9 Sex Positions That Can Influence Your Baby's Gender

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sex positions that influence the sex of your baby

Are there sex positions that influence the sex of your baby? Some couples swear that there's a correlation between sex positions and a baby's gender, although there's little science to back it up.

In his book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, Dr. Landrum B. Shettles talks about his Shettles Method in which there are a few different elements — such as timing, vaginal pH, and sexual positions — that can help determine the baby's sex.

Since the book has been around for over 25 years, Dr. Shettles has his share of supporters and skeptics. Dr. Shettles believes that there are two types of sperm: boy sperm with the Y chromosome, and girl sperm with the X chromosome.

Whatever gender you desire, you need to make it so the boy sperm or the girl sperm gets to the egg first. The male sperm are in a rush to get to the egg even if it kills them, while the female sperm knows that slow and steady may not win the race but can make for a longer lifespan.

Obviously, the goal of any parent is a happy baby, no matter what the sex, but it's understandable that parents who already have enough sons for a football team might hope for a daughter. What about the family that is all girls and the dad who just wants a boy so he doesn't feel completely overwhelmed by female power in the household?

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Here are four suggested sex positions for conceiving a girl:

1. Girl on Top

Although there's no guarantee that one single position will ensure your baby's gender, if the woman is on top, she can control the depth of penetration. Instead of going deep, the man should ejaculate as close to the vagina opening as possible, that way the male sperm will "die off" early, allowing the slower but longer-lasting female sperm to make it to the egg.

2. Missionary

Yep, sometimes going old-school is the best way to go. The female sperm may be slower, but they can survive up to five days. Again, penetration isn't super-deep in this position, so the sperm has further to go, giving the female sperm the home team advantage.

3. Spooning

This is another position where penetration is shallower than some of the other positions. Because penetration isn't especially deep, it can help keep the speedy male sperms away from the cervix, allowing the female sperm to forge ahead and fertilize the egg.

4. Tight Squeeze

The woman lies down on her stomach and keeps her legs straight, spreading them only slightly. Her arms are at her side or stretched out in front. The man covers her body with his, resting his weight on his elbows. His legs are outside her legs.

When he enters her, she should close her legs and cross them at the ankles. This position is a little more complicated but would definitely ensure a shallower penetration, allowing the stronger female sperm to win the race and get the prize of fertilizing the egg.

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On the other hand, if you're looking to conceive a boy, try these five positions:

1. Doggie Style

This position allows for deeper penetration so that the male sperm don't have to swim as far. The closer the male sperm are to the cervix, the more likely they'll win the race to the egg.

2. Deck Chair

In this position, the woman is on her back with her knees bent towards her breasts and once again helps the male sperm reach their target destination easily.

3. Standing Up

This position gives the stronger male sperm an advantage as they must swim against gravity to get to the egg.

4. The Turtle

This position is where the woman lies face-down with her knees under her belly, while the man enters her from behind and holds her by the hips, allowing for deeper penetration. This position practically delivers the male sperm directly to their destination.

5. Any position that makes her orgasm

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Orgasms cause the vagina to become more alkaline, and this shift in the pH balance is favorable to the male sperm as it can't survive in acidic conditions, while the girl sperm can.

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