he was a heroin addict."

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